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  • Rachel
    Great flashlights
    I am a huge fan of flashlights. It’s one of those things that you can never have too many in the house especially living in a state where hurricanes and bad weather can take out your power for days on end. This is the end all be all of flashlights as far as brightness goes. As I said I have mini flashlights and not one can touch this as far as brightness. I am able to look up in any tree and see like it is daylight. The only small thing was the battery life. It’s good, but not wonderful. It’ll get you through it the night. I am assuming that’s due to how bright it is. I would still purchase this flashlight over and over again because of the brightness and just the over all feel of the flashlight seems to be great quality.

    Mar 30,2021

  • Leon
    I always seem to be running out of batteries but this flash flight solves that problem. The light is super bright. This is a nice flashlight. It's light weight but doesn't feel cheap. It's thickness makes it sturdy. It has a great battery life, especial considering how bright it is.

    Mar 25,2021

  • Easter
    Ultra Bright LED Flashlight
    These are perfect for walks and backups around the house. Compared with the output from my (seems silly now) expensive model that is double the Lumens, I'd say the Lumen accuracy is pretty close.

    Mar 29,2021

  • Buda
    Packaged well
    I've been looking for a good flashlight for emergencies for our family. This didn't disappoint! It came packaged well and was easy to open.

    Mar 27,2021

  • Edith
    Incredible flashlight
    The light output on this small flashlight is incredible. All modes can be focused, that is the beam can be made wider or narrower.

    Apr 01,2021

  • Abraham
    Useful at night
    This Flashlight is an absolute excellent value. It might be small but it is super bright! If you go out at night, it is helpful.

    Mar 30,2021

  • Johnny
    Well-built flashlight
    Overall nice, well-built flashlight with decent brightness. Even walked at night using it and it does a rather good job.

    Mar 31,2021

  • Garfield
    Future is bright
    My flashlight arrived fully charged and they've been excellent so far, I highly recommend them. Very nice flash light

    Mar 31,2021

  • Mary
    easy to use
    These are great little flashlights, bright, compact and solid. If you want party favors for kids then these are fine

    Mar 30,2021

  • Carl
    Incredibly good amount of light. Bright as the sun at night. Truly Amazing. I want another one. Come and buy it.

    Mar 26,2021