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  • Chris
    Yes (0) Color: Twilight Black Size: 200CM
    TIEGEM 90° USB-C 2A adaptive fast charging cable
    This time I am really impressed by the quality and heavy-duty built quality of both the connecting ports, which is very important for me. here you will get a difference between a cable dat might last only 2months or when made like this TIEGEM cable I certainly hope it will last at least >12months.. The wire is also nicely strapped in dubble coated twisted nylon or any other durable synthetic fiber.. As a little extra both the connectors have a dimly lit blueish led, which can be convenient when having to plug in or switch out adapters or connecting in the darkness.
    for me the reason I bought this 90° cable is for its convenient use when charging and using the phone in landscape mode at the same time. This feels much nicer to hold in hand for >30min

    I am very happy, and for people wanting to try the 90°degree different feel then the usual straight 180° I very much recommend this TIEGEM cable. it comes in a few different lengths, this time I took 200cm, but normally I prefer 150cm.

    And last but not least just look at the price I think I paid less then 5€ total incl shipping+
    This is quality equipment for the price of an luxury cup of coffee..

    Oct 18,2019

  • Romeo
    Yes (0) Color: Twilight Black Size: 200CM
    Me gustó el producto y satisfecho con el
    1.-Me pareció precio accesible de acuerdo con las demas compras que hice ( por cuestiones de paqueteria suele salir el precio mucho mayor si solo se compra una)
    2.-Lo compre el dia 17/04/2019 y lo recibí el dia 29/04/2019, aunque pague la paqueteria de 6 dias tardo un poco mas. ( tiempo la verdad pasable)
    3.-De acuerdo al empaque viene en su bolsa con cinta hermética, en una bolsa de tela (no apta para viaje) y enrollada de buena forma con su cinta de velcro, ademas viene dentro de una bolsa de burbujas asegurando un poco mas el paquete.
    4.-La calidad del producto se siente buena tanto en el cable forrado como en las teminales USB y tipo C, asi tambien el led que incluye en la terminal tipo C funciona ( aunque esta prendida siempre este cargando o no algun equipo, creo que lo ideal es que una vez cargado el equipo quedara encendido y mientras se carga parpadeara.)
    5.-El producto le quedo bien a tablet y celular justo a la medida y funcionando correctamente con la carga rapida.

    sin duda buen producto y quedo conforme, me deja un buen sabor de boca mi primera compra

    May 04,2019

  • Al D
    Yes (1) Color: Twilight Black Size: 200CM
    Great value!
    I needed a longer right-angle USB Type-C charger cable for my mobile phone.

    I purchased this cable with my own funds from

    It took exactly 21 total days from Guang Dong, China to Ontario, Canada: Perfectly acceptable and average for basic shipping.

    I'm happy with this purchase. The cable feels solid, although a tad stiff. The blue LED in the Type-C end is bright on one side and dim on the other.

    Charge rate seems to be good and no noticeable decrease performance was observed.

    I consider this cable to be a good value. Only time will tell if it is a reliable and/or durable item.

    Oct 08,2019

  • David Al.
    Yes (0) Color: Twilight Black Size: 100CM
    Buen producto, por buen precio.
    El material del producto se ven y se sienten de buena calidad y como se puede apreciar en una de las fotos, el cable mide exactamente lo que indica el paquete, en mi caso yo pedí el de 100 cm(1 M).
    Bien empaquetado para su entrega.
    Es un buen producto a un buen precio, en mi país México un cable así podría costar más del triple.
    Aun no he podido probar lo de la carga rápida, porque mi conector de carga rápida se daño, así que tengo que comprar uno nuevo.
    Me paquete llego un día después de los 15 días indicados, pero quejarse solo por eso ya seria exagerar, debido a que eso ya esta fuera de las manos del vendedor.

    En conclusión, buenos materiales, medidas exactas, buen precio y empaquetado, así que es un buen producto.

    Sep 26,2019

  • Alan
    Yes (1) Color: Twilight Black Size: 30CM
    Ottimo cavo per Android Auto
    Ho acquistato questo cavo per collegarlo alla presa USB della mia vettura. Risulta infatti è molto comodo avere una curva di 90° sia lato auto che lato smartphone. La lunghezza del cavo è perfetta per essere collegato in macchina immesso nel vano portaoggetti al di sotto della presa USB anche se dipende molto dalla vostra macchina. Ha un look che si adatta perfettamente alle parti in carbonio degli interni della mia vettura ed è molto bello da vedere inoltre ha un LED vicino alla spina micro USB di colore blu che si accende quando alimentato.

    Sep 01,2019

  • Orlando Dias
    Yes (0) Color: Twilight Black Size: 30CM
    Quality product
    90 degree angle-tipped handle, sturdy, quality material with locked naylon for added durability in daily handling. I bought to connect a power bank to the phone without having to left cable to tuck into places or having to keep it in hand. You can even put it to the powerbank with your cell phone in your pocket. very well packaged, and totally reliable , I recommend the brand that supports fast loading

    Aug 09,2019

  • Stevie
    Yes (0) Color: Twilight Black Size: 200CM
    Good Cable
    The cable appears to be of very good quality & strength.
    I like that it has a fibre material for the cord instead of plastic or rubber.
    It was advertised as 200cm but seems to be a little bit less (although I haven't measured to verify) the length is still good for what I need.
    I also like the 90 degree angle how it plugs into my charger so there is no stress on the cable.
    It has an LED in the end which is way too bright if you have the phone charging at your bed side (I covered it with black marker)

    Mar 13,2019

  • che
    Yes (0) Color: Twilight Black Size: 100CM
    very nice ergonomic 90 degree usb type C is just the kind
    of functionality I needed for the fast, secure and carefree
    charging of my samsunag S9 cell phone as well as the fast
    and seamless transfer of my photos and data. nice design,
    lightweight flexibility, good cable quality,
    acceptable item delivery time.

    Oct 09,2019

  • George
    Yes (0) Color: Twilight Black Size: 100CM
    Solid cable
    I like the fact that the cable is all coated and both ends are angled at 90 degree. This makes the cable stronger and durable. Very easy to push it with just 1 finger and is easily to hold when playing games. Supports fast charging, which is useful and the tiny blue light shows when the power goes through.

    Sep 25,2019

  • Everton
    Yes (0) Color: Twilight Black Size: 100CM
    Excelente Produto
    Produto chegou em perfeito estado, muito bem embalado e cuidado, fiquei muito satisfeito e funcionou perfeitamente, recomendo a compra do produto.
    Esta marca de cabo é de excelente qualidade, já comprei cabos padrão USB-C e para Iphone funciona sem nenhum tipo de erro.
    Entrega demorou 36 dias para chegar.

    Oct 10,2019