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As a world leading gaming brand, MSI is the most trusted name in gaming and eSports. We’ve dedicated countless hours and committed numerous resources to the eSports community to support the world’s most aspiring and best gamers and use their knowledge and expertise in our products in return. MSI integrated all gamers’ aspirational functions in its gaming rigs, eliminating the tedious trial and error by themselves and pushing the performance beyond limits. The determination to surpass past achievements has made MSI a ‘True Gaming’ brand with gaming spirit throughout the industry!

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4.6 out of 5

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What People Are Saying
  • MSI GL62M 7REX - 1650CN Gaming Laptop MSI GL62M 7REX - 1650CN Gaming Laptop

    All'inizio ero un pò titubante nella scelta di acquistare il pc su Bear Best. Poi dopo un pò di ricerche e domande mi sono fidato di loro e non ho sbagliato, e poi non volevo perdermi l'occasione che mi si era presentata. Ho acquistato questo pc per il prezzo conveniente rispetto alle caratteristiche che ha (cosa che qui in Italia con lo stesso importo è difficile trovare). Le caratteristiche che più ho apprezzato sono il processore i7, la scheda Nvidia geforce 1050ti, e l'unità ssd unita a quella hdd. Certo i "contro", se così si possono chiamare, ci sono come il sistema windows in cinese o la tastiera americana che lascia un ò le ditate, ma invece che contro io preferisco chiamarli compromessi, che sono facilmente arginabili e superabili come l'installazione pulita di Windows 10 Home in italiano. Poi per chi come me ha paura della dogana, non preoccupatevi, scegliendo Priority Eu in 15 giorni lavorativi è arrivato senza nessun problema. Consiglio il pc e ovviamente Gear Best

    At the beginning I was a little hesitant in choosing to buy the pc on Bear Best. Then after a bit of research and questions I trusted them and I was not wrong, and then I did not want to miss the opportunity presented to me. I bought this PC for the cheap price compared to the characteristics it has (something that here in Italy with the same amount is difficult to find). The features that I liked most are the i7 processor, the Nvidia geforce 1050ti card, and the ssd unit combined with the hdd unit. Of course, the "cons", if you can call it, there are like the windows system in Chinese or the American keyboard that leaves a fingerprint or, but rather than against me I prefer to call them compromises, which are easily demountable and surmountable as the installation clean of Windows 10 Home in Italian. Then for those like me who are afraid of customs, do not worry, choosing Priority Eu in 15 working days arrived without any problem. I recommend the pc and of course Gear Best

  • MSI GL62M 7RD - 223CN Gaming Laptop MSI GL62M 7RD - 223CN Gaming Laptop

    I'm giving 4 stars just becouse i still can't put the numpad to work correctly, if i manage to do that i'll change my rating to 5 stars.
    The laptop came for 631 euros, an awsome price for this level of harware.
    It boots superfast with the ssd and windows 10. i tried it with some games and it's able to mantain stable temperature even after hours of heavy gaming. Also works great with Fusion 360 the gtx 1050 makes it's way for a comfortable usage.
    The materials of the laptop are good, i couldn't expect any better.

  • MSI GL72M 7REX - 817 Gaming Laptop MSI GL72M 7REX - 817 Gaming Laptop

    High performance with 7700HQ, 1050Ti, SSD + HDD it gives a lot for the price
    Boot in under 10 seconds (after windows replace)
    Good cooling
    17.3 TN monitor is responsive, great for videos and gaming
    Brightness of the screen is very good, it shines
    3 external monitor support
    upgradable RAM up to 32 GB
    international technical support which I tried works fast and pays for transport in case of need (1 week per claim)
    enough ports for connection
    some usefull software included

  • MSI GL62M 7REX - 1252 Gaming Laptop 16GB RAM MSI GL62M 7REX - 1252 Gaming Laptop 16GB RAM

    J'ai acheté pour le rapport qualité prix
    Config parfaitement adapté à mes besoins (jeux et travail)
    Colis livré rapidement. Commandé le 19 reçu le 31 juillet
    Emballage correct.

    Pas trop lourd comparer au 17"
    256Go SSD + 1To standard (aujourd'hui un minimum surtout le SSD)
    16Go ram (idem)
    gtx1050ti 4go c'est un portable donc nous n'aurons jamais la puissance d'une carte de desktop
    7700HQ une serie 7 de bonne facture
    le prix :)

    Je recommande à mon entourage

  • MSI GP62M 7RE - 817CN Gaming Laptop MSI GP62M 7RE - 817CN Gaming Laptop

    Мощный, быстрый , красивый ноутбук. Хорошая конфигурация для решения сложных задач. Очень быстрый SSD, с ним ноутбук загружается буквально за пару секунд, есть DVD, что сейчас уже редкость. Очень хорошая система охлаждения, FHD экран, регулируемая подсветка клавиатуры. Ноутбуком очень доволен, из минусов даже нечего отметить.

  • MSI GL62M 7REX - 1252 Gaming Laptop MSI GL62M 7REX - 1252 Gaming Laptop

    Excelente computador. Super rápido. Aguenta bem com os últimos jogos. Testado e aprovado por um técnico de informática. Tudo o que está na descrição, encontra se no computador. Coloquei uma memória ssd e ficou muito bom

  • MSI GL62VR 7RFX - 848 Gaming Laptop MSI GL62VR 7RFX - 848 Gaming Laptop

    very good quality product, i have nothing to complain about this product everything is perfect about it.

  • MSI GL62M 7RDX - 1642 Gaming Laptop MSI GL62M 7RDX - 1642 Gaming Laptop

    This is was honestly one of the best, if not the best buy ive ever made. I am very happy whit this laptop. Completely recommend this one if your looking for gaming laptop.

  • MSI PL62 7RC - 005 Gaming Laptop MSI PL62 7RC - 005 Gaming Laptop

    Ottimo laptop, sia per gioco che per uso professionale

  • MSI GL62M 7REX - 1252 Gaming Laptop MSI GL62M 7REX - 1252 Gaming Laptop

    muito bom, boa qualidade ee construxao e é muito rapido