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  • Arian M
    Yes (1) Color: Black Size: Black Strap +Gray Strap
    Ticwris RS review #gearbestcommunity #Tuesdaygiveaway
    I like Ticwris RS smartwatch because it has a plenty of useful features. The product is made by integrated all metal casting, which is really elegant. Its strap can be replaced (one plus strap is also included in the package), it supports more than 31 sports modes (Walking, Running, Cycling, Mountaineering, Yoga, Basketball, Football, Badminton, Skipping, Swimming, Treadmill, Trail Running, Indoor Cycling, Elliptical Trainer, Pilates, Dancing, Sit-up, Dumbbells, Skiing, Open Water Swimming, Triathlon, Aerobics, Billiards, Bowling, Stairs, Walking Machine, Shuttlecock, Stepper, Hula Hoop, Spinning, Table Tennis).
    According to the manufacturer's description, the device has a very good operating time (up to 14 days with normal use and over 50 days standby time), and equipped with a new heart rate sensor, which allows 24-hour heart rate measurement, all at an affordable price. Based on its features, the watch can be desirable to all average users: Ticwris RS uses the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, has IP68 waterproof level, so it can withstand water and dust well.
    The smart watch has a number of convenience features that can be used when paired with a phone or tablet. There are dozens of brand design dials built in on the app for you to choose from, but you can customize the dial background and dial interface elements, as your taste.
    The watch can control the music player or the camera of the paired device. Other noteworthy features include a calendar, an alarm clock, and of course a ringing if we forgot where we hung up the phone. It also has a motion warning function, the clock does not let us to be lazy.
    Its a great product overall.

    Oct 28,2020

  • Alex
    Yes (1) Color: Black Size: Black Strap +Green Strap
    Ticwris RS Smart
    First, shout out to Gearbest for shipping the package very fast. Not my first order from Gearbest but the first one that went perfect.
    Now, about the watch. Its a cheap smart watch but with a good finish, soft bands, good display and a nice carbon fiber finish on the back. The interface is snappy and easy to use. If you have thick fingers it might be a little hard to select the items in the interface, otherwise, the menu itself is fast. Every now and then some stuttering but nothing anoying. The mobile application is pretty good, easy to set up and with a variety of activities and watch faces. About the faces, 5 preinstalled on the watch.
    Sensors wise, one word: inaccurate. If precise measurement is what you are after, don`t cheap out and buy something else. This is something of an entry level smart watch, looks nice and its also light. Plus for the two screen protectors included in the package and the extra wrist band.
    In conclusion, if you want to enter the "realm" of smart watches in order to see if you can get along with charging the watch along with your smartphone and other gadgets this is a good choice. Its cheap, light, looks good and well build. Just don`t ask too much in terms of sensor performance.

    Sep 25,2020

  • Michalis Theologos
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: Black Strap +Gray Strap
    very good product(complete review)
    is a very very decent watch.first thing about watch looks nice and high quality.about measurements, heart rate sensor is almost correct every time only just 1-3 heart beats difference from amazfit bip and blood oxygen is more correct 9/10 correct results with oximeter.the package has 2 straps and 2 screen protectors.dont trust the protectors are not very quality so i can say just buy a high quality protector for 1.3 inches coz the main screen of watch scratching so easy.Now about software,looks really good work by ticwris .The screen is very brightness and clear and the collors very very nice.They put everything you want from.a normal decent watch .The only problem is the app..The app just working nothing special amd nothing for trust ,many
    crashes.I recommend very bery nice watch for ~30 worth it..for me is a very good choice for this category

    Sep 05,2020

  • Bell
    Yes (1) Color: Black Size: Black Strap +Green Strap
    Great watch for the price
    Great watch for the price, feels nice quality and is well packaged. The screen is responsive and clear.

    My only complaint is that it is clearly shown in the images on Gearbest and even on the box it comes in to have several analogue faces to choose from, however only one of these is available, the others all being digital. This is a shame as some of the analogue faces shown are one of the things that attracted me to the RS. Hopefully they will appear in an update soon.

    Other features of the watch work as expected, and customisable notifications from messaging apps and phone calls are great. Lots of sports modes to choose from and some other useful stuff too like weather, heart monitor and oxygen levels.

    It's a great size, not too large (and I have thick wrists) and it is super lightweight and quite thin.

    Apart from the missing faces, a really nice device.

    Aug 18,2020

  • rs
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: Black Strap +Gray Strap
    TICRIS RS smart watch
    A good and good-value smart watch, easily worth 4.5 stars -- see below.
    + points:
    + body and strap look good and high quality - thin and light
    + good sharp display, good as a watch, and useful features
    + menu system on the watch is easy to use to select features
    + has sleep monitoring (not mentioned in the adverts)
    + battery life appears very good (~5% for one day's use)
    + excellent value for money - recommended

    - points: (there aren'y many)
    - adverts state 25 watch faces but many are very similar
    6 faces are selectable from the watch, but only one analogue face
    (the only analogue face is shown below)
    this is the only face with a seconds display
    - the advert and the box show other different analogue faces
    so they do exist but are not available (yet?) in the Yfit app

    Aug 25,2020

  • Laurence Stewart
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: Black Strap +Green Strap
    I wasn't expecting the quality and the lightweight of the watch. It's so well made and I wear it with pride. Good selection of functions, good size, sits on the hand beautifully. Nice soft strap and also come with a bonus strap so you can interchange. Yeah, like in other reviews there were not a lot of analogue type of watchface but the selection is adequate for now. Hopefully more will be loaded thru upgrade. Overall a beautiful smartwatch and looks expensive for a relatively low price fully fledge watch. I like it... You should too. Get one and join the club!!!

    Aug 27,2020

  • Erikas.V
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: Black Strap +Gray Strap
    at such a price I did not expect such quality and so much to find in the hit clock. lasts 7 days at full capacity with all additional features.
    connects to the entire device and can message apps all connected. all the features work perfectly and even well there is a flashlight function which is quite useful. well the details of the equipment aren't the latest lack of maybe an amoled screen bigger rather than a plain led the only such observation, well and the occasional unmistakable microphone with a speaker it's so much but since it costs just 30 euros it's really surprised.

    Mar 05,2021

  • Gizmo Joe
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: Black Strap +Green Strap
    Under priced !
    I have been using this smart watch off and on for about 6 months now. It is one of over a dozen smart watches I have. The watch is light and slim and comfortable to wear. The battery life is among the best, lasting more than a week. Messages and notifications are very legible and there are enough different watch faces to keep a one amused. The tethering App, "YFIT" is perfectly reasonable and easy to navigate. To sum up, this is an excellent smart watch at a very good price, just put a decent strap on it !

    Feb 25,2021

  • Vaggelis
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: Black Strap +Green Strap
    καλή επιλογή κατά πρώτη χρήση...
    Βλέπω ότι δουλεύει καλά ένα μήνα που το έχω...φαίνεται να έχει μεγάλη ακρίβεια στην μέτρηση των βημάτων σε σχέση με το xiaomi amazfit...ωραία οθόνη,καλά γραφικά και μεγάλη διάρκεια μπαταρίας(1 μήνας χρησης-27% η μπαταρία)...οπότε η μπαταρία του με σταθερά ανοιχτή την καταγραφή καρδιακών παλμών κρατάει πάνω από μήνα...το μόνο που μένει να δούμε είναι η αντοχή του στον χρόνο...

    Mar 02,2021

  • Mick
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: Black Strap +Gray Strap
    Time will tell
    Have been skeptical about lower priced smart watches, so was not expecting such a good product.. This watch is very good in design, build quality and has great functions, together with a large range of face options. Its comfortable to wear and is readable in sunlight, which most lower cost smart watches cant provide. The downloadable app is uncomplicated and crisp in its design too.. Very pleased with my choice this with this purchase.

    Aug 25,2020