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  • Der0815Typ
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: EU Plug
    Tronxy S5X ...4 Sterne von 5
    Ich habe ca. 6 std. für den kompletten zusammenbau gebraucht.
    Ohne vor wissen wäre dieses auf keinen Fall möglich da die Baueinleitung stark verbesserungswürdig ist.

    Schrauben waren vermischt in beuteln so das man erst mal wieder alles sortieren musste weil man
    ja bestimmte längen der schrauben zu bestimmten befestigungspunkten braucht.

    Die Kabelb vom Heizbett und Extruder sind etwas unter dimensioniert und werden ziemlich heiss..also nicht wundern.

    Alle Kabelkontakte sollten mindestens verzinnt werden (eigenarbeit)
    Das Druckbett an sich ist etwas dünn (Aluminium Druckbett sollte man auf 5 mm erweitern (stärke)

    Nichts desto trotz ist der Drucker mit seinem Bauraum von 330x330x400 und dem angebotenem Preis momentan unschlagbar.
    Allererster Druckversuch ist im foto zu sehen.

    Sep 30,2018

  • sg
    Yes (2) Color: Black Size: EU Plug
    Gute Qualität und Funktion
    Für den Preis war ich sehr überrascht was ich bekommen habe. Alles war gut verpackt und ziemlich qualitativ verarbeitet! Es kostete mich 2 Nachmittage den Drucker zusammenzubauen, aber er funktionierte auf Anhieb! Bei so einem großen Bett bietet sich an, einen Auto bed leveling Sensor einzubauen. Ich empfehle Piezo20, weil man nicht viel ändern muß und sogar die original Steuerplatine verwenden kann. Was man machen muß, ist die Marlin Firmware zu updaten, aber das war nicht das Thema, es ist mein zweiter 3D Drucker :-)

    Bei Thingiverse findet man auch einige Verbesserungen, wo man sich die entsprechenden Teile selbst drucken kann.

    Ich bin mit dem Drucker sehr zufrieden!

    Feb 18,2018

  • christian
    Yes (3) Color: Black Size: EU Plug
    nice printer for tinkering
    If you are a tinkerer and want a base for your own modifications, go ahead and get this printer. If you want a hassle-free printer to just print, there may be better choices.

    The kit was complete, and the instructions are useable, assembly took two evenings.

    Printing quality out of the box was very nice.

    I received an updated version of the X5S in February 2018, where some of the well-known shortcomings have been fixed, particularily the heated bed is now a 12V version,the belt routing is much better, and some of the acrylic parts have been exchanged for metal.
    The printer came with a sheet of acrylic to attach the build mat. This is rather flimsy and warped terribly when heated. You may want to replace it with a sheet of glass.

    Due to the now working heated bed, the cabling is too thin and gets VERY hot.

    Quality control is still an issue:

    My heated bed was missing a solder joint so only 2/3 warmed up.

    The threads in the heater block were damaged, so the hotend leaked terribly.

    Mar 02,2018

  • Ricky Dolley
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: EU Plug
    Very easy to build with full tools supplied. Nicely cut aluminium, no nasty sharp swarf or bad threads. All my roller assemblies and power supply was pre assembled also all the protective paper was removed from the acrylic parts. All problems from previous models are gone!! Double Z bed makes for a very stable and precise surface, no leveling the bed then after homing having to re-level. This printer is ROCK solid. This is my first 3d printer and after enjoying the build, the results are amazing. I can't stop watching it!!! I would like to film it in case I miss something!! It prints straight out of the box!!
    I honestly cannot think of any cons.. well only silly ones like, it can't change it's own filament and why can't it read my mind...

    Feb 19,2018

  • GORRE Olivier
    Yes (22) Color: Black Size: EU Plug
    TronXY X5S
    Sturdy Frame. (add some angle bracket for perpendicularity)
    Robust design.
    Black anodised Aluminium profiles are looking good.
    Stable bed. (only going down)
    nice cable chains !
    No ball bearing for X and Y ! wheels sliding in the V slots !
    Epoxy plate provided, just add some masking tape on it ...

    It's a 3d printer : you can upgrade some stuff that are not optimal
    Incomplete instructions, you'll have to figure some stuff out by yourself.
    Loud fans.
    Bed should have dedicated 24V power supply.
    I would not recommend for a first 3d printer kit.

    Nov 12,2017

  • Valentin
    Yes (3) Color: Black Size: UK Plug
    good quality parts (many parts are already assembled) large size of print area, excellent print quality. My first printer, assembled for the day.
    Хорошее качество деталей (многие части уже собраны), большая область печати, отличное качество печати, даже без модификаций. Это мой первый 3д принтер, собрал за день.
    Some parts need little modifications.

    Jan 07,2018

  • andrew
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: UK Plug
    Good price to build surface area ratio
    Good quality prints in its stock configuration
    No missing parts, come's with extra screws ,bolts and nuts
    Good with PLA,(only PLA in stock configuration)
    GUI of instruction manual needs to change to a simpler one
    Frame is not exactly square
    No instruction on how to level the bed(should be include in the manual)
    The LCD screen is too low
    Needs a different cooling fan duct

    Feb 18,2018

  • Allfate
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: US Plug
    A great printer, but not for beginners
    This is a wonderfully priced large format printer, but it does take some adjustments on the entry level version. I would recommend the get this one as a second unit... it might be a bit difficult for beginners to 3D printing, but once your a bit used to bed leveling and setup... you will be all set

    Sep 27,2018

  • Pavel Pashchenko
    Yes (4) Color: Black Size: EU Plug
    Сырой принтер для тех, кто любит допил напильником.
    Неплохая конструкция из v-slot профилей. Много доп. болтов, пружин и гаек. Весь комплект инструментов для сборки. Хорошее качество деталей (ремень с металлическим тросом внутри). Размеры стола приличные.
    Стол не греется больше 60 градусов!!! Выкрутил блок питания на 14.5v, и стол нагрелся до 74градусов. Это очень печально, т.к. для ABS необходимо 110градусов. В описании написано что до 110градусов греет. Обман. Не удобное расположение элементов принтера, короткие провода двигателей. Не знаю как связаться с продавцом. Gearbest не даёт никаких гарантий для покупателя и это жирный минус. Продавец отзовись мне на почту .

    Mar 28,2018

  • Lenny
    Yes (3) Color: Black Size: EU Plug
    Excellent for people that wants it big
    This is an excellent printer. The size of the bed is amazing. with few modifications of the carriage, the X and Y axis can be improved. I love my X5S
    The heat bed is not going above 55C if left without upgrades.

    Jan 10,2018