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  • C'estMoi
    Ottimo per imparare come funziona un lucchetto e come si possa aprirne uno utilizzando il set di grimaldelli allegato. Alla fine, finirete per usare sempre gli stessi due, ma per capire cosa fare è davvero eccezionale. Ottima idea, complimenti! Da non perdere per tutti quelli che vogliono capire come funziona un lucchetto, come si possa aprire senza una chiave, e perché quello che vediamo in televisione è profondamente sbagliato (quando aprono un lucchetto con una forcina per capelli!). Davvero, non potrei consigliarlo di più.

    Nov 29,2018

    perfect gadget
    Very nice set if you want to become a locksmith and improve your lockpicking skills. You have everything you need to start with - all the lock picks types and the transperent lock to understand how a lock works. Recommended!
    non so far

    Nov 24,2017

  • Ugly1
    great product
    I ordered this set to be able to practice opening locks as I have many locks around and a lot of times keys get lost. It is extremely helpful to be able to see what is happening as you feel and work the tumblers. Great idea and a very well made product. The pics are of pretty good quality as well. Very happy with their performance.

    Dec 31,2018

  • Great padlock set!
    Padlock set
    -PU leather case -A complete set of tools for almost any type of lock -Good build quality -Very portable -Included padlock was a nice addition for beginners
    -The padlock is very easy to open but at least it teaches the basic principles for lockpicking

    Apr 07,2018

  • Master lock picker
    Nice new hobby
    The lock pick and the set is of good quality. the lock itself is sturdy and allso allows the user to study the lock itself.Maybe a bit expensive for what you get? the button on the pouch reads "World Peace", thought it was funny, this text on a kit that's basically "step one to be a burglar"all in all, 4/5

    Jan 04,2019

  • Peter
    I have just started to try my hand at lock picking for a hobby and there is a good range of picks supplied in a good pouch. Like most picks they need to be "customised" to suit your touch and feedback. The padlock is well made and sturdy and is supplied with 2 keys.

    Aug 23,2016

  • Alex P.
    Прозрачный замок с отмычками
    Весьма интересная вещь, чтобы понять как устроен замок) В комплекте идут отмычки - не самые лучшие, но этот замок открывают. Для отмычек в комплекте также идет футляр из еврокожи (кож.зам). Для изучения работы замка - самое то.
    Wrench тонковат

    Nov 26,2017

  • Branislav
    transparent padlock set
    good build quality. easy to use. lot of different types of tools. padlock good for practice.
    Very easy to open padlock (but it's only for training)

    Dec 18,2017

  • Marek
    Gearbest - Transparent Skill Training Padlock Set
    lock is nicely done, you see everything inside which is big advantage, guallity is not bad, packaging as well

    Mar 12,2018

  • Guziec94
    Nice set for beginner
    Lock picks are quite good quality and it is perfect set for beginner. Padlock is good to see how mechanism works, but it isn't good for training (pins are set almost in straight line and it can be open easily with anything).

    Jan 19,2019