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  • Allen
    Yes (1) Color: White
    Good and simple compact product
    Good and simple compact product, afective only at total darkness and small rooms apartments. Not very afective for big places such living rooms and outdoors yards, (for this we need somthing really big such like a barrel with strong bright light as a bolt of lightning...:) For regulars rooms it's OK near the bad in the dark, the light and the fan are weak enough not to interfere. Natural without chemicals, radiation and other unwanted bad things. Probably I'll buy more for other rooms.. Credit to the inventor of the idea and not necessarily to the maker...;)

    May 06,2019

  • A.Charles
    Yes (0) Color: White
    works great
    This is my first time to buy this kind of mosquito killer. We need to remind you that when using this mosquito killer, do not turn on the light, do not open the doors and Windows, make sure that the mosquito killer is the only light source, do not open frequently, after a period of time you will find that there are many dead mosquitoes inside! As long as I clean it up, I can continue to use it. I want to add another room for another room.

    Mar 05,2019

  • hokku
    Yes (0) Color: White
    I was secretly hopeing to see a random mosquito fly up and get sucked into it.
    I was secretly hopeing to see a random mosquito fly up and get sucked into it. One of the times I got the most satisfaction from seeing an insect die was when I was working on a ford diesel truck running with the air cleaner off and a moth that was just bugging the hell out of me flew too close to the open intake and got sucked in. It must have been a bad rest of the day for him...

    May 06,2019

  • lr
    Yes (0) Color: White
    Très efficasse
    J'avais un doute en commandant ce produit, mais dès la première utilisation je suis convaincu, en effet dès la première nuit j'ai retrouvé des moustiques tigres tués, la nuit c'est passée sans moustiques :-)

    Le seul défaut est un cable usb un peu court autrement ce produit est top !!!

    May 19,2019

  • Ed
    Yes (0) Color: White
    Mosquito Killer
    Took some time for seller to ship out....but the shipping company brought it quick to me.

    The mosquito killer works on USB plug in to your notebook or a spare phone adapter.

    I did not have tried it yet...(only a few hours in possession) so i have to experience how good this lamp kills the mosquitos in the coming weeks.

    May 18,2019

  • Fabio
    Yes (0) Color: White
    Lampada Zanzariera
    Avevo già una lampada simile ma la cui ventola era davvero rumorosa.
    Questa invece dopo qualche utilizzo è rimasta silensiosissima.
    Devo ancora testarla a dovere, anche perché il periodo delle invasioni di zanzare non è ancora iniziato per fortuna ma sembra essere un buon prodotto.
    Aggiornerò eventualmente la recensione tra qualche mese

    Apr 27,2019

  • Johnny.Joes
    Yes (0) Color: White
    amazing product!
    This is an amazing product! I open it every night in my bedroom, and it catches mosquitoes. This mosquito killer has photocatalytic to attract mosquitoes, trap them, It's magic! It works well! And no noise! I'm glad mosquitoes don't bite me when I sleep at night. I plan to buy two more such traps for the kitchen and washroom.

    Mar 09,2019

  • Samon.Mina
    Yes (0) Color: White
    very lovely.
    I like the design of this product. It's very lovely. It's not too big. I can put it anywhere I want. USB power supply design is also perfect. It is so convenient that I can connect to the adapter, power bank, or any device with a USB port.

    Mar 14,2019

  • Tautvydas
    Yes (0) Color: White
    Great stuff
    Easy to use
    Very silent working.
    Great stuff
    Great price for this lamp

    May 13,2019

  • Francison
    Yes (0) Color: White
    best product.
    Mosquitoes bite me every night. I can't sleep well. So I found this product. After I used it for a week, I found that there are fewer and fewer mosquitoes in my room now.

    Mar 16,2019