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  • Jan
    Yes (0) Color: GRAY+EU PLUG
    Great product
    I bought this table pc for my mum - but I am impressed about the good build quality and the IPS HiRes display.

    There were some Chinese apps preinstalled - but it took twenty minutes to clean up the system and switch android as well as Window 10 to a perfect running and clean german system. The dualboot option is a killer feature. I am impressed about the build quality, too. It is easy to switch between the system on a coldstart (just select andoid or windows). Both systems run stable. The only problem: I want this tablet to keep it for myself now :D But nah - it is and stays a present for my mum. But I think about to order one for myself now, beacause it is something you can work with, too. Better than I expected. The price is really good and the performance great.

    I have to recommend esp. GearBest as well. I've ordered in the EU warehouse and it took three and a half days. A question to the GearBest service team was ansered quick and nice (it was a failure on side).

    - good performance
    - great display
    - expandable SD slot
    - OTG slot works smooth with a keyboard
    - good build quality
    - easy to setup
    - 64GB ROM
    - price
    - happy mum
    - the cams are a bit lightweak but ok (8MP/4MP)
    - it was a present, but I want to keep it now

    Nov 01,2015

  • Matthew
    Yes (0) Color: Gray Size: Chinese Plug
    Super responsive Telcast x98 Pro
    GearBest shipped this unit to the UK within the week, a totally perfect transaction!

    The unit itself is very much an ipad look alike, nice and thin, tightly built, beautiful screen and super fast in the English Windows 10. Touch controls have just the right feel to them and seem to be accurate. Boot up is in just seconds with very little, if any, unwanted software preinstalled. Windows auto installed the November OS updates flawlessly. Battery charging is via the usual micro usb connection that charges most portable devices these day, so you don't need to use the transformer included in the package. I have no idea how long it takes to charge since I only put it on when I'm asleep! There is very little documentation with this unit, but to be honest everything is very much the same that you would find on any PC these days; in other words, plug and play! I've not used the Android side of things, but there is nothing to suggest it shouldn't be equally zippy, if you choose to use it, although I can't think of one reason why you would. Android is too restrictive when compared to Windows, but then again it was made for mobile phones and simple use.
    None, it does everything that it is designed to do, Windows 10 is super fast and operates extremely well!

    Nov 23,2015

  • David
    Yes (0) Color: GRAY+EU PLUG
    Très bonne tablette polyvalente
    Je ne regrette pas mon achat ! le rapport qualité/prix est vraiment là.

    - le design est super "dos en aluminium et la finition est top"
    - L'écran est simplement magnifique avec une belle définition et de belles couleurs. Les angles de vision sont larges. D'après Hwinfo se serai bien un écran LG.
    - Dual boot Android 5.1 avec Play Store qui fonctionne nativement et Windows 10 activé avec les mises à jours possibles.
    -La tablette X98 pro est vraiment excellente aussi bien pour surfer que pour regarder des films ou jouer.
    - 51 000 points sous AnTuTu tous les gros jeux du PS passent sans problème et à fond.
    - toutes les taches courantes s'exécutent rapidement et les défilement dans les menus sont très fluides.
    - J'ai la tablette depuis plusieurs jours et tout fonctionne bien.
    Je n'ai pas rencontré de bugs majeurs.
    Histoire de pinailler un peu.
    - L'autonomie pourrait être meilleure ( 3 heures sous Android et 4 sous Windows en utilisation variée). Beaucoup moins en ne faisant que jouer.
    - Le son sous Windows est vraiment pas assez fort ( pb de driver car bon sous Android).
    - Elle chauffe vite en jeu et le processeur monte à plus de 86°.

    Nov 10,2015

  • Cristiano
    Yes (0) Color: GRAY+EU PLUG
    Recensione Teclast x98 pro
    Ottimo rapporto qualità prezzo. Il tablet è arrivato integro da magazzino europeo in 6 giorni lavorativi.
    Macchina dalle ottime prestazioni sotto windows, con schermo eccellente veloce e preciso al tocco senza sbavature.
    Buona qualità costruttiva.
    Offre un dual boot ottimo per ottenere il meglio di android e windows10 (windows con licenza!) Nessun problema di calore nel mio caso,risulta fresco anche dopo 20 minuti di gamming (Asphal8)
    Android sufficente per web,video e lettura.
    Presente una comunità facebook con pareri esperienze e supporto ad eventuali problemi.
    Su GHEARBEST ho trovato il miglior prezzo del web!
    Problema di bios. Si presenta un bug che impedisce l'avvio del sistema. Risolto dalla casa madre con un aggiornamento,ma bisogna saper smanettare un poco.
    Audio appena sufficiente,meglio con le cuffie (niente di drammatico comunque,in linea col prezzo)
    Android usabile e fluido,ma poco ottimizzato e poco performante nel lato gamming.
    Batteria debole; 4 ore 5 a fatica con schermo al minimo.
    L'imballaggio era davvero misero, busta bianca di plastica senza pluribool. Consiglio spedizione assicurata e pagamento con paypal.

    Nov 12,2015

  • David
    Yes (0) Color: Gray Size: Chinese Plug
    Very nice tablet
    Windows 10 seems to run well. Display is super bright at 50%, burns my eyes at 100% (joking while still serious). Fits the X98 Air Cover/Keyboard just fine. Paired with the Bluetooth keyboard flawlessly. Took my MicroSDXC 64GB EVO Memory without any issues. Onboard 64 GByte eMMC must be partitioned between Android and Windows 10. Checking C: drive space on Windows 10 you will have already used 16 GBytes of 33 GBytes. Overall I am impressed with the feel and use of this Tablet. A very good buy if you need a Windows 10 based tablet. Android 5.1 is also included if you prefer using that.
    No instructions on going into Bios or other booting options. So need to figure that out on your own. because somehow I ended up in the Bios screen.

    *(To Power on You hold "Power" for 3 seconds. Then to go into Bios press "Volume +" once. Next reboot you need to press "Volume +" once, again, to NOT go into Bios) This is something that took me a few tries to figure out.

    An option for Windows 10 -Only- would be nice to recover Android memory partition for Windows 10 use.

    Nov 26,2015

  • Marvin Hubner
    Yes (0) Color: Gray Size: Chinese Plug
    Best of both worlds
    Wow, Windows 10 on a tablet. If you don't want to pay 4X or 5X the price for a Surface Pro, this is the one to get. Really stunning IGZO technology screen with the Retina IPS quality. Cherry Trail CPU makes mincemeat out of absolutely everything I've thrown at it. Really powerful performance at all times. I mainly use Win10 but the Android OS is also great for multimedia and occasional gaming. Best of both worlds basically. Loving it!
    Delighted with this

    Oct 20,2015

  • M. V.
    Yes (0) Color: GRAY+EU PLUG
    Teclast X98 Pro
    - all pros from the teclast x98 air
    - high screen resolution
    - good performance on android or windows 10
    - actual OS - Updated Android from 22.10.2015
    - fast emmc / disk
    - light weight
    - nice design like the ipad
    - lots of accessories availabe
    - with root unbeatable
    - easy to flash or root
    - big community at techtables / xda and so on.
    - no chinesa bloatware apps at android
    - low battery
    - cpu temperature at high usage

    Dec 17,2015

  • José Vicente
    Yes (0) Color: GRAY+EU PLUG
    Fantastic Tablet
    Fantastic tablet. Having Windows and Android on the product itself provide it with an incredible versatility.

    For me, the only weak point is the battery, but playing with brightness adjustment and energy savings can increase the length of it considerably.

    If you do not use programs that make heavy use of CPU and GPU, the tablet does not heat anything, it is the use that we will give most of us .
    Battery performance

    Oct 28,2015

  • Juan Carlos
    Yes (0) Color: GRAY+EU PLUG
    Teclast x98 Pro
    Relación calidad precio muy buena.
    Entrega, bien en unos 20 días a España.
    Manejo de la tablet android es bastante fluido, rápido en la interface, la batería aguanta bastante.
    Manejo de la tablet en windows 10 también es bastante fluido también, gasta mas batería que android pero es normal.
    La pantalla increíble, la resolución es brutal.
    La cámara es de calidad media baja, pero eso ya se sabia.
    Los altavoces suenan bastante bien pero son mejorables.
    En contras poco se puede decir, para mi la tablet tiene un rendimiento de 10 para el precio que tiene.

    Jan 12,2016

  • T J
    Yes (0) Color: GRAY+EU PLUG
    Works perfectly (good quality)
    This tablet is definitely worth its money! Nice screen, nice perfomance, great design and quality. Package comes fast and in great condition. Everything works perfectly. Battery life is about 7 hours in Android and 5-6 hours in Windows. I'm playing WoW:Draenor on medium-high graphics settings on it.

    Apr 11,2016