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Buying Guide TV Box Buying Guide

TV Box Buying Guide

In recent years connected televisions (or Smart TV) have become one of the most trendy sectors of the technology industry. For a television to become connected, it must be used on the Android TV box concept, i.e. the technology which allows a small box connected to the internet to use the Android operating system (as on telephones and tablets) dedicated exclusively to use on the big screen. So you can buy this type of product to watch movies / series, play games or browse the Internet / other applications directly on the TV in your living room.

Topics in this buying guide:
  • What is a TV Box?
  • 5 features of TV Box
  • 3 things to consider before buying a TV Box

  • What is a TV BOX?

    The BOX TV is a super interesting, practical and customizable device. Through the tool, it is possible to stream different content, such as video games, television channels, music and much more!

    One of the main reasons why people buy a TV BOX is the possibility of creating a multimedia center in your own way. This discrete device works with the Android operating system and must be installed on your television, usually through an HDMI cable.

    After the connection is established and the device is configured (a super simple and fast process), you must choose, on the main screen, the contents you want to watch, such as Netflix, YouTube, TV shows, etc.

    5 features of TV Box


     It can range from 4 GB up to 16 GB and designates the storage space present in your box. This means that you will be able to install many more applications (or movies, series, games) on an Android TV box of 32 GB compared to another with only 4 GB. You should still know that an application or a game can make several hundred MB (1000 MB = 1 GB) so with 4GB, do the math, it can go very quickly…

    Display resolution: 

    Full HD or 4K. This is the quality of display on your TV. An Android TV box with the “4K” feature will display better quality images than a Full HD box (which is still very good). We also have Full HD 1080p and Full HD 720p and even if the difference here is minimal, it is 1080p which offers the most beautiful images.

    The processor: 

    Dual Core (2 cores), Quad Core (4 cores) or Octo Core (8 cores). This is the power of the machine. The more hearts your processor has, the more powerful it ill be. A more powerful processor will improve performance and efficiency.


    From 1 GB of RAM up to 3 GB of RAM. Here too it affects the performance of the machine but especially its speed of program execution. The more RAM there is, the faster and smoother your Android TV box will be.

    The operating system: 

    All Android TV boxes have the same operating system, Android, but not under the same version. Indeed, the best is to have the most recent version in order to have the latest updates and therefore the latest features added to the system. To find out which version is the most recent, nothing simpler since it is the highest figure which is the most recent (for example Android 6.0 Marshmallow is a newer version than Android Lollipop 5.1).

    3 things to consider before buying a TV Box

    The performance
    Given the importance of the offer on the market, the choice of a smart TV box is not always easy for each future buyer. Being one of those who find it difficult to navigate when buying one, you should take the time to know the characteristics of this product. Its performance is included in the list of parameters to check to know if a given model can suit you or not. This selection criterion gives you an idea of the effectiveness of the material to choose in relation to the use you plan to make of this type of case.

    Two main parameters provide an idea of the performance of this equipment: the processor and the RAM. The first element determines the power of this article. It can integrate two to eight cores known respectively as Dual Core and Octocore. The most powerful processor corresponds to the highest number of cores that must be favored for a quick launch of the programs and applications used.

    As for the RAM, it also informs you about the efficiency of this hardware and its speed. Although some devices are limited to 1 GB only, go up to at least 2 GB to enjoy optimal performance and avoid bugs.

    How to buy a better value for money smart TV box ? Answering this question is not always an easy task if you do not master the main criteria for choosing this product, including connectivity. This is an important parameter, because it is through this characteristic that you can determine the type of content that you can access using a given box.

    You should check the possibility of establishing both a wired and a wireless connection. The presence of USB port, Ethernet input and compatibility with Wifi would be an asset. The performance of the chosen item is also verified by its ability to accept recent standards for Wifi. This is the case with the 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac standards which are commonly used.

    Memory and resolution
    When you consult a price comparison, you can distinguish the models offered by their memory and their resolution. These are also selection criteria to consider before asking yourself where to buy a new smart TV box. They tell you about the features you can take advantage of using a given device and the display quality offered.

    The storage capacity of this equipment can be up to 16 GB and so that the box is not quickly saturated, it must be as high as possible. Some games alone occupy up to 4 GB of this memory. Regarding the resolution, the ideal is to have a material that gives access to a display in 4k or in Full HD.

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