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  • Lubomir
    Yes (2) Color: Gray
    Universal Dust Suction Brush Vacuum Cleaning Attachment - gearbest
    pomôcka pre vysávanie v nedostupných miestach. Je Ok ale je potrebné nastaviť menšiu silu nasávania. Skúšal som na viac vysávačov ale najlepšie funguje s ETOU . Zelmer nefunguje dobre - šírka trubice je zlá.
    nákup odporúčam pre vysávače značky ETA, ZELMER nie.

    a vacuum cleaner in inaccessible places. It's ok but you need to set a lower suction power. I tried more vacuum cleaners but works best with ETOU. Zelmer does not work well - the width of the tube is bad.
    buying I recommend for ETA brand vacuum cleaners, ZELMER not.

    Sep 19,2018

  • Francis COOL
    Yes (1) Color: Gray
    Dust Daddy Dust Suction Tube
    After I saw cockroach come out from my keyboard two weeks ago, I decided to clean it. However, the cloth cannot go deeper. But the Dust Suction Tube is different. I connected it with my vacuum cleaner, and "caught" a lot of dust and small parts of the snack. Better to make cleaning such corners a routine. It is so great to have the dust suction tube.
    I've not try another corner yet.

    Mar 05,2018

  • Ariano
    Yes (0) Color: Gray
    Una bella invebzione
    Vi è mai capitato di lavare l'auto,pulire cruscotto e finedtrini e dopo aspirare a terra tutti i sassolini e lo sporco depositato? Purtroppo non si riesce mai a raggiungere alcuni punti,come gli spazi tra i sedili e le portiere dove i detriti si accumulano.
    Con questo sistema si può aspirare tutto attaccandosi a una bocchetta di aspirazione. Inoltre il tiraggio consente di aspirare anche nei portaoggetti senza correre il rischio di aspirare monete o oggetti a cui teniamo.

    Sep 19,2018

  • Mayrianne
    Yes (1) Color: Gray
    So great, the dust suction brush
    So great, the dust suction brush. I cannot imagine my life without this product any more. I own a little inn which needs to be cleaned very often. However, some customers complained about the dirty corners before, but I couldn't find a good solution. Luckily, two weeks ago, I visited GearBest and found this product. It works with all my vacuum cleaners. Now, my stuff can finish cleaning a room thoroughly and quickly.
    Nothing to complain.

    Feb 09,2018

  • Billar
    Yes (0) Color: Gray
    Universal Dust Suction Brush
    Excellent device for vacuum cleaner. It draws dust from the most inaccessible places. The tubes are moderately rigid, not brittle. The kit includes two different adapters, probably for different diameters of the vacuum cleaner tube. Purchase very satisfied. The piece is comfortable.

    Jun 10,2018

  • Ethan
    Yes (0) Color: Gray
    Great for cleaning computer host
    It has been two years years since I bought my computer for playing video games. Everything works well. But I hesitate to clean it. It cannot be wiped by a wet cloth, a dry one may not take all the dust away. Both are difficult to use, and they cannot get into the little corners.
    Then, I've got this cleaning tool to work with my vacuum cleaner. It is so great to have the invisible things clean at once effortlessly.

    Mar 12,2018

  • Zoran Milutinović
    Yes (0) Color: Gray
    Universal Dust Suction Brush Vacuum Cleaning Attachment
    Fast shipping. Great product for low price. By attaching it to the vacuum cleaner, any small corners can be cleaned without using a cloth to wipe. It also saves me a lot of time. Now, cleaning is no longer a big trouble. And I'd like to see everywhere clean.

    May 08,2018

  • Andy
    Yes (1) Color: Gray
    The quality is satisfying and the tubes are not easy to bend/crack
    I used it to clean my computer and keyboard. At first, I emptied the dust bucket of my vacuum cleaner, and then use this product. It worked! The dust is gone now. This is greater than the chenille cloth. I don't like cleaning the cloth. It is too dirty to be put into the washing machine.
    Everything is fine. No problems so far.

    Feb 20,2018

  • Michael
    Yes (0) Color: Gray
    Good build quality and materials used. Can be taken apart to take up less spare when stored.
    The usage of tons of thin straws allows you to get into small spaces.
    Since the straws are so thin they also have the advantage of not sucking up things you don't want.
    No cons.

    Apr 26,2018

  • Lance Jerome
    Yes (0) Color: Gray
    Wonderful Attachment for Vacuum Cleaner
    I've examine the diameter of the holes, it is large enough for the hair, dust, some wool... The shape of dust tubes can be changed in a flexible way. So you can put it in any corners in your house. Two adapters are included to connect the tubes and the vacuum cleaner. Cleaning becomes ten times more efficient, and I don't have to wash the tubes!
    None. This is a great tool which makes the life of a bachelor much easier.

    Feb 07,2018