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Established in 2002, the KVD International Group Headquarters are located in Hong Kong, with its manufacturing operations based in Shenzhen, China. In the same year, Shenzhen KVD International Group Limited was formed. With an initial focus on research, production and sales of the communication equipment and the peripheral accessories, this evolved following different transitional stages from sole proprietorship, mergers and acquisitions and investment of the public sector. KVD has since established multiple branch companies such as a battery manufacturing plant, abrasive tool factory, integrated assembly plant, screen factory and a logistics transportation company. With 3C Certification, including the ISO9001 and 2008 quality management system certification, as well as China Testing Alliance (CTA) certification and China quality certification center, KVD has already obtained 100 patents nationally following years of research, development and investment, and formally passed the national high-tech enterprise certification. KVD offers class-leading services to established domestic and foreign communication brands and operators, primarily through the provision of OEM and ODM customization services to the high-end customers. With a sales outreach extending across more than 200 countries and regions, and to meet massive customer demand for both Smartphones and Tablet PCs, the company has introduced three independent brands (BEDOVE, KVD and DOOGEE) targetting different product positions and markets. Changing from its previous model that focused purely on OEM, KVD now offers ODM customization through a variety of sales systems enabling independent brands to deliver on the aspirations of our consumers. "Quality is the only guarantee of brand” is the company's ultimate goal. With the guidance of the fundamental principles of ”integrity, innovation, tenacity”, KVD has rapidly developed into an influential enterprise in the industry and has now adopted a leadership role leading the development of the industry. About DOOGEE DOOGEE was founded in March 2013, and is the third self-owned brand of KVD International Group Limited. DOOGEE advocates "QUALITY and EXPERIENCE", and achieves total control over every industry process from product design to production. In order to offer the perfect experience to every user, especially on quality, every DOOGEE product must undergo strict testing to the highest standards and high-tech quality inspection. DOOGEE products are designed to give the product soul, combining sublime design with intelligent and smart operation. DOOGEE aspires to deliver an extraordinary experience across its entire product line

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4.7 out of 5

Reviews Score Average based 109 reviews

What People Are Saying
  • DOOGEE X5 Pro 4G Smartphone DOOGEE X5 Pro 4G Smartphone

    Durou-me 3 anos e vou trocar agora porque, depois de ter caído dezenas de vezes e ter partido o display, está a inchar a bateria. Se o display não tivesse partido podia comprar uma bateria e o telemóvel ainda estaria como novo. Foi um telemóvel muito resistente mesmo só custando 80 euros, sobreviveu a muitas idas à praia, quedas, alguma chuva. Recomendo vivamente para quem quem ter um telemóvel básico e barato. Mesmo com o display partido consigo funcionar com ele muito bem.

  • Doogee BL7000 4G Phablet Doogee BL7000 4G Phablet

    - Great build quality;
    - Great screen;
    - Very good specs for the price;
    - Everything works very well, well-conceived phone and OS;
    - Amazing color;
    - Huge battery.

  • DOOGEE F5 4G Phablet DOOGEE F5 4G Phablet

    It arrived in perfect condition. The phone is really fast, absolutely perfect. Switching between apps goes flawlessly. I haven't tried it with such big games but so far there were no lags.

  • DOOGEE Y100 Pro 4G LTE Phablet DOOGEE Y100 Pro 4G LTE Phablet

    Доволен съм от пазаруването в магазина, при недоставена или повредена стока парите ми са възстановени, има и реални големи намаления и действаща система с точки.

  • DOOGEE  X20 3G Smartphone DOOGEE X20 3G Smartphone

    O celular é incrivel! uso para os aplicativos básicos, trabalho com internet então uso bastante nesse aspecto. Mesmo aplicativos mais pesados como jogos (com mais de 2GB) não travam no celular, a bateria é bem ok, dura bem.

    Recomendo muito! até iria comprar mais um, mas parece que saiu de linha aqui na gear best.

    Chegou em 2 meses na minha casa e não fui taxada.

  • Doogee BL7000 4G Smartphone Doogee BL7000 4G Smartphone

    Battery is very good
    RAM and ROM
    Sound though Loudspeaker
    No blotware
    Comes with case and film screen

  • DOOGEE S30 4G Smartphone DOOGEE S30 4G Smartphone

    1. Внешний вид
    2. Хорошая работоспособность
    3. Отсутствие сбоев
    4. Долго держит батарея (максимум 6 дней при нормальном использовании)

  • DOOGEE T6 Pro 4G Phablet DOOGEE T6 Pro 4G Phablet

    Really good looking, comes with a plastic case included and a fast charger. The battery lasts forever and i love it. GPS works great. Average for games, but really good for everyday use and multi-tasking. The 3Gb of ram are well worth it.

  • DOOGEE X5 3G Smartphone DOOGEE X5 3G Smartphone

    Lo que más me gusta de este móvil es su pantalla HD de 5". Se ve muy bien en cualquier ángulo y situación. Tiene buen nivel de brillo en exteriores. Es un teléfono muy fluido para su uso básico( que creo es el que le damos el 90% de los usuarios).

    En líneas generales es muy buena compra. Supongo que dentro de un año no irá tan bien debido a tener solo 1Gb de RAM.

  • DOOGEE BL5000 4G Phablet DOOGEE BL5000 4G Phablet

    bateria dura um dia com internet movel, e visualisação de youtube, ecrã resistente (ja caiu varias vezes e nao riscou), rapido, não encrava, som com boa qualidade, imagem top, camaras para o preço são boas....etc etc

  • DOOGEE X9 Pro 4G Phablet DOOGEE X9 Pro 4G Phablet

    great smartphone
    very cheap price
    fast processor
    great camera quality
    big screen
    great battery life

  • Doogee Shoot 1 4G Phablet Doogee Shoot 1 4G Phablet

    It has a very beautiful design, very light, has a display with plenty of color and resolution, a very good camera, runs the applications effortlessly, an excellent device for the price.

  • DOOGEE Y300 4G Smartphone DOOGEE Y300 4G Smartphone

    Encomendei este telemóvel a pedido de um colega! Ficou muito satisfeito com o referido telemóvel até o seu próprio carro passar por cima! Resultado: nova encomenda!

  • DOOGEE Mix 2 4G Phablet DOOGEE Mix 2 4G Phablet

    very nice phablet and great finish , very well built. ill buy another one any day now to my kids is well worth the price no problem, and a very good face unlock !

  • DOOGEE Y6 Max 4G Phablet DOOGEE Y6 Max 4G Phablet

    Screen is nice and big
    Doesn't seem to be slowing down after almost a year of use
    Battery Still lasts the whole day
    Good price

  • DOOGEE F3 Pro 4G Smartphone DOOGEE F3 Pro 4G Smartphone

    Processador, Memoria Interna e Ram, otimo desempenho, Design, peso, tamanho, auto falante, touch otimo

  • DOOGEE DG310 3G Phablet DOOGEE DG310 3G Phablet

    EXCELLENT BUY AT A VERY GOOD PRICE, very good screen and easy to use has a good battery, I recommend this purchase +++++

  • DOOGEE DG5803G Phablet DOOGEE DG5803G Phablet

    EXCELLENT BUY AT A VERY GOOD PRICE, very good screen and easy to use has a good battery, I recommend this purchase +++++

  • DOOGEE F5 4G Phablet DOOGEE F5 4G Phablet

    nice display, enough memory, good battery capacity. two sim card slots. good quality material, a whole good camera

  • DOOGEE Mix 2 4G Phablet DOOGEE Mix 2 4G Phablet

    ótimo custo benefício....tela ótima, (Sharp)...aparelho de bom desempenho... boas fotos e filmagens.
    teve uma queda no piso , azulejo, sem a capinha e ficou intacto. recomendo demais esse ótimo aparelho... Amazing.

  • DOOGEE  X20 3G Smartphone DOOGEE X20 3G Smartphone

    Fast and the best phone for this price range! Good and easy to use thanks to Android 7.0 and it goes fast!

  • DOOGEE F3 Pro 4G Smartphone DOOGEE F3 Pro 4G Smartphone

    Everything as described. I am very satisfied with this phone. They have sent a case to the phone also.

  • DOOGEE Mix Lite 4G Smartphone DOOGEE Mix Lite 4G Smartphone

    bom ecrã
    Excelente desempenho pelo preço
    muito boas câmeras
    boa bateria

  • DOOGEE Y100 5.0 inch Android 4.4 3G Smartphone DOOGEE Y100 5.0 inch Android 4.4 3G Smartphone

    Colourful design and fun.
    Feels good to hold and the notif. light was a great addition

  • DOOGEE Y6 Max 3D 4G Phablet DOOGEE Y6 Max 3D 4G Phablet

    ein wirklich geiles Teil. Super Display, 3D funktioniert super. leider keinen vollen LTE Empfang. Mit dem Handy zu arbeiten ist perfekt durch das große Display, man braucht kein Tablet mehr.

  • Original DOOGEE X5 / X5 Pro 3.7V 2400mAh Battery Original DOOGEE X5 / X5 Pro 3.7V 2400mAh Battery

    It’s do the job what it build for using it more then a year still going well

  • DOOGEE X30 3G Phablet DOOGEE X30 3G Phablet

    Aparelho muito bom pelo preço, recomendo! Câmera razoável, bom tamanho, desempenho bacana! Valeu o investindo.

  • DOOGEE X9 Pro 4G Phablet DOOGEE X9 Pro 4G Phablet

    a vfm device
    smartphone mediocore quality

    battary life ok

  • Doogee Y6 4G Phablet Doogee Y6 4G Phablet

    Boa apresentação, características muito acima da média.
    Funcional, tem um design muito agradável que da vontade de passar um bom tempo a jogar ou a fazer pesquisas na Internet.

  • DOOGEE X6 3G Phablet DOOGEE X6 3G Phablet

    брал его за 40 долларов, что очень даже отчлиная цена для него.
    большой размер 6 дюймов хорошо лежит в руке
    хорошо держит заряд