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  • Rocco
    Alimentatore 45W Type-C originale Xiaomi
    Avevo necessitá di un secondo alimentatore per il mio Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 12 da tenere sempre in ufficio in modo da non portar sempre in giro quello di casa. Per sicurezza ho optato per un prodotto orginale e perfettamente compatibile con il mio notebook essendo dello stesso marchio. Caratteristiche tecniche identiche all'originale trovato in confezione col mio notebook. Dalle immagini non si nota la differenza, ma rispetto all'originale, questo alimentatore é piu compatto dell'originale, e non di poco. Altra differenza é il cavo che é possibile rimuovere dal corpo dell'alimentatore, infatti quest'ultimo é dotato di una porta type-c in cui viene collegato il cavo di tipo C fornito in confezione.
    Nulla da segnalare

    Nov 16,2017

    Brilliant For MI notebook
    It was packed very nicely
    the Quality is sturdy and original mi
    it comes with a cable usb C on both side
    i love the retracting plug pins
    i checked the charging time and it matches the one that comes with mi notebook
    i loved the product serves me as a spare if by any chance other one stops working

    i wonder why xiaomi didn't make this the default for mi notebook the existing one in the box is so big and heavy
    this is not a con but a suggestion
    Again Xiaomi needs to think of some cable tie mechanism to keep it organised or make a tiny box :)

    Sep 29,2017

  • Mario Baquero
    cargador xiaomi usb tipo C
    Excelente adquisición, materiales premium, ideal para cargar tu pc y tu celular, compacto y muy práctico, gracia que el conector chino funciona perfectamente en Colombia, demoró unos pocos día en llegar. Estoy a gusto con mi compra y recomiendo esta tienda y sus productos 100%. Muchas gracias gearbest

    Aug 29,2018

  • Mark Reichow
    This 45W Xiaomi charger took 136 minutes to charger my Xiaomi Air 13 from 12% to 100%, and the 65W brick that came with my computer charged it in 101 minutes. So the 65W charger did it 25% faster than the 45W, but the 45W is much smaller and has the detachable USB-C cable. Definitely a MUST HAVE for the Air 12 or 13. In some ways the detachable USB-C cable makes this charger more useful than the stock 65W and 45W chargers that come with the computer.

    Sep 04,2017

  • Andrew
    Really a better charger than stock one
    Well and works as advertised. Really and legit Xiaomi product. I have tried it with my Notebook Air 13.3 2gen and my Mi Max 1gen. It charged both devices fast and efficiently. I do believe, that it is a step up, comparing it with one piece charger that I have received with my Xiaomi laptop. With this one, you can use any Type-c to type-c cable of your choice and If it becomes damaged you can easily replace it. Brilliant. Worth a price, truly.
    None. Even included type-c cable is excellent quality.

    Feb 18,2018

  • hwsense
    Another amazing product from Xiaomi, this one is a must buy!
    Love this adapter, I bought it as a spare for my Xiaomi Notebook Pro, and since is 45W only is more gentle on the battery which will last longer. The charge time is really not that long compared to the original 65W one, only 30-45 minutes more, but for me is not a problem.
    Very compact with a long USB-C to USB-C cable.

    Jun 06,2018

  • Isa
    Very satisfied also...
    This power adaptator is better then the original for the smaller Xiaomi notebook, and more convinient because the cable can be unpluged : it is easier to store and go.
    Unfortunatly, the one I first recieved ceased to work after some weeks. But the seller is very serious : he send me a good one and this one works perfectly now.
    I also works well with my smartphone and provides a fast charge.

    Jan 24,2019

  • sigma
    what a great multi use charger
    I use this charger for my phone and laptop. its great how it can seamlessly switch between voltages and save you from having to use two plugs. great build quality and a steal at the flash sale price.
    wish it was a tad bit smaller so it didnt block two sockets when plugged in, but if the extra space is for safety equipment i can handle it.

    Jan 28,2018

  • nilo melgar
    carregador pequeno e bom
    small charger
    great cost benefit
    very portable
    optimal quality
    you can use any usb-C cable
    amazing product
    The only thing to complain about is that there is no US standard.

    Apr 06,2018

  • Eugene
    QA Analyst
    This charger covers all your needs. Works with all products which supports charging via USB Type C port. Powerful enough to charge tablets and notebooks. Very compact and elegant. USB Type C cable is a good bonus.
    Chinese plug may require adapter in your country. But in Canada works fine.
    USB cable could be longer, but 3 ft is also fine. You will get it for free!

    Jun 07,2017