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    Yes (0) Color: Black
    2in 1 GPS and GPRS Tracker
    Данный трекер имеет функции gps—спутниковая система навигации,которая выдает координаты(широта и долгота)на СМС запросы с мобильного.В квартирах ,подземных парковках,гаражах сигнал gps практически не ловит.Здесь для позиционирования подойдет функция gprs ,для передачи пакетов данных между трекером и смартфоном при наличии интернета на SIM и смартфоне. Имеется в инструкции сайт для отслеживания после регистрации.(у меня пока не получилось за рег)батарея быстро разряжается.и от Nokia не подходит по размерам( длина)

    Mar 08,2019

  • Andrea
    Yes (2) Color: Black
    Small, light and basic
    The GPS tracker is very basic but fully corresponding to its description. After leaving it in charge for a while I inserted a full-size SIM and sent a test SMS to it. The first response was slow, but from the second attempt on it only took a couple minutes to receive back another SMS with the precise location and Google Maps link. GPS accuracy is very good. The item is small and light, and was adequately packaged. Bought for less than 10 EUR during a Flash sale, it is totally worth the money.
    Technology is a bit old. It only offers a SMS interface, while newer models support a data connection and uploading data to a server. All of this, however, is accurately explained in the product description.

    Mar 30,2018

  • alber rs
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    GPS TRACKER Localizador para hobies
    I bought this locator thought that I can be worth for my hobbies, I want to use it in my dron to avoid possible losses, It is very well built, Your price is very good I have not tried it yet, since it has to be loaded from 8 to 10 hours He comprado este localizador pensado que me pueda valer para mis hobies,Quiero utilizarlo en mi dron para evitar posibles perdidas ,Esta muy bien construido ,Su precio esta muy bien todabia no lo he probado ,pues hay que cargarlo de 8 a 10 horas
    No counter De momento ninguna contra

    Feb 04,2017

  • Geo
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Never lose anything again!
    You can place this gps tracker in your luggage, and never lose it. You can place it on your car or moto and works as anti-theft device. You can give it to an elder in case he/she get lost (it has a sos button). Build quality is high, gps is accurate enough 1-15 meters and battery last about five days. Really cheap too. Has an sd card mount too. Works As it supposed to..

    Jun 17,2017

  • Alexander
    Yes (1) Color: Black
    Личный GPS трекер
    Дешевая цена именно для трекера с GPS и батареей, с возможностью отправлять координаты на сервер (через GPRS) так и работа по SMS. Много функций. Свою цену оправдывает. Это именно личный трекер, его можно дать родителям (старым), детям. Также есть кнопка СОС, при нажатии на которую на "доверенный" номер уйдет СМС сообщение с координатами.
    Разумеется за такую цену, это клон. Батарею лучше взять другую маркировка BL-5B вариантов много, комплектной хватает в режиме частого использования реально не более чем на пол дня (если отправлять смс планируете, то на дольше время деня так на 1-2 примерно).

    Mar 21,2017

  • Oleksandr Merzlikin
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    TK102B Car GPS Tracker Locator & Li-ion Battery Monitor Alarm
    Good bubbled packet. Fast delivery. TK102B Car GPS Tracker Locator Works good without Glonass (via sms or gprs, accuracy near 30m in the build, charge near 8 hours, discharge in active mod near 2-6 hours) Works with (TK102B 87072750908) Good quality/price
    TK102B Car GPS Tracker Locator Small light (indcator) Low working time (battery can changed to battery from nokia - B6) Long charging time

    Nov 28,2016

  • Vitaliy Rakhivsky
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Advantages TK102B : Setup via USB cable and not only by SMS Built-in memory for 16,000 positions + slot SD memory card (up to 2Gb) allow you to work in the logger, and send the accumulated data upon request. Modes deep sleep (deepshock) and send timer (schedule) Remote balance inquiry and forwarding of incoming SMS
    there is no shortage

    Sep 15,2016

  • z-jay
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    TK102B Gps Car Tracker
    Nice quality for this price.Works well with new european SIM cards (which is not common with these devices).Has a microSD card slot (haven't check that yet) - probably for storing its location when the GSM signal is down.
    Non standard USB cable connector (as shown on picture).Configuring need a little bit of googling especially if one plans to use gprs on this device - which is used for sending its location to the server not only by sms to the owner's phone.Low capacity battery.

    Dec 26,2017

  • M. Dias
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Budget GPS Tracker
    This is probably the cheapest real GPS tracker you can buy. I say real because for this price you only found other models that are falsely advertised as GPS, but that use cellphone towers (meaning the error can go as far as 1 Km). This one has a GPS chip and is the real deal. Unbeatable for the price.

    Sep 21,2016

  • Mykhaylo
    Yes (1) Color: Black
    TK 102 B Автомобильный GPS Tracker
    Товар прибыл из Китая в Германию за две недели это нормально . Трекер компактный очень легкий цена продукции очень не дорогая Батарея сменная и очень мощная это очень удобно для пользования трекером Видео и фото добавил в месте с отзывом

    Dec 18,2016