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  • Gramer
    Yes (3) Color: Silver Size: German keyboard
    One of the best gaming laptops in a very competitive price!
    With the ThundeRobot GTR, gaming has been made affordable.
    A great-looking laptop. It comes in a brushed aluminium silver coat that has a futuristic looking logo. It seems that it has taken much inspiration from Alienware.
    Aggressive styling, edgy corners, large fan vents, hardware monitoring software (including fan control), keyboard backlighting (even around the touchpad) with customizable lighting zones. You can pick out your custom colors and effects on the Command Center. Apart from that, you can change the keyboard backlight from dim to bright or even turn it off (Fn+0). Also you can turn off the top cover dual lights bars (Fn+3)
    Excellent gaming performance, played Pubg (highest graphic settings) with no problem.
    Sounds are sharp, crisp, clear and there is also a built-in subwoofer on the base
    Really vfm! I would recommend!
    when in gaming, right side is hotter than left side

    Jun 23,2018

  • AA
    Yes (3) Color: Silver Size: French keyboard
    A good computer with many flaws
    Pros :

    1. 120Hz screen : I use to be on a 60Hz one so it's really nice for me.

    2. GTX 1060 : fortnite, league of legends, The Division look good. Most games will work smoothly

    3. The heat : The computer manage to keep the heat under 70 degrees for hours so it's nice. There's a software with information (degree, cpu usage, you usage, hard drive usage modes, colors for touchpad and keyboard...)
    No heat that can burn your hand and the side even though we know that some of it comes out on the left side. Too bad that the HDD is under where I put my wristle, it keeps it from staying cold.

    4. The light on the computer : nice, especially during the night.

    5. Hardrive and SSD : I didn't run any test but they seem pretty fast from my perspective.

    6. The design : it's beautiful. the finition, the screen, the lines. it's a really nice computer.
    Cons :

    1. The lights : when you're in a bright room, you can't see anything, the lights are just not powerful enough. You can't change the color on the outside of the computer or even turn them off. The light behind the touchpad is cheap.

    2. The fans : they're just too loud. To be specific, they're ok during game session, but during normal usage (browsing, watching movie, doing NOTHING), they're too loud.

    My previous computer was a Acer VX15 so I'm used to have silence. God, even my Aspire E15 makes no sound ! There is one of the fan that make more noises than the other, like a little whistle. it's annoying. There is no place to change their settings unfortunately.

    The heat comes out from an exit just under the screen. Because of the design, the screen gets hot. I'm pretty sure that's not a good thing.

    3. The weight : the computer is not that heavy, but the AC power box is just TOO BIG AND HEAVY. in 2018 it's not possible to have that.

    4. The sound : there is only one speaker in the middle of the computer (under the screen). Again, I come from an Acer VX15 and this computer cannot compete with it. At all. The power, the bass, balance... The sound is not that bas but not loud enough.

    5. Sleep mode : It's impossible to put the computer in sleep mode. The computer just restart when you wake it up. It's not OK, it should be optimized.

    Jun 18,2018

  • Alain
    Yes (0) Color: Silver Size: French keyboard
    Good choice / Nice price
    I purshased the ThundeRobot GTR Gaming Laptop few months ago, and I'm happy with it.

    The GTX 1060 card gives good game perf. : Fortnite, Path of Exile …
    Don't know yet if it's video card related, but Far Cry 5 hangs after few seconds… :-( Too bad.
    I've installed the last video card driver that sets the computer impossible to put in sleep mode. It acually reboots when you wake it up… That's too bad too. I hope it will be fixed soon or later.

    The design : beautiful finition. it's a really nice computer. I just had to adapt with the keybord position (a little bit too much on the left)...

    The computer is not that heavy, but the power box is too heavy…


    Aug 30,2018

  • Richi
    Yes (0) Color: Silver Size: English Keyboard
    No esta nada mal
    Buen portátil en todos sus aspectos, especificaciones técnicas, diseño y acabado.

    Potencia impresionante con un buen sistema de refrigeración,. Teclado muy cómodo, el panel táctil es un poco extraño pero te acostumbras y después lo llevas como nada. Luces RGB a doquier y control de estas para encender y apagar como quieras con el programa que te dan ya instalado "Control Center".

    Agradecer a Thunderobot también por el detalle de adjuntar un adaptador universal para conectar el cargador.
    - Los ventiladores hacen un poco de ruido, pero no es una contra, es mas bien una reseña para indicar a los futuros compradores que es lo normal con el objetivo de poder contener a un i7-7700HQ + GTX 1060 a máximo rendimiento.

    - Tamaño y peso del cargador, astronomicos!! - Aunque también hay que indicar que tienen una sobre-proteccion en ellos para que contenga cualquier cortocircuito antes de llegar al portátil.

    Aug 15,2018

  • Piotr
    Yes (0) Color: Silver Size: English Keyboard
    Nice performance/price notebook
    This is my second Thunderobot GTR laptop - another time I'm really surprised about this laptop.
    Built quality is very good, performance is very good. You can control almost every light in this laptop (keyboard, touchpad, power button etc). There is a Windows 10 Home preinstalled, only needs some recent updates.
    It resembles Dell Alienware to me a bit.
    A little noisy cooling system, maybe after changing thermal paste it will be more quiet.

    Jun 29,2018

  • Rafael
    Yes (0) Color: Silver Size: English Keyboard
    Best buy I've made
    The only downside this product has, is that my prefered keyboard layout isn't avaliable.
    Besides that you can consider every other aspect of this machine as great.
    Build qaullity is super strong, specs we're the best I've found for that price.
    Suggested to some friends looking for a laptop of this kind.

    Oct 18,2019

  • Piotr
    Yes (0) Color: Silver Size: German keyboard
    Well built gaming laptop
    Quality build. metal lid and palmrest, nice overall performance provided by 7700HQ, 16GB of RAM, GTX 1060 6GB (not Max-Q version!).
    SSD is manufactured by Samsung (CM781a), HDD is a Seagate 2,5" drive.
    2.1 speaker system is a nice feature - you can actually hear some bass
    A little noisy cooling system, warranty sticker on a bottom case - you have to tear it down to get an access to radiator, RAM etc.

    Jun 24,2018

  • Tiago
    Yes (0) Color: Silver Size: German keyboard
    O PC é muito bom e nunca tive nenhum problema com ele, super rápido e eficaz, aguenta e roda Bem todos os jogos da atualidade, o único "problema" dele é aquecer de mais, mas comprei uma base de refrigeração e as temperaturas baixaram um bocado

    Aug 19,2019

  • Imar_vlc
    Yes (0) Color: Silver Size: Spanish Keyboard
    Resumido en una palabra, es PERFECTO
    Lo he comprado para editar vídeos y ya de paso para algún juego, es una maravilla, va super fluído y no encontrarás nada parecido por ese precio. El teclado está en español contiene la letra Ñ y Ç, estoy escribiendo esta review desde él. Envío desde España (Alicante) en 2 días lo recibí. La mejor compra que he hecho, se ve calidad premium, así como en el embalaje, bonito diseño.

    Feb 09,2019

  • massi
    Yes (0) Color: Silver Size: German keyboard
    ottimo notebook
    ottimo portatile, ottimi materiali ed hardware di primordine, niente da invidiare ad altri competitors più costosi, acquistato in promozione a 860€, un prezzo irripetibile!
    nulla da obiettare, è garantita l'assistenza europea per due anni dalla sede spagnola

    Jul 28,2018