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Alfawise delivers exciting and dynamic home technology. From powerhouse Android TV boxes to automatic robot cleaners, enjoy affordable technology at every price point. Alfawise combines premium design language, smart design and essential home ideas for less.

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4.7 out of 5

Reviews Score Average based 4363 reviews

What People Are Saying
  • Alfawise U20 Large Scale 2.8 inch Touch Screen DIY 3D Printer Alfawise U20 Large Scale 2.8 inch Touch Screen DIY 3D Printer

    I love the increased use of metal brackets. The belts are also pre-tightened perfectly. I have few complaints about any part of the actual physical construction of the printer. It is nice.
    Besides the noise and salmon skin, the print quality looks very promising. Layers are aligned very well, making watertight. Print is surprisingly easy. I'm very pleased with the potential of this printer. It has the potential of actually being real competition to a CR10 with just a few tweaks and upgrades.
    I like the touchscreen so much that I want to use it on my other 3D printers. The user interface is absolutely fantastic. One of the best I've ever touched.
    Both the glass plate and the aluminum plate for the heat bed are both incredibly flat, so I can print directly on it. Whereas, it is not the case with Creality CR10.
    One has to stand up in order to look at the screen because it is not angled or tilted horizontally;
    The bolts are loose from the factory I had to retighten many of them;
    The cooling fan is too noisy. It is better to be replaced by one with a higher quality.

  • Alfawise WIFI Smart Plug Alfawise WIFI Smart Plug

    I got all this product within 10 days of ordering to Mumbai, India. Thanks a lot gearbest for such a fast service. I will highly recommend this website for everyone.

    Now come to the product, this cutter is really made up of high quality materials. The switch is really compact and looks stylish. It works with google home and alexa. download smart we link app(e welink app) and sync it with google assistant, you are ready to use it with your voice. initially you have to press switch button for 5 seconds till it start blinking and then connect it with e welink app.
    Only problem I was faced was with the manufacturing defect in my piece.
    When green light, it means switched OFF, when both green and blue light, it means switched ON.

    I will highly recommend this product for everyone for daily use. I am attaching some pictures and videos of this product.Hope it helps, Recommended Product

  • Alfawise JD - T8610 - Q2 Wireless WiFi IP Camera Bulb Cam Alfawise JD - T8610 - Q2 Wireless WiFi IP Camera Bulb Cam

    Bu fiyata daha iyisi olabilir mi bilmiyorum fakat şunları da söylemek istiyorum. Sonuçta kamera, lamba, wifi, hoparlör ve mikrofon bunların olması gayet güzel özellik. Kamerası bence gayet güzel. İlginç özellikleri var. Mesela evde değilsiniz cepten interneti açıp izleyebilirsiniz hatta mikrofon ile konuşabilirsiniz bu konuda fena değil. Evde değilken alarmı açıp herhangi bir nesnede alarmın çalmasını sağlayabilirsiniz. Uygulaması güzel ben beğendim ayrıca Türkçe uygulama. Aşağıya fotoğraf ekledim bakabilirsiniz. Ürünün malzemesi güzel. Kameranın değişik modları var. Bu kadar özellik ve eksikliklerine rağmen ürün yine de parasının hakkını veriyor. Evin girişine tak akşam gelince izle.

  • Alfawise WM02 Vertical Wireless 2.4GHz Mouse Alfawise WM02 Vertical Wireless 2.4GHz Mouse

    I work on a computer most of the time, and found that I was experiencing some discomfort at my wrist, from making too many "clicks" on a standard two button mouse. I also had pain in my shoulder and needed to get some relief. I had never used a vertical mouse before, but this mouse had a good rating and was also on sale, so I went with it.

    Using a vertical mouse felt a little strange at first, but it did not take long to get very comfortable with using one. Being wireless provides great freedom and flexibility, and the level of control and response is the best of the time.

  • Alfawise A8 TV BOX Rockchip 3229 Android 8.1 Alfawise A8 TV BOX Rockchip 3229 Android 8.1

    A tv box with good value for money. It offers the main features that any other box TV offers at a very low price. It runs pretty well with most apps. Just do not expect to run the heaviest games on the market on it, but the lightest to medium games play well. The interface is simple but effective, because what matters is working and not just beauty. I recommend the purchase. For basic use there is no need for anything much better and no more expensive. Good product.

  • Alfawise V1 Mechanical Keyboard Alfawise V1 Mechanical Keyboard

    The best keyboard I have ever had. It's my third mechanical keyboard and this is the best keyboard of blue switches. The RGB leds are amazing, and the color glow looks really cool at my computer desk. The switches feel really soft. No doubts it's the best keyboard for cost benefit.

    - Best cost/benefit.
    - Soft and comfy keys.
    - Beautiful colors (9 options for colors).

  • Alfawise Z1 TV BOX with 2.4G Voice Control Alfawise Z1 TV BOX with 2.4G Voice Control

    I rated this 5 stars as it the cheapest and best balanced Android TV/Media box I have found. It comes with a Bluetooth remote which is actually outstanding quality, it has a media center style UI which makes it much easier to use out of the box and stays cool the entire time. Even during YouTube 4K playback it was only warm to the touch. on taking the unit apart you see it has a big aluminium block as a heatsink and I must say it's absolutely flawless. Also it's tiny so fits anywhere.

  • T0 Shockproof Folding Electric Scooter T0 Shockproof Folding Electric Scooter

    I work over 5 miles from home & this thing can get me there & back with about 20% electric power left over in normal mode. My best was 16 mph, there are a couple decent hills along the way, however, it never dropped below 15 mph. One kick to get it going from a standstill is all that's needed & it accelerates quickly. I'm only 120 pounds, but for me this thing is great.
    Feels smooth, handles well. This thing is made really well & looks good too. Operation is very quiet & it's simply a joy to ride.

  • Alfawise S2 Smart Watch Alfawise S2 Smart Watch

    - hochwertiges Metallgehäuse
    - gut ablesbares Display
    - Anzeige mit Anrufernahme
    - SMS Anzeige mit Text
    - Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp Anzeige
    - präziser Pulswert
    - Blutdruck Messung (nach meiner Erfahrung zu niedrige Werte)
    - Messung Blutsauerstoff ( scheint zu stimmen)
    - einfache Bedienung
    - lange Akkulaufzeit 2-4 Wochen, je nach dem wie oft Messungen für Blutdruck usw. durchgeführt werden
    - magnetisches Ladedock
    - langes Armband
    - Preis/Leistung Top !!!

  • Alfawise Z1 TV BOX with 2.4G Voice Control Alfawise Z1 TV BOX with 2.4G Voice Control

    so não vou dar 5 estrelas por conta da sua launcher simples,e o que eu não gostei foi do menu da launcher que nao te da a opção de desligamento da box atraves do mesmo a não ser pelo controle remoto,que aliás na minha avaliação é muito prático e fácil de manusear e tem uma fluidez muito rápida sobre outras box que ja conheci, o controle remoto é muito Bom,eu recomendo a alfawise z1 a quem está interessado em adquirir uma Android tvbox e a gearbest é a melhor opção do mercado atualmente a entrega é muito rápida e o frete é um dos melhores,( gearbest ) aprovada novamente.

  • Alfawise HC - 1D03 Rechargeable Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Alfawise HC - 1D03 Rechargeable Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

    I have a small bedroom apartment. I don't need to vacuum a large area. I have two cats that shed like CRAZY, as well as kick up a lot of kitty litter. I have laminate tile in my foyer, wooden floors, and a large rugs in the living room. The small brush of the vacuum cleaner spins like crazy, picking up hair, furs and other things from my rug. Love that function. It's lightweight and pivots really easily so that you can make these sharp turns in tight spots.

  • Alfawise Laptop 32GB + 128GB Alfawise Laptop 32GB + 128GB

    This Alfawise Laptop is the best computer I have had in a while. Setup is super easy and it runs incredibly fast. Many other computers take at least 2-3 minutes before I can do anything with them, but not this one! I can immediately get online and access documents without waiting or getting frustrated. The speakers are pretty good for the size of the computer, nothing super loud or anything, but definitely good and clear sound.

  • Alfawise T9 TV Box Alfawise T9 TV Box

    I love this thing. I have five of them and find they are faster than the fire stick (everyone says this). I bought them when QVC had them as the tsv. Being a very senior woman and not a techie, I had no trouble with the installations. If I can get them to work, anyone can. The batteries were a little hard to put into the remote, but...I did it. So happy with these purchases. Now I can get more out of Prime than free shipping. Great purchase.

  • Alfawise A9 Sports Bluetooth Headphones Alfawise A9 Sports Bluetooth Headphones

    I bought these for its ability to do hands free phone conversation and minor role for listening to music when at office. If you plan on using these for hands free there is only one small drawback. They do not multiplex your own voice into the speakers when you talk. When you talk wearing these you can't hear yourself over the speakers. You hear yourself much like you do with your fingers in your ears.

  • Alfawise Z28 Pro Smart TV Box Alfawise Z28 Pro Smart TV Box

    I like this tv box it's easy to use also the price is cheap compared to other devices with the same 2g ram and 16 gb room and very stable with the dual WiFi, I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a cheap powerful and stable TV box

  • Alfawise H96 Pro+ TV Box Alfawise H96 Pro+ TV Box

    Very happy with this Box, it arrived quite fast 2-3 weeks to the UK
    Its fast and has alot of Storage Memory so you can put alot on it to try without worrying!

    I had read about overheating issues but i've had it on for the last 5 hours and no problems yet, doesnt feel hot so I dont think this will be a problem.

    I've already reccommend this box to my friends, well worth the money!

  • Alfawise Magnetic Door Sensor Alfawise Magnetic Door Sensor

    I have a special needs son and this helps with peace of mind. He often likes to escape the house to explore. We have a camera system, but this is a simple alarm that alerts us if the door has been opened. We do our best as parents, but as most parents can attest to, kids can accomplish a lot in just a few seconds. This has eased our mind in at least a small aspect of raising a special needs child.

  • ALFAWISE CF1701BC Electric Coffee Machine ALFAWISE CF1701BC Electric Coffee Machine

    -материалы, размеры.. все это вопросов не вызывает.качественно сделано.
    -Кофе получается вкусный.
    -Аккумулятор быстро зарядился(был в 0 разряжен)

    До этого брал к.машину с ручной помпой. Продал сразу...Это на любителя, как дойка коров....
    Тут кнопку нажал и всё. Вцелом доволен.Спасибо

  • Alfawise KP - 810 - 21T - RGB Mini 2.4G Wireless Keyboard Alfawise KP - 810 - 21T - RGB Mini 2.4G Wireless Keyboard

    Comoda, maneggevole e leggera. La possibilità di poterla utilizzare anche al buio è stata importante per il mio acquisto. Le tastiere normali senza luce ti costringono ad avere sempre una luce a portata di mano ma se stai vedendo un film è una rottura.. la consiglio vivamente, veramente ottima e ottimo prezzo. Batteria molto buona, ottima durata, ma cambia in base all'utilizzo.

  • Alfawise X6A Metal Quickly 3D DIY Printer 220 x 220 x 220mm Alfawise X6A Metal Quickly 3D DIY Printer 220 x 220 x 220mm

    A Première Vue :
    1/ Assez facile à monter par contre manque d'instruction pour le câblage et leur maintient ensemble !
    voir photo
    2/ le module d’étalonnage de niveau de plateau est un simplement détecteur magnétique.
    rien de magique.
    3/ Support bobine trop petit pour des bobines de 1 Kg (voir photo)
    4/ Manque marquage 220v/110v
    5/ outillage parfait tournevis, clé plate, etc .......

    dans quelques jours je ferais quelques tests

  • Alfawise H96 Pro+ TV Box Alfawise H96 Pro+ TV Box

    Produto funcionando conforme esperado.
    Porém, tive problema de não funcionar o kodi em casa por conta de um bloqueio da NET (tenho só internet).
    Na casa do meu pai que é Vivo funcionou perfeitamente.
    Na casa do meu sogro que é NET (TV + Internet) também funcionou.
    Enfim, o produto é bom e funciona conforme anunciado.
    Só fique atento a limitação do seu acesso a internet para não haver decepção.

  • Alfawise S60 Window Cleaner Cleaning Robot Alfawise S60 Window Cleaner Cleaning Robot

    Makes in overall a good work but not enough.
    but This device does not cleans the top of window. It leaves a dirty band of 15 cms on top uncleaned.
    Look at the picture.
    This problem should be mentioned in the description of the product.
    Nobody talks about that in the reviews in youtube although it very inconvenient.

  • Alfawise Mini 3 Smart Bracelet Alfawise Mini 3 Smart Bracelet

    Choisi pour moi et mon fils, reçu en 20 jours.
    pas mal de problème de connexion au départ. Surtout, ne connecter votre montre qu'à partir de l'application et non par la connexion Bluetooth du smartphone, sinon cela ne fonctionne pas.
    Dés la connexion, la montre se synchronise automatiquement (heure, langue, ...)
    Le nombre de pas est carrément fantaisiste (petit bricolage dans mon petit jardin une après midi et me voila crédité de 8,5km parcourus....)
    Pour le prix, la montre est juste correcte

  • Alfawise ZK8077 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Virtual Blocker Alfawise ZK8077 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Virtual Blocker

    I often went home late in the evening, after sweeping and mopping the floor, there is barely any time left. I had enough of this. After I bought the Alfawise ZK8077, I feel it unnecessary to sweep the floor by myself. It is fun to control the robotic vacuum cleaner. It also collects the pet hair well, and the air is fresher and healthier with the HEPA filter.

  • Alfawise A8 Smart Projector Alfawise A8 Smart Projector

    I bought this projector for home use and i can say that is doing the job ok.
    it's half than a normal projector and i like it.
    it seems to be qualitative
    it works fine in low light
    the price is decent

  • Alfawise H96 Mini TV Box Alfawise H96 Mini TV Box

    i had a bad experience with this tv box. i brought a lot of tv boxes in gearbest and all of them were good. but this one after 2 weeks of use something burned inside and stopped working even that i only use it in iptv and youtube only.
    custumer service was very kind and we find a solution for the problem

  • Alfawise V2 Mechanical Keyboard Alfawise V2 Mechanical Keyboard

    Well built
    Good quality materials
    Very good sensation of the blue switches
    Very useful multimedia controls.
    Lots of RGB combinations
    5 macro programable buttons.

  • Alfawise - Win660 Square Microfiber Cleaning Pad for Alfawise Robotic Window Cleaner Set of 4 Alfawise - Win660 Square Microfiber Cleaning Pad for Alfawise Robotic Window Cleaner Set of 4

    The microfiber cleaning pads which come with Alfawise Square Window Cleaner can be used for a long time. I decided to change them after they have been used for nearly a year. It wipes out the impurities effectively, and you do not need to climb on chairs and desks to reach the window.
    They are durable, of high quality. Recommend!

  • Alfawise Mini True Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Alfawise Mini True Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

    I really like the set of headphones. The buds click in for charging and it keeps everything together nicely. You charge the main brick via micro USB and the brick charges the buds. The buds come with three sizes of ear caps for you to choose, ensuring a good seal in your ears. It makes all the difference in sound quality!

  • Alfawise A12 2000 Lumens Smart Projector Alfawise A12 2000 Lumens Smart Projector

    -> Good features for price
    -> good image for price
    -> Lens protection
    -> HD resolution
    -> HDMI, USB and TV connection
    -> Multilanguage