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  • Marios
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    ThiEYE T5e WiFi 4K 30fps Sport Camera 16MP
    I have this camera for ove 1 and a half year. I would say that is a very nice camera with unique quality videos and features . I have to say that the video recording is really amazing and the quality is extreme good. The only down is the photos and the stabilization of the photo, the quality is not so good and a lot of the photos are blurred. But the videos will reward you in any Pixel level and Fps.
    Finally after a short period of owning I had an accident and the camera fall withe the housing on it, at a marble floor. After that hit, except that the housing had a problem with water, the camera broke a little bit at the down adge despite it was inside the housing. I wonder because it wasn't a high fall but I think it had some dangerous acceleration. The problem is that after a lot of use and some hits its still working great except some days that every some seconds it freezes all the time. Even with a lot of restarts thats going on and now I dont use it so much because its more tedious than fun!

    If you take care of it without "destroying" it like me and if the problem of the freezing is related to the falls then I believe that this camera is one of the best and its gonna last long. Also there is another matter with the temperature of the camera that increases crazy on recording, especcially with a Power bank connected and recording timelapse videos but I noticed that a lot of cams do that so I dont know really if its so bad or not.

    Nov 23,2018

  • Leonard Nicholas
    Yes (3) Color: Black
    The best value-for-money 4K action camera
    I spent a lot of time on YouTube and forums researching comparative information on Action cameras. The ThiEYE T5e happened to feature in the top 5 list quite often, constantly being compared to the GoPros.

    While I personally don't have first-hand experience of comparing with other action cameras, the T5e appears to live up to its reputation. Some action cameras flatten the blues and greens, that make the videos look bleak and unnatural. This isn't the case with the T5e.
    The videos are extremely well saturated, crisp and balanced. This can be further compensated with the plethora of settings available to tweak. The app in my opinion is a better interface with which to change these settings. Connecting through the app was a breeze.

    Though I'm not too convinced the price is entirely justified, the form-factor and video processing done on this tiny device is quite impressive. The build quality is also very reassuring.

    I received the camera in 10 days' time and fortunately had no trouble with customs and duties.
    The only demerit I noticed with this cam (and I'm not sure if this is common to all action cams), is that the camera heats to an extremely high temperature that it's scary. The video setting appears to influence this much, as it seems to get hotter on 4K faster than on 720p.

    While the accessories supplied are adequate to get started with action videography, I think a few additional mounts may have sweetened the deal.

    Sep 27,2017

  • Marcus
    Yes (2) Color: Black
    After checking out a lot of different camera reviews, I decided to go for ThiEYE T5e and I'm very happy I did!

    Video Quality in 4K is excellent, check out my video for proof. The EIS stabilisation in 1080p is good as well. I'm using it mostly for scenic video's and not action shots.

    Battery lasts around 1,5 hours in my estimation.

    Accessories are of good quality plastics. I'll be buying some extra ones for sure (such as selfie stick).

    Camera feels solid and well-constructed.

    Video has a warm colouring/saturation to it which I personally prefer over the colder images produced by for example the GoPro Hero 5.

    It has a microphone-in option for which I'll be buying the ThiEYE microphone set to do interviews.

    Basically the price-performance ratio is the best!
    The menu is not as convenient as it could be, but all you need to change often is the recording quality anyway.

    Sound inside the plastic housing is a bit muffled, but not a problem for me. Voices closeby are still clearly audible.

    Dec 11,2017

  • Sérgio Abreu
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Ótimo custo x benefício.
    Pesquisei MUITO antes de comprar esta belezinha, tomei a decisão de comprar e não me arrependo. Assim que chegou, já atualizei para o firmware mais recente que está disponível no site da fabricante e é bem fácil de atualizar.

    O áudio é ótimo, você consegue configurar a sensibilidade do microfone nas configurações, comprei o microfone de lapela específico para ela (mesma fabricante) mas não chegou ainda, creio que a captação que já é boa se tornará muito melhor com o microfone externo.

    Para quem está pensando no 1080p 60fps, é uma câmera fantástica que em boas condições de iluminação vai te dar uma imagem bacana, com boa estabilidade e bom contraste.

    Oferece 4K 30 FPS, mas sinceramente eu não vi a necessidade de utilizar essa qualidade pois a relação qualidade x tamanho do arquivo não compensa, mesmo com um cartão de 64GB, você só conseguirá algo próximo de 2 horas de vídeo, enquanto conseguirá fazer até 5 horas em 1080p 60fps.
    Custo x benefício excelente!

    Jul 31,2018

  • SSolway
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Cheap GoPro alternative
    I already owned a GoPro Hero 3 white when I ordered this and was looking for a cheaper 4k capable camera. I order the T5e based on other reviews and it does not disapoint at all, providing superb images & video, image stabilisation, easy to use and adjust settings, and 2 batteries included for much less than the GoPros. Ive not needed to use any customer support yet, but firmware upgrades are provided via the Thieye website; whilst there may not be a dedicated pc app to upgrade, its a simple enough process with loads of support from other owners online. Some people have complained about the case not been waterproof, but ive had no problems so far (used in seawarer down to 2 to 3m depth).
    The Thieye app for Android is not amazing, but there are alternatives out there such as the inventively named 'Action cam'. Having said this i have noticed that on both apps the speed over wifi is not the best so watching recorded 4k video via wifi is not practical and downloading a large video via wifi takes forever!

    Jun 07,2018

  • Dmitriy Antonov
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    ThiEYE T5e
    I did some research and found that currently t5e is the best camcorder with price range 100 - 130$. Also I found that prie on Gearbest is lowest. That is good. I use t5e for a month up to moment and it works good in general. Video quality is very good. I had diving experience up to 15 meters deep under water and case does not leak. Even thouhg using buttons - fully germetic case.
    Actually I do not see any serios issues. Battary life is outstanding. Did not found any issues with overheat.

    As you can see on the attached video, for this camera DOES fits lens cap fron the gopro (GP3BE). But only lens cap, not case cap. Also I made 3d printed box cap. You can buy it from GP3+
    Menu translation to Russian language could be better.
    Really to much strong OVERSHARP. Cound manage that reducing in Menu (((

    Apr 17,2017

  • Michal
    Yes (1) Color: Black
    ThiEYE T5e
    Bardzo dobra i tania kamera sportowa w 4k. Kupiona na promocji za 350 zł :)
    Bardzo dobra jakość filmów, prawdziwe 4k z 60 MBits. Świetna alternatywa dla GoPro.
    Kamera posiada stabilizację obrazu co stanowi jej duży plus, w połączeniu z dronem Visuo TIANQU XS809W idealnie nadaje się do amatoskiego nagrywania :) trzeba tylko dobrze wyważyć drona i znaleźć środek ciężkości.
    Polecam kamerkę oraz dokupienie dodatkowych baterii wraz ładowarką. Gwinty pasują do akcesorii od GoPro

    Zapraszam do obejrzenia recenzji oraz filmów
    nie zauważyłem

    Apr 22,2018

  • Hutti
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Thieye T5e
    Jó választás volt a Thieye T5e kamera, ezért az árért nagyon jó minőségű készüléket kaptam. Inkább a 180p 60fps felbontást használom, mert ebben elérhető az EIS és a Distortion Correction, és mindkettő nagyon jól teszi a dolgát. Csak 1 akkumulátort kaptam hozzá, célszerű már a kamerával együtt vásárolni tartalék akkut, hideg időben nagyon hamar le tud merülni. Összességében teljesen elégedett vagyok vele. Ajánlom.

    The Thieye T5e camera was a good choice, so I got a very good quality for the price. I'd rather use 180p 60fps because EIS and Distortion Correction are available and both are doing really well. I only got one battery, it is advisable to buy a spare battery with the camera, it can drain very quickly in cold weather. Overall, I'm completely satisfied with it. I recommend.

    Sep 13,2019

  • Rafik
    Yes (1) Color: Black
    ThiEYE T5e WiFi 4K 30fps Sport Camera 12MP - BLACK
    «Экшен» камера "ThiEYE T5e WiFi 4K 30fps Sport Camera 12MP" куплена на сайте GearBest.
    Данная спортивная камера поступила в разумные сроки.
    Понравилось: Качество съемки, много настроек. Стабилизация камеры работает, несмотря на то, что камеру сильно трясло. Качество съемки отличное даже в пасмурный и туманный день! Данная «экшен» камера среднего ценового диапазона (чуть больше 100$).
    В целом камера годная, на современном железе. Обладает множеством режимов и настроек, можно настроить под свой вкус. Производитель обновляет прошивки, устраняет своевременно недостатки.
    Не понравилось: маловато креплений, не смог найти крепления для использования данной спортивной камеры в качестве автомобильного видеорегистратора. Крепление от другой камеры не подошел. Продавцу претензий нет, только производителю, могли же они крепления сделать для использования в качестве видеорегистратора. Отзыв правдивый.

    Dec 30,2017

  • Erik
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Ottima Action Cam
    La ThiEYE T5e è un'ottima action cam, in grado di registrare in 4K a 30 fps, è possibile scattare anche foto di buona qualità.
    La stabilizzazione "elettronica" è davvero efficace e l'audio registrato è buono "con gli ultimi Firmware è possibile utilizzare un microfono usb esterno"
    Nel complesso è un buon prodotto offerto ad un Ottimo prezzo.
    Il sensore Sony IMX117 unito al processore Ambarella A12LS75 che per la cronaca sono montati anche su action cam top di gamma come GoPro e simili, fanno davvero bene il loro lavoro.
    Gli aggiornamenti firmware da parte di ThiEYE sono costanti, segno che ci tengono ai loro prodotti e sopratutto ai loro clienti.
    L'app per android non funziona tanto bene, si impalla spesso e molte volte non si connette alla cam.

    May 10,2017