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A growing global phenomenon, Xiaomi has an amazing portfolio of products. By building on their streamlined production processes, Xiaomi has successfully integrated forward-thinking designs into each and every one of their product lines. 2014 was an unbelievable year for Xiaomi, releasing new phones, tablets, and earphones. With each growing success, Xiaomi has greater confidence in the ability to expand into other products.

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4.8 out of 5

Reviews Score Average based 81795 reviews

What People Are Saying
  • Original Xiaomi Mi WiFi 300M Amplifier 2 English Version Original Xiaomi Mi WiFi 300M Amplifier 2 English Version

    A very handy thing to use at home, to make WiFi signal more stable. It might be difficult to setup it for the first time, so here are the hints: 1. Download MiHome app from Google Play, and be sure to use the "original", as there is a lot with similar naming. 2. After opening app for the first time, you will be asked to choose region - if you are from Europe, don't choose it, choose "Other", otherwise Amplifier won't be listed among available products, and you won't connect it. 3. Be sure to be at the pace, where your current WiFi signal is stable while setting up Amplifier. 4. If it doesn't setup, and stops at 89-90% mar saying - that "connection timed out", try resetting Amplifier by pressing reset button on it and holding while yellow led stops blinking, and then starts again. 5. Upon successful connection, you Amplifier will be listed among WiFi available devices with your current network name and the "plus" word at the end. Password stays the same as your networks. 6 . Now you may enter Amplifier from MI Home app, and set it to "roaming" mode, so it will have the same network name as your default net, and you won't need to add it to your devices at the remote rooms as the "new" network.

  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A 3GB RAM 4G Phablet Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A 3GB RAM 4G Phablet

    El teléfono es de excelente calidad, muy agradables al tacto, se sostienen muy bien en las manos, la pantalla es muy resistente a los rayones, muy veloz y cuentan con mucha memoria para instalar Apps. En los juegos no se pixelea al manejar gráficos de alta calidad, se juega bastante bien y es muy estable. La batería me dura mas de 16 hrs o aun con uso continuo en llamadas, revisando Apps de redes sociales y compras en línea, escuchando musica, viendo películas, juegos, etc. Puedo tener muchas Apps trabajando al mismo tiempo y nunca se me limita o alenta por falta de RAM. La recepción de señal en mi pais Mx es muy buena en 4G con las telefónicas principales probado con Telce, Movistar y AT&T. Las Apps desarrolladas por el fabricante e incluidas en mi teléfono es grandioso y todos muy útiles, desde el que brinda seguridad en el cel, limpieza de ram/cache, puedo tener doble Apps, puedo tener un doble espacio (dos teléfonos independientes al crear una segunda sesión), etc.
    Estoy muy feliz con e puerto Infrarrojo para la función de control remoto, con ello controlo absolutamente todo a mi alrededor (ojala las nuevas generaciones de telefonos de Xiaomi lo sigan incluyendo), acepta cualquier fabricante de cualquier país de equipos o dispositivos que se puedan imaginar

  • Original Xiaomi Utility LED Light Portable USB Lamp Mobile Power Bank Accessory  -  5V 1.2W Original Xiaomi Utility LED Light Portable USB Lamp Mobile Power Bank Accessory - 5V 1.2W

    Many pros. Firstly its 100% original lamp, thanks Gearbest for it) I was surprised when saw how brightest this lamp, realy cool, just look at one of the photos(where light upper the monitor), there is no lamps in my room at this moment, just this little one that connected by usb extenson cord, it can replace table lamp. It's small, comfortable, works with all usb devices(laptop, charge adapter, power bank(xiaomi power bank can turn ONOFF lamp and it's realy cool). Nice materials, i think it will work for a long time. Also lamp very flexible, and it's realy cheap price for this cool devise, i recomend to buy it on Gearbest cause on other sites there are too much not original lamps.
    Oh i can add that i tested it on my power bank xiaomi 10000 that i bought here, lamp worked 8 hours and took just 25%! of power bank, so it can work more one day with this power bank, it will be useful for camping.
    On my video you will see how it works and unpack)

  • Xiaomi Light Weight Sneakers without Chip inside Xiaomi Light Weight Sneakers without Chip inside

    Покупались по отличной скидке которая публиковалась в телеграм канале ChinaGoodBuy.
    Кроссовки отличные, с датчиком, датчик работает, пятка подпружинена, когда бегаешь - очень удобно. Пыль пристает, но сухой тряпкой легко убирается, видать кроссовки имеют какое-то покрытие. У меня размер ноги 26,5 см - взял 42 размер - подошли идеально, немного осталось свободного места у большого пальца, но удобству не мешает. Сидят реально на ногах идеально!
    Очень доволен покупкой.
    Это уже вторые кроссовки которые купил, первые были синего цвета. Так же купил жене белого цвета.
    Раньше жене нравились Nike - теперь эти стали фаворитом.
    Распаковка тут - https://youtu.be/3jTyk0aG4M8

  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 4G Phablet Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 4G Phablet

    1. Great Looks: The touch of full metal and the crispness of device is simply amazing and feels quite premium. Very sleek, slim and quite light in weight.

    2. Software: Very smooth interface and even after downloading 20+ apps it still has 900 mb left & has around 25.7 GB free internal space (without downloading or adding anything).

    3. Display: Very clear, sharp & rich.

    4. Camera: With 13mp picture really comes out very clear. Even 5mp front camera is good.

    5. Sound: The speaker is quite loud and clear.

    6. Finger sensor: The moment you touch the sensor it opens the mobile. Though, sometimes it doesn't work properly.

    7. With 4000 mAH battery full charge, it easily works for more than 1.5 days with heavy use of wifi, camera, music, calls etc.

    Gearbest team really supported when required.A must must buy mobile at this price.

  • Original Xiaomi Smart Human Body Sensor Original Xiaomi Smart Human Body Sensor

    Товар доставили за 10 дней. Трек номер отслеживался от отправки до получения. Упаковка немного потёртая, но содержимое целое, не повреждённое. Товар и комплектация полностью соответствуют описанию. Датчик быстро подключился и определился в приложении Mi Home. В сценариях отрабатывает хорошо.Далее будет использоваться как часть Умного дома, со своими сценариями. Магазин очень быстро отправил заказ. Заказываю у него не первый раз. Товар и магазин рекомендую!!!нажатие. Работает в составе умного дома, по протоколу зигбее, поэтому для работы обязателно нужен шлюз. В комплекте дополнительная липучка и батарейка есть . Цена по акции радует . Доставка довольно быстрая для безтрека - меньше трёх недель .

  • Xiaomi Youpin Soft Anti-slip Antibacterial Massage Slippers Xiaomi Youpin Soft Anti-slip Antibacterial Massage Slippers

    Cool slippers from Xiaomi but i dont think they will last for long.

    Quite light.

    value for money

    Xiaomi Youpin Soft Anti-slip Antibacterial Massage Slippers - JEANS BLUE [Gearbest.com]Xiaomi Youpin Soft Anti-slip Antibacterial Massage Slippers - JEANS BLUE [Gearbest.com]Xiaomi Youpin Soft Anti-slip Antibacterial Massage Slippers - JEANS BLUE [Gearbest.com]Xiaomi Youpin Soft Anti-slip Antibacterial Massage Slippers - JEANS BLUE [Gearbest.com]Xiaomi Youpin Soft Anti-slip Antibacterial Massage Slippers - JEANS BLUE [Gearbest.com]Xiaomi Youpin Soft Anti-slip Antibacterial Massage Slippers - JEANS BLUE [Gearbest.com]

  • Xiaomi 24 inch Travel Suitcase Towel Neck Pillow Set Xiaomi 24 inch Travel Suitcase Towel Neck Pillow Set

    this is just awesome what you get here for this price. A very good suitcase which cost more if you buy it separately without the pillow and towel. just the pillow cost here over 30 euro and the towel about 4 euro now. So it's a very good deal you make here the suitcase comes with an dust protection and fits perfectly like a skin on it. the suitcase and the pillow and the towel have all very high quality standards from xiaomi. buy it if it's available ! most people don't see this combination and buy just the suitcase itself for a higher price. I'm happy that I checked it before I bought just the suitcase, now I paid less money and got a nice xiaomi pillow and xiaomi towel for free.

  • Fresh Style Personal Hygiene Three-piece Pack Fresh Style Personal Hygiene Three-piece Pack

    Fresh Style Personal Hygiene Three-piece Pack

    Хороший набор для ванной комнаты. В комплекте мочалка, мыльница и стакан для зубных щеток и для ополаскивания после чистки зубов. Все выполнено из приятного пластика, мочалка тоже очень качественная, всё цвета TEA GREEN, приятный такой. Брал сразу 2 комплекта, себе и на подарок, очень понравилось.

    Основные характеристики:
    • Высококачественные полипропиленовые и полиэфирные материалы
    • Умный внешний вид с зеленоватым оттенком чая и свежим стилем
    • Подходит для личного использования, также как чудесно сладкий подарок

    • Мочалка: 120 х 120 мм
    • Стакан: 103 x 72 x 72 мм
    • Мыльница: 108 x 78 x 26 мм
    • Размещаемое мыло: 96 x 65 x 25 мм

    Как узнал позже из другого ресурса, это тоже товар от/для Xiaomi

  • Xiaomi Mi Note 3 4G Phablet 128GB ROM Xiaomi Mi Note 3 4G Phablet 128GB ROM

    Доставка очень долгая, 45 дней, но это не вина магазина. Телефон пришел в заводской упаковке. Упаковано в воздушный пакет. Трек отслеживался в обоих странах. Аппарат бомба, заряда хватает на 1,5 дня, в антуту 137 тыщ набирает, стеклянный, черный, красивый. Советую к покупке. Можно и нужно брать.
    Delivery is very long, 45 days, but it is not wine of shop. Phone has come in an original packing. It is packed into an air package. The track was traced in both countries. The device a bomb, there lasts charge for 1,5 days, in an antuta of 137 thousand gathers, glass, black, beautiful. I advise to purchase. It is possible and is necessary to take.

  • Original Xiaomi Ring Bracket Holder Mobile Phone Stand Original Xiaomi Ring Bracket Holder Mobile Phone Stand

    RIng xiaomi

    Gadżet ten zapobiega przypadkowemu wyślizgnięciu się i upuszczeniu urządzenia z dłoni.

    Cały jest metalowy więc można również używać go razem z magnetycznym uchwytem uniwersalnym (zobacz w ogłoszeniach)

    Czy zdarzyło Ci się upuścić telefon np. leżąc i pisząc na klawiaturze lub oglądając film?

    Taki uchwyt z pewnością będzie dla Ciebie praktycznym narzędziem.

    Pierścień obraca się dookoła o 360° oraz wychyla się o 180° .

    Można więc dopasować go do własnych potrzeb.

    Jakość pierwsza - pierścień sztywno utrzymuje zadaną pozycję, nie przestawia się, nie przewraca nawet pod ciężarem telefonu.

    Przyklejany na powierzchni smartfona lub etui.


  • Original Xiaomi OLED Display Smart Air Purifier 2S Original Xiaomi OLED Display Smart Air Purifier 2S

    I had the Air Purifier 2 before and would not like to miss this upgrade. The display is a great improvement since it shows the PM2.5 value live, furthermore the current temperature as well as humidity. The measurement of the air quality has also been improved thanks to the inclusion of a laser sensor which can be found on the rear of the device. A light sensor adjusts the brightness of the device' display. It works perfectly with the app, although the app could offer more in terms of setting up the device. The fan works pefectly silent and adjusts the speed finely if air quality changes. In comparison to the Air Purifier 2, it has a normal 2-pin power plug and not a 3-pin power plug which is also a great improvement.

  • Original Xiaomi Traveling Bag Original Xiaomi Traveling Bag

    Не выгорает на солнце | Не пропускает воду | Функциональные отсеки для вашей косметики
    Весит всего 90 г и при этом обладает большой вместительностью. Водонепроницаемая!
    Кроме малого веса, она характеризуется высокой прочностью, способностью отталкивать воду и при этом пропускать воздух, не позволяя появляться неприятным запахам внутри.
    В общий отдел косметички можно уложить бритву и различные средства по уходу за кожей. В небольшие кармашки поместятся стеклянные флаконы, которые необходимо беречь, предотвращая разбивание. Отсек с сетчатым карманом хорошо подходит для хранения предметов личной гигиены.
    отличная сумка!!!

  • Xiaomi QBKG04LM Aqara Wall Switch ZigBee Version Xiaomi QBKG04LM Aqara Wall Switch ZigBee Version

    Напишу українською бо багато покупців з Неньки і вони з радістю то почитають.
    Коротко про найголовніше:
    - Дуже тихий хід і дуже добре відходить, не залипає. Це не просто вмикач вимикач, там просто клікер стоїть. Не так як в звичйному вимикачу. Гойдалки немає.
    - Миттєва реакція, затримки майже не помітно.
    - Якість матеріалу з якого пороблено то - вражає вишуканістю, але то все так у Сяомі.
    - Ціна трохи зависока але я впевнений що вони працюють на здешевленням виробництва.
    - Марається швидко, але я то за мінус не тримаю.
    - Це мій перший ввимикач від Сяомі, до цього часу користувався камерами, дронами, контроллером та температурними вимірювачами. Треба вчитись сценарії писати.

  • Original Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Original Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum

    Szuper porszívó. Jóra számítottam, de így is meglepődtem, hogy 4 fokozatból a 2-esen használva is gyönyörűen kitakarítja a lakást. 70 m2-es lakás (kb. 39-42 m2 takarítható belőle, a többi ágy, szekrény stb.), kb. 45 perc. Szőnyegen, taposón és laminált padlón használjuk. Bánom, hogy nem előbb vettem meg. :-) Spanyolországból kb. 1 hét alatt ért ide. Fontos, hogy China Mainland-re kell a telefonos applikációt állítani (nyelv lehet angol, de magyar nincs), különben nem csatlakozik a wifire. Legalábbis nálunk. Időzítője kiváló, de érdemes az időzóna beállítása után szinkronizálni is a géppel, hogy ne éjszaka induljon el.

  • Xiaomi Redmi 4A 4G Smartphone Xiaomi Redmi 4A 4G Smartphone

    Zestaw jaki otrzymałem ze sklepu Gearbest jest bardzo skromny, w pudełku poza telefonem znajduje się jedynie ładowarka, kabel USB, klucz do tacu kart oraz dokumentacja

    Producent chcąc zachować niską cenę musiał oszczędzać niemal na wszystkim, nie oszczędzono też obudowy która wykonana jest z tworzywa sztucznego, a nie z metalu jak to bywa w większości telefonów. Tworzywo jest miłe w dotyku, z tendencja do zbierania odcisków palców i innych zabrudzeń. Budowa jest w miarę solidna, elementy są poprawnie spasowane, nie słychać trzeszczenia itp.


  • Original Xiaomi M365 Folding Electric Scooter Europe Version Original Xiaomi M365 Folding Electric Scooter Europe Version

    Received from GW4 warehouse in 6 days, it is fun to drive, eu version comes with two spare tires. I can say earlier I had china version, so it is some difference in quality, not large but quality is higher in eu, with china version after 50km tire was flat, with new already 200km no problem, maybe they improved tire quality, also folding mechanism is made more precisely no squeeks after 200 km. Range for my weight 90 kg is about 20-25 km, but I go always full speed, I recommend not to update if you receive 1.3.3, if you get version 1.3.4 or 1.3.5 better to upgrade to 1.3.8 it is more similar to 1.3.3 because 1.3.4 small hills is problem

  • Xiaomi Pocophone F1 6.18 inch 4G Phablet Global Version Xiaomi Pocophone F1 6.18 inch 4G Phablet Global Version

    El equipo llegó en perfectas condiciones, funciona excelente de hecho ya se pudo probar y funciona increíble, agradezco a gearbest por ser una empresa de primer nivel, el producto es igual al mostrado y debo decir que el funcionamiento del teléfono superó mis espectativas, Pocophon e buenos Xiaomi es un producto de primera, gracias a ambas empresas por tan buen producto. Y excelente experiencia de servicio. Lo pedí desde México a través de DHL. Espere un cupo para la entrega pero fue un servicio excelente, Gearbest te informa en todo momento en que pasó va el envío. Sin duda seguiré comprando productos en esta excelente página de venta online

  • Original Xiaomi Mi 4C Wireless Router 2.4GHz / 300Mbps / Four Antennas Original Xiaomi Mi 4C Wireless Router 2.4GHz / 300Mbps / Four Antennas

    cercavo un router di facile configurazione e l'ho finalmente trovato. non solo: è anche molto bello e costruito bene. la configurazione è stata semplicissima e molto intuitiva e la qaulità del segnale è sensibilmente migliorata. xiaomi the best!!!! L'ho consigliato ad alcuni amici che lo compreranno senz'altro su gearbest. spedizione veloce e accurata. ho installato anche la app per controllarlo con il cellulare il che rende molto semplice il suo utilizzo. e' un ottimo prodotto in linea con la qualità xiaomi. sarebbe bello anche se costruito in altri colori fermo restando che bianco è molto elegante e siinserisce bene nell'arredo. molto migliore peraltro rispetto ad altri apparecchi di maggior prezzo. lo consiglio vivamente. acquisti su gearbest sempre covenienti e di rara qualità.....

  • Xiaomi Comfortable Keep Warm Touch Screen Gloves for Men Xiaomi Comfortable Keep Warm Touch Screen Gloves for Men

    100% новый и оригинальный товар. Вязанные, стильные и весьма теплые перчатки Xiaomi.
    Состав: акрил 51%, шерсть 41%, полиэстер 7%, спандекс 1%.
    Состав изделия в области кончиков большого, указательного и среднего пальцев (мест, предназначенных для работы с сенсорным экраном): электропроводящая нить, спандекс, хлопок, полиэстер.
    Применение:для работы на сенсорных экранах смартфонов, планшетов и компьютеров.
    Перчатки Xiaomi для сенсорных экранов
    Состояние: новые в упаковке
    Цвет: серый
    По 3 сенсорных пальца на каждой перчатке.

  • Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus Global Version 4G Phablet Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus Global Version 4G Phablet

    Redmi 5 Plus 4/64 versione global è arrivato da GearBest in soli 15 giorni con spedizione Italy Express. Ottimo per tutti quelli che vogliono comprare uno smartphone di qualità senza spendere molto. Design semplice e pulito con scocca in metallo e due bande plastiche sui lati corti della parte posteriore per le antenne, ho trovato molto gradevole la versione black. Lo smartphone è molto reattivo e con un’ottima connettività. Lo schermo da 18:9 é un 6″ FullHD+ (2160 x 1080 pixel) con una cornice minimale. La fotocamera invece risulta discreta in quanto le foto realizzate con poca luce risultano un po’ sgranate. L’interfaccia con MIUI 9.2 risulta pulita e ben organizzata. Complessivamente sono molto soddisfatto dell’acquisto.

  • Xiaomi Youpin Soft Anti-slip Antibacterial Massage Slippers Xiaomi Youpin Soft Anti-slip Antibacterial Massage Slippers

    Made of new EVA material, the shoes are soft and comfortable to wear, relax your feet and provide the best experience. Massage granules design provides you the free massage at home at any time. The concave-convex texture of EVA outsole increases the force of friction and keeps you safe on slippery roads. The shoes are quick-drying, non-toxic and odorless, creating a healthier shoe environment.

    Main Features
    • Soft and comfortable EVA upper
    • Anti-slip and durable EVA outsole
    • Massage granules design
    • Non-toxic and odorless design

  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 4G Phablet Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 4G Phablet

    É um excelente aparelho, com 3 GB de rom com 64gb interno com expansão para cartão de memória com uma tela lindíssima de 5,5" polegadas é demais!! Tem a tecnologia 4g com isso a rede móvel fica bem rápida E com uma ótima resolução posso baixar qualquer jogo da play store que ele roda liso está rodando na miui 9.6 e a bateria e fantástica com 4000mlh isso deixa a xiaomi a cima das marcas a qualidade do aparelho é muito boa tem o corpo em metal com impressão digital, o áudio pra ouvir sem fone tem boa qualidade e alto. Comprei por um preço bom, mas não foi promoção. O tempo de entrega foi dentro do previsto foram 2 meses e chegou tudo certinho na embalagem bem feita.

  • Xiaomi Redmi 5 4G Phablet Global Version Xiaomi Redmi 5 4G Phablet Global Version

    The phone is very fast despite the average specification. The narrow frames around the display and the screen aspect ratio of 18: 9 give great satisfaction in use. The screen resolution is not high, but it does not interfere with use. The battery provides energy for two days of operation. WiFi LTE Bluetooh GPS work flawlessly. The set includes silicone for the back of the phone. The quality of the photos is average. After the last update, the ability to control using gestures.

  • Xiaomi Huami AMAZFIT Bip Lite Version Smart Watch Xiaomi Huami AMAZFIT Bip Lite Version Smart Watch

    This thing has always on transflective touch LCD, works very well without backlight under even small ambient light, it is cheap. I also did a full charge, with 222mAh this thing runs almost ONE MONTH ! It is also waterproof (although manual says don't swim with it or press the button while wet), has GPS, compass, air pressure sensor and ofc heart rate monitor. You can exchange the belt, it's a standard watch mount. The watch face is customizable, either one of a few predefined in app or settings or you can design your own (third party soft).

  • Xiaomi Mi 4 Overseas Edition 3G Smartphone Xiaomi Mi 4 Overseas Edition 3G Smartphone

    The phone stays dovolen.V it pleased me almost everything except the memory but it's like I wrote earlier, my oshibka.Ne can say that it is better, he or his direct competitor of China Meizu, because the second did not use but I do not think that the second will be much better or worse, everyone decides for himself for the sum of a little more than 13 thousand, I think the phone was excellent, and despite (and using) to many new smart phones did not see in them any distinguishing features or characteristics of which may be overpaying in two, and then in three bolshe.

  • One Cloud Soft Home Slippers from Xiaomi Youpin One Cloud Soft Home Slippers from Xiaomi Youpin

    This is my second buy of this slippers so i can only recomend this GREAT product to my friends and also to my family. They are very soft and comfortable .This is another GREAT product from Xiaomi thank you very much indeed gearbest. You can wash them every day and they will look like new alao every day. So if anyone needs soft and comfortable slippers please feel free and buy them . Everyone will be satisfied i think. So once more thank you very much indeed for cooperation Gearbest . The delivery and packing was also very good.

  • Original Xiaomi Type-C to USB HDMI Conversion Adapter Original Xiaomi Type-C to USB HDMI Conversion Adapter

    Macbook Pro 2017 13 inch versiyonda kullanıyorum.
    Ürünün malzeme kalitesi çok iyi.
    Kesinlikle orijinal.
    Ürün Orijinal Apple dönüştürücüsü ile aynı şekilde dönüştürüceden şarj olabiliyor.
    Ayrıca çok hızlı geldi bence alıp beklemeye değer bir ürün olmuş.

    I am using the Macbook Pro 2017 13-inch version.
    The quality of the material of the product is very good.
    Charging with converter.
    It also came very fast and I think it was worth buying.

    Kutu açılım videosu/ Unboxing Video: https://youtu.be/tWIivrjaSys

  • Xiaomi Mi 5C 4G Smartphone Xiaomi Mi 5C 4G Smartphone

    Il cellulare è davvero ben fatto, bello, leggerissimo. Mi sento però di raccomandarlo solo ad utenti esperti di MIUI in quanto il telefono vi verrà spedito con una rom "fake" global (che non esiste).
    Quindi dovrete per forza mettere la rom China Developer e sbloccare il bootloader per poi mettere la Rom di xiaomi.eu.
    Ma anche a questo punto non avrete finito perché vi troverete ad avere un cellulare sempre in roaming che non vi naviga in quanto non ha le bande italiane/europee abilitate.
    Qui dovrete attivarle entrando in una modalità nascosta (componendo *#*1#*#).
    A questo punto potrete godervi il vostro Mi 5c...un terminale molto interessante.

  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X 4G Phablet International Version Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X 4G Phablet International Version

    Per quel che costa non ho niente da recriminare a questo telefono, funziona perfettamente, mai un'incertezza ed è addirittura piacevole per me che vengo da window phone. Dal punto di vista telefonico il mio lumia era superiore, nulla da dire, anche se il 4x ha una gestione buona, segnale, audio ecc. Dal punto di vista gestione email, e tutto il resto ho l'impressione di avere a disposizione infinite possibilità rispetto al lumia, mi piace. Devo anche dire che il telefono è arrivato in un mese, qualche problemuccio c'è stato, ma ho avuto sempre l'impressione di avere a che fare con delle persone che ci tenevano a fare del loro meglio e la cosa mi tranquillizzava e devo fare i miei complimenti a questo sito.