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  • Drake C
    Yes (0) Color: Gray
    Not (Completely) As Advertized
    This phone was first brought to me by the reviewer Unbox Therapy on YouTube. and from there it was a phone i wanted well after. It was either going to be this or an Oukitel or a Blackview, all of them having a 10k+ mAh battery, this being the highest so far, BY far at 13k. In the video, when he un-boxes it, he shows the there's a case that is on the phone already when its pulled right out of the box, however mine did not come with the backing case even though it is mentioned in the details of the purchase right here on the GB website. AND even a person that asked asked if it came with said case... and even the seller said this: Q Does it have protective case in box? On YT reviews all have back cover and screen protector.A Hello, This item contains :Back Case : 1 Cell Phone: 1 Charger: 1 ( EU Charger ) SIM Needle: 1 USB Cable: 1Now mind you I literally got this today and so far it seems to be working as well as it should. The OS is extremely stock. Some things I find even on my low end LG phones that I've owned (Stylo 2/4 and K20) that aren't there. Minor things Like NFC that all my devices have had. Though that I can do without as I basically bought this as a glorified Media Device for its high storage and camera. Now the one I got came with a screen protector and again its not a bad device so far. Just takes AGES to charge even with the provided charger of 5V/5A (Plugging it in at 1300 and its currently 2200 and its barely gone from 50% to 99% when the ads say "Super Fast charge to get itself refilled in just 2.5 hours". Again, mild complaints so far.Another thing thats a bit confusing is the 'Two speaker' bottom. Its not two speakers but only 1 (Facing the phone its the one on the right that's the actual speaker). Covering it up warrants no sound from the left speaker, leading me to believe that that's where the microphone sits.Next is the Camera, Not bad. And so far no complaints. Claims 21mp right in the app so no complaints there as of yet.So in conclusion I'm not saying "Research before you buy" Cause that's an average "NO DUH" but even after the research and what I was told on not only SEVERAL reviews but right here on the sellers page it said it has things that it indeed DOESN'T. That's why its only a 3 star review. Could be a little better. but as of right now in the review process, it could be much worse too.

    Oct 30,2018 05:21:23

  • Veneta Tashev
    Yes (0) Color: Gray
    There is no easy method to transfer contacts from another phone to this one unless it is a similar basic model ; no ability to move contacts from Smartphone or to import using txt or csv file, It is not the same for listening on this device, Manual is lacking as there are some features that had to be found simply by playing with the phone or finding manuals for other BLU phones

    Oct 16,2018 11:26:15

  • Bonfante Fabio
    Yes (0) Color: Gray
    Ottimo prodotto al di sopra di tutte le aspettative. Con un quarto della spesa rispetto ai più blasonati cellulari questo cellulare offre prestazioni se non uguali addirittura migliori ai top della gamma. batteria da urlo... Cinque giorni senza caricarlo ed è ancora al 50%. Consigliatissimo a tutti.. bravi ULEFONE.. un cellulare da sogno.

    Nov 15,2018 19:32:03

  • Georgi
    Yes (0) Color: Gray
    Ulefone Power 5
    High Quality for Resonable Price. Fast. very good Response. Battery last long. the only thing is the headphone Connector. you have to connect a jack for the headphones

    Nov 12,2018 18:14:19

  • Abel Arbelo
    Yes (0) Color: Gray
    I already own a blu smart phone my self and love this brand of phones, like I said it is a simple phone and that's what my husband wanted ... I just got him the simple mobile dual sim kit, check tho first to make sure they have service in your area ... I did read some of the negative reviews

    Oct 12,2018 12:34:25

  • Matus
    Yes (0) Color: Gray
    phone has 13 k mah battery. i was charge phone on 1oo % and 3 hours use phone battery use only 3 % that was crazy!Nice phone good photo and video, display good,All od good!only Bad shopping! i use eu prirority line and one month! It s motívom good.

    Oct 29,2018 22:21:45

  • Tom
    Yes (0) Color: Gray
    Phone is heavy but there is huge battery. Camera is ok, android working well, screen is ok, all phone is fine like for this price. One minus what I found is speaker, there is just one - but very loud.... All ok. I can recommended

    Nov 07,2018 22:22:15

  • Zack
    Yes (0) Color: Gray
    Best price/performance ratio in the market
    It is very fast, doesn't overheat like other phones while charging and comes with a charger and cable, which is very nice. Really nothing to complain about it right now, very happy with it overall.

    Aug 29,2018 05:11:15

  • Y. Winters
    Yes (0) Color: Gray
    Beautiful phone ... Everywhere I go I hear compliments on the beautiful pink color, I have t-mobile phone service and it works great

    Sep 06,2018 19:59:29

  • Goldenheal33
    Yes (2) Color: Gray
    It has dual SIM so I keep one in it for use in the US, and then buy a local SIM card at my overseas destination to keep down costs

    Sep 15,2018 00:38:19