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GETUNION Science and Technology Company was founded in 2002 in Wuhan. In the beginning we mainly sold computer components and peripherals, after 4 years' hard efforts, we became one of the largest wholesalers of computer products in central China in 2006. In 2012, we started to do domestic E-commercial business, selling DIY computer hosts and computer peripherals to 1.3 billion Chinese people and became one of the largest DIY computer dealers in China. Now we have over 300 staffs and the annual value of production is over three hundred million US dollars, we have enough experienced employees to ensure product quality, we are willing and abled to provide you with best products and service.

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what people are saying
  • GETWORTH R23 Computer Tower GETWORTH R23 Computer Tower

    Great Performance, Nice Case design
    The best value for money you can find.
    gtx 1060,ssd,i7 at this price is insane
    .-Great performance for current games - full HD in high details

  • GETWORTH T11 Computer Tower GETWORTH T11 Computer Tower

    Very high quality Assembly, all in accordance with the specified configuration with Gear Best. There are OS Win 7 on Board, in traditional Chinese, which is very nice.

  • GETWORTH R5 Gaming Computer Tower GETWORTH R5 Gaming Computer Tower

    Очень быстрая доставка, До Ярославля за 15 дней
    Комп работает на ура, Винду поставил за 3 минуты

  • GETWORTH R12 Computer Tower GETWORTH R12 Computer Tower

    Всё соответствует заявленному. Всё работает исправно. Замечаний нет.
    Корпус крепкий. Не жестянка.
    Замечательное железо за свою цену.