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  • Artur
    Yes (2) Color: Gray
    Vernee apollo
    Jakość wykonania
    Wyświetlacz duży czytelny, jasny. Robi dobre wrażenie
    Relacja cena jakość - tu jest na prawdę dobrze.
    Płynność działania
    Praktycznie czysty android.
    Telefon jest spory jednak dobrze leży w ręce.
    Czytnik odcisków palca nie jest może skuteczny w 100% ale jak się nauczyć z niego korzystać to działa jak trzeba
    Sprzęt jak na taką rozdzielczość ekranu całkiem dobrze sobie radzi w grach, wideo.
    Całkiem przyzwoity dźwięk na słuchawkach (za pewne jakby dodać Viper for android będzie idealnie)
    Głośny dźwięk dzwonków - na maks na prawdę hałasuje. A sama jakość tego dźwięku nie jest zła. Film można obejrzeć i bez słuchawek - więcej nie potrzeba.
    Aparat nie jest taki zły jak większość o nim pisze. Jak na telefon i ograniczenia obiektywu radzi sobie całkiem dobrze.
    Szybkie ładowanie działa - od 15% do 100% w godzinę.
    Gogle VR to może nie jakiś hi-end ale można sobie zobaczyć czy to nas interesuje bo działać działają i film można obejrzeć.
    Ma diodę powiadomień RGB - nie ma tego chyba w opisie a to nie takie oczywiste i ważne dla wielu.
    Przykładowe zdjęcie zrobione przy świetle dziennym, to takie gorsze jakościowo takie zrobi zawsze. Jest pomniejszone 4x ze względu na ograniczenie załącznika (foty mają ponad 4MB).
    Bateria mogłaby być większa. Normalnie dzień wytrzymuje ale jak się zacznie grać i sprzęt trochę obciąży to szybko jej ubywa.
    Dość konkretnie się grzeje pod obciążeniem - mam wątpliwości jak to wpłynie na baterie w dłuższej perspektywie.
    Jakoś dziwnie łapie zasięg w ruchu. W pociągu potrafi go gubić i łapać co chwilę.
    Android 6.0 który już się raczej aktualizacji nie doczeka a ma parę wad niestety. Trochę szkoda bo sprzętowo potencjał jest i mogli by system dopieścić.

    Oct 16,2017

  • Calogero
    Yes (0) Color: Gray
    Inviato nei tempi contrattati. Il telefono è fantastico, veloce, reattivo, i giochi anche se pesanti vanno molto bene. Esteticamente è favoloso, sembra di avere in mano un tel da 400€, tutto in alluminio con ottimo processore mediatek helio X25, da 10 core. Non si surriscalda facilmente ( anche provando giochi pesanti e tenendo molte app in background). I 4 GB di RAM sono una enormità, potrete lasciare tutte le app che volete in background senza avere impuntamenti. Lo schermo FHD l'ho trovato molto luminoso e vivido: mettendolo a confronto con un lumia 930 e vedendo lo stesso video ho notato delle immagini molto profonde e dettagliate ( sfondi visibilmente scuri sul lumia, qui sul l'Apollo li noto ricche di particolari). Monta android 6,0 stock cre che a breve ci sara l'uscita di android 7,0 Nougat, questo per capire che non sará un telefono lasciato a se stesso ma anzi ha già ricevuto 3 aggiornamenti via Ota da parte di Vernee. Uniche cose da risolvere, magari con aggiornamenti futuri, sono, secondo me, la camera in caso di poca illuminazione e il riconoscimento di impronte che avviene nel 80% dei casi. Insomma lo stra- consiglio a chi vuole spendere poco ma avere allo stesso tempo un telefono dall'hardware potente e versatile.
    Fotocamera migliorabile in condizioni di poca luce

    Jan 25,2017

  • Panakas
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    Vernee Apollo Honest Review
    First of I need to say I was very skeptical about buying this phone due to mixed reviews. Some say this phone is good some say this isn't good. I took the risk and bought this phone. And well. I'm overwhelmed and very happy!
    My previews phone was Leagoo Elite 1. This is a fantastic UPGRADE. Why?
    1) Battery Life is by far better. It can last over a day (1-1.5 days) with medium use. (Facebook-Calls-Web Browsing-Messages-Viber)
    2) VR ready. It has an official VR program installed on the phone that does wanders! GREAT APP.
    3) STOCK ANDROID and regular updates by Vernee.
    4) 2K Screen. It looks amazing and it's a must for VR.
    5) Fast Charging Tech. Type C charger that can fully charge your phone in less than 70 minutes!
    6) Great Looking design. Premium Feel.
    7) Can connect Type C headphones! (New Tech)
    8) Very fast fingerprint security.
    9) 10 Core + 4GB RAM. THIS IS A BEAST. It can play everything flawlessly!
    10) 4K Video recording! 21 MP camera!
    1) Battery life could have been better. People who want to play games on this phone will see that gaming can discharge this phone very fast! For non gaming purpose this is a great phone.
    2) Speaker isn't the best. Sounds a bit tiny but still it is much better than most china made phones.
    3) A bit expensive but you get what you pay for. (great phone)

    Mar 11,2017

  • Carl v B
    Yes (2) Color: Gray
    Low price all star
    I´ve had the Vernee Apollo for two weeks now and so far it has made an incredible impression on me. So here are my top pros:


    - extremely fast processor
    - nice quality
    - fingerprint sensor works quite nicely
    - colors are pretty accurate
    - the screen quality is really good
    - the camera can't compete with 2017s top smart phones but is very decent for the price
    - comes with a screen protector

    - NO PREINSTALLED JUNK!! (which (apparently) you can't even expect from expensive phones anymore...It is a huge pro for me but some might be bothered by having to download all the normally pre installed app like google maps etc..
    - Smooth menu
    - Automatik power off and power on (which is a nice feature if you are like me and don't like to leave your phone on all night)
    - You can choose between different text messages if you have to decline a call
    At first, I have to say that all the cons I have to list here are at a very high nouveau and should not be taken too seriously.

    - The Sim slot didn't fit so well and had some sharp edges
    - The VR goggles are more of a little joke since they are also the packaging so if you want to enjoy VR you might have to buy some extra goggles...anyhow, that is not as bad as it sounds because you can get decent googles for round about 20 Dollars.

    Aug 28,2017

  • Black Snake
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    discover this new brand!
    I waited some months before I decided to write a review of this smartphone. The 21megapixel camera is superb! Picture are really awesome. The phone never crashed, is always fast (due to its 4gb of ram). 64gb are enough space, they seems to not last long if you (like me) are ofter recording video! But it's possible to expand memory till 128gb with a micro sd, so that's wonderful!! They video recorded are in a real good quality, and the audio too. The front camera is a 8 megapixel, and it's good too. The battery lasted me at list a day,with wifi or data connection always on. The screen is created for VR. I tried the glass that are gifted in the box: it felt so amazing!
    The phone gets too much hot while charging. But I think it's cause by the fast charging. To bypass the problem I always turn it off during the charging.

    Apr 03,2017

  • Lystra
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    Vernee Apollo
    Built of phone, Camera, performance (loading and execution of apps)

    The Vernee Apollo is a beautiful and sleek phone. I have to say I was quite impressed by the performance overall when it came to loading and using apps. However, I have had issues with my handset such as vibrating option doesn't work (just my experience, may not necessarily be that of anyone else's). The camera takes exceptional pictures however I have not tried it in the dark as yet. The loudspeaker is not all too impressive though nor is the volume level while on calls. Overall I would recommend the device if you're on a budget.
    Battery life, Vibration Option doesn't work, loudspeaker and volume control poor quality.

    Jun 15,2017

  • Ontin
    Yes (0) Color: Gray
    Love this Vernee Apollo but....
    Vernee Apollo is one of my beloved Mobile all about the first sight. A beautiful 2K resolution display, really nice.
    The speed is good enough for daily use, fast UI response, smooth 3D gaming. Battery is okay if you don't play too much game or video watching. The camera is above average, fast focusing that I use it often.
    However the 5G WI-FI signal is extremely poor as well as the Vernee support. The promised Android 7 update is never came truth just totally wasted the lighting fast finger print sensor.
    I feel very disappointed to Vernee that they proved they can make a good phone, but seems like not going to sustain.

    Nov 10,2018

  • Mauro
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    stopped working in 8 months
    Had everything to be good but it is the worst that is done in the own-label brands.

    Very fragile components and construction. Difficulty in finding wi-fi networks where others could easily find and install, for example.

    I was almost burning the house while charging the battery, without anything being foreseen.

    With only 8 months of use, still had plastics.

    For this amount buy branded phones or risk the Xiaomi or Huawei. Vernee never !!
    Tive problemas , estou a aguardar o que a GB vai me responder em fase de garantia do produto.

    Jun 27,2018

  • Maverick
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    Hurra VR! :-)
    Top Telefon!
    Ich habe mir dieses Smartphone hauptsächlich wegen seiner VR-Fähigkeiten gekauft.
    Diese Voraussetzung erfüllt es absolut!
    Desweiteren ist dieses Smartphone von Vernee sehr gut verarbeitet, wertig, schön vom Design, pfeilschnell und hat eine anschmiegsame Haptik.
    Dieses ist mein drittes Smartphone von der neuen Marke Vernee innerhalb eines Jahres, und die Telefone habe ich alle selbst bezahlt!
    Man könnte wohl sagen das ich ein regelrechter Fan von Vernee bin. :-)))
    Na, was denkt Ihr wohl? Werde ich diese Spalte ausfüllen.... natürlich nicht! ;-)))

    Jan 15,2017

  • Lázaro Reis
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    Vernee Apollo Evaluation
    Good quality cell phone ...
    I made several tests (Video - great resolution; Photos - everything very clear; Applications and Games - all work without crashing)
    All tests work very fast and leave nothing to be desired.
    It is worth mentioning that the charging time (from 0 to 100%) reaches a maximum of 90 minutes, that is, at most 1 hour and a half.
    I did not regret it!
    I recommend...
    The only negative point I found is the configuration of the camera, which does not have many features and the battery does not last long. If you use all the functions it lasts from 6 to 8 hours.

    Oct 24,2017