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  • Neil Warwick
    A lot of kit for the money
    Color:Black Size:EU Plug
    I wanted to get into 3D printing and I believe that the best way to learn about something is to build it. After all, if you understand how it works then you will be able to fix it if you have problems.

    It’s cheap! You get a box containing all of the bits needed to build a 3d printer much cheaper than buying all the bits individually. You don’t have to design anything because the manufacturer has done that for you, all you have to do is assemble it. Although you do need to have a basic competence in order to build it successfully, it’s not a nuclear submarine and just requires a bit of thought and patience.

    With the TronXY X3S you get a big build volume 330mm x 330mm x 400mm. Dual z-axis motors, a heated bed, bowden extruder and a machine that’s easy to upgrade.

    Apart from a few minor shortages of fasteners in the box, everything was well packaged and nothing was broken – not bad when it was shipped for free all the way from China.

    The assembly took about 8 hours spread out over a few evenings after work. As long as you pay careful attention to potential alignment issues with things like the z-axis motors, couplings and threads, all should be well. Some parts were pre-assembled – the hot-end and the extruder for example.

    From the outset, I’d always intended to install a mosfet for the heated bed, but I ended up also installing one for the hotend as well. There is enough room in the control box for both without too much difficulty.

    Once assembled, the first print of a 20mm cube was successful and the second print, a Benchy, turned out better that expected. Certainly good enough to print upgrade parts for the machine.

    I have now printed belt tensioners for the x and y axis which have improved the print quality. I’ve added a part cooling fan and an inductive sensor for the z-axis.
    When deciding to build a machine from a kit it is always important to set your expectations. Don’t expect a cheap kit to be subject to the best in quality control when it comes to small items being picked and packed.

    My kit was short of 4 t-nuts and a couple of m4 screws. Nothing to worry about and I had expected this to be the case.

    The only major problem that I found was the power output of the factory power supply. Not a problem if you only intend to print PLA with a low bed temperature but if you will want higher bed temperatures, you should consider upgrading this.

    The build surface that ships in the kit is the same material that circuit boards are made from – I had a few problems with adhesion, but it did work. I have experimented with printing onto glass, onto tape, using hairpsray, glue stick etc… I am now using an aluminium plate with a self adhesive build surface.

    Apr 01,2018

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  • SantiAr
    Good printer at cheap price
    Color:Black Size:EU Plug
    Good 3d Printer. At the start allows very good prints, but the build needs to be really good.
    Good to print PLA, for ABS needs more power to the bed, in original state only can reach 70°.
    All metal frame
    Large print size
    Good hot end and extruder (all metal)
    For really good prints the printer needs many mods.
    The only fail I seen was that the printer arrived without essential parts like Z bracket and T-Nuts. Very bad control of Tronxy
    Slow Bed.
    PSU bad quality.
    The printer need a MOSFET.

    Nov 24,2017

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  • Vadim
    Tronxy X3S v1.0
    Color:Black Size:EU Plug
    1. Металлический профиль 2020
    2. большие размеры печати
    3. возможность печатать множеством пластиков

    Желательна доработка
    В моем экземпляре
    1.Наличие повреждений и церапин
    2. Нагревательный стол (t<63 C)

    Dec 23,2017

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  • Andy
    Tronxy X3S
    Color:Black Size:EU Plug
    Ein Super stabiles Gerät.
    Bis jetzt bin ich sehr zufrieden. Poste später noch mehr Bilder.
    Kann bis jetzt nichts sagen.
    Melde mich später nochmal.

    Mar 13,2018

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