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  • Thomas
    affordable middle class phone with great screen and large storage capacity
    Color:Black Size:6GB RAM 64GB ROM
    while the phone is no match for "real" flagship models of competing brands, it's a very nice middle class smartphone anyway! if you want to play processor-intensive games then you will probably find better phones, but if you are looking for a device with a good screen and large storage capacity to take your video collection or a ton of your favourite tv series episodes with you on a long trip around the world then this is the thing to buy!

    pros: great screen, large storage capacity so you can use both slots for sim-cards, typ c connector that allows for example to use the xiaomi noise reduction in-ear earphones (great for enjoying music and movies in trains or planes), not too heavy, very good build quality, lte band 800, (almost) no bloatware, affordable price (even very affordable if you get it from a flash sale...).
    fingerprint sensor not too fast and at times not very responsive, speakers lack bass, battery capacity sufficient but not outstanding, camera mediocre in low light situations, antutu benchmark of 64'000 points.

    Jul 31,2017

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  • Oskar
    Muy buen telefono a muy buen precio
    Color:Black Size:6GB RAM 64GB ROM
    El telefono está muy bien, tamaño grande, buen acabado y buenas prestaciones como por ejemplo la memoria, la velocidad de cpu, pantalla, sonido, etc. Lo recomiendo por el precio que tiene, yo he pagado 155 euros. Veremos si sigue funcionando todo correctamente según vayan pasando los dias... pero de entrada un 10 de 10.
    Pros a destacar:
    - Doble Sim o 1 Sim +1 Micro Sd
    - Carga muy rápida, buena duración de bateria 3500 mAh y conector C
    - Almacenamiento 64 Gb y memoria 6Gb ampliable a 256 Gb por micro SD
    - Procesador Helio P25 octa-core a 2,5 GHz
    - Pantalla gorilla 3 de 5.5" Full HD 1080p
    - Red 4G
    - Android 7 y actualización OTA
    - Desbloqueo tactil en el lateral bastante rápido y eficiente
    - Acabado en metal
    - Botones de menu y hacia atras ocupan parte del escritorio.
    - No hay fundas de silicona para este modelo, pero supongo que ya iran saliendo al mercado.
    - Drivers para volcar datos al ordenador.

    Aug 25,2017

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  • Jose Luis
    Great phone
    Color:Gray Size:6GB RAM 64GB ROM
    I bought it in gray and I love it. The body is totally metallic and very beautiful. It has two black bands on what should be the antennas but are integrated with the body, The screen is super bright.The battery holds up very well using several hours of screen without barely lowering. Good coverage of 4G and wifi. The photos are of good quality with the Sony sensor imx258 that I already have in my Redmi Note 4X. Maybe you need a camera application that you can download from PlayStore to take advantage of the sensor since the camera application that brings by default is a bit basic. The fast charge system is wonderful.
    No objection except that the processor area is slightly heated if you use it continoussly but nothing comparable to other phones with mediatek processor (like Remi Note $ with Helios X10). The camera is good for the price (Sony Exmor RS imx258), far better than a Samsung camera that is usually found in this phone range.

    Aug 05,2017

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  • Waces.
    Terribly Charismatic Phone
    Color:Black Size:6GB RAM 64GB ROM
    I can say this is a great phone, principally for me that moved from an Asus Zenfone 5 (2014).
    I could transfer everything from the old phone and it still not even 1/8th of the memory occupied, The camera isn't the best obviously, but again, compared to what I had isn't bad at all, most things in general just feel great.

    If not by these complaints, that I expect Vernee to fix on their next batches or at least next versions, I can easily recommend this phone for anyone that wants something good, principally if coming from an old low/mid range, for a great price.
    But It's not like it's perfect, I can say the audio from the speaker is really a bit distorted, principally on the highest volumes and with the boost on. With my main complaint being the goddamn fingerprint sensor, it is quite a mess, it gives a lot of false alarms when there's nothing touching it, and is not as you can just not use it as whenever it 'detects' something it will always make a slightly vibration no matter if it's unlocked, and when there's a finger I scanned, I have to try it various times until it works (but generally it just ends with my tries and I end up using the PIN anyways).

    Jan 15,2018

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  • Michele
    After a Mars purchased in March, now I moved to Mars pro :)
    Color:Black Size:6GB RAM 64GB ROM
    Speed and CPU very fast and up to date (P25 + 6GB ram and 64 GB ram).
    Also the fingerprints scanner works fine. I registered only one out of the 5 fingers, and it reads it 95% at first try.
    Nice and strong body, I dropped it from 2mt to the floor, without any damage.
    Very satisfied of the purchase.
    Phone came fully charged, so I started immediately to use it.
    I have ordered it on 25th and it arrived on October 13th through Italy express. Do not scare about shipping delays in UK.
    It would be nice to have a soft you cover in the package, in addition to the screen protector already applied.
    The camera is not impressive, but if you want to win the Pulitzer prize you should buy an EOS camera :)
    Also I noticed that the type C plug is a little bit hard when I plugged in the charging cable.

    Oct 15,2017

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  • R. Modesto
    Vernee Mars Pro
    Color:Black Size:6GB RAM 64GB ROM
    - Excelente construção.
    - Ótimo processador intermediário, já rodou todos os jogos da Play Store liso.
    - Tem um boa câmera frontal.
    - Muita memória interna.
    - Muita memória RAM, nunca vai travar.
    - Android 7.0 o mais puro que já vi.
    - Excelente resolução Full HD.
    - Excelente proteção na tela contra arranhões e quedas, porém recomendo comprar capinha e película. Não é uma boa ideia deixá-lo cair.
    - Em relação ao preço comparado aos do Brasil, dá show nas configurações em sua faixa de preço e em alguns até mais caros.
    - Super recomendo BRs.
    - Demorou 28 dias no total (úteis e finais de semana) e moro no TO.
    - Câmera traseira deixou muito a desejar, não foca direito, a maioria das fotos ficam embaçadas. Só precisa de uma atualização nas definições da câmera. Qualquer coisa só ir na Play Store e baixar um app que configure a câmera. No aguardo de um ROM em relação a câmera traseira.
    - Pelo fato de ser Android puro, vários apps de ferramentas não vem nele, mas só baixar na Play Store.
    - Leitor digital não é 100% preciso, é preciso encaixar bem o dedo no mesmo.

    Sep 20,2017

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  • Jonelle Chua
    best budget phone
    Color:Black Size:6GB RAM 64GB ROM
    - Fast , even i opened many apps it still runs smooth.
    - Fast charging , i didn't expect it charged less than an hour from 25-95%
    - Fingerprint scanner is good (it depends on how you encode your finger print on the phone )
    - Slim it has a good look in the eyes
    - SIM tray, you can use SIM2 slot as a memory card slot
    - Screen i hope they just add a hardware for touch panels instead of on screen buttons
    - Display is awesome
    - average for the camera and the build of the camera
    - average for the speakers
    - hard to find accessories like tempered glass and cases( although i find a close phone case from another brand but still cant find the case)
    - i installed gboard because i dont like the layout of touchpal
    - no earphones but its ok for the price
    - Stock android

    Aug 09,2017

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  • Sergio Stratila
    Vernee Mars Pro 4G Phablet Android 7.0 5.5 inch
    Color:Black Size:6GB RAM 64GB ROM
    Nice CPU speed and GP + 6GB ram makes you forget about apps launched+ they are still active when you return.
    Nice body, pretty display 5,5 with good resolution + do not believe UnTuTu.
    BT and WI-FI works as lightning.
    Software is pretty stable.
    Type-C charger (up to 20 min for 100% charge/from 1%)
    8*2.5Ghz CPU
    Impressed about the quality of main box, looks adorable.
    3500 MAH battery for 5,5 display + CPU8*2,5 drains it, goes well for 12-16H of socializing,watching videos and playing games.
    Camera is not so well-balanced it`s a 13MP/5MP still it has pretty resolution and good focus.

    Oct 14,2017

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  • David Donald
    Color:Black Size:6GB RAM 64GB ROM
    Cell phone with great cost benefit, lightweight, slim, beautiful and with something I like a lot on the phones that I look for that is practically pure Android.
    It was simple to install the apps I like and disable one or the other thing only.
    The fingerprint sensor is actually very fast and the amount of RAM enabled it to work with the multitasking in a smooth way, without any freezes.
    The only thing I did not find so simple was the fingerprint sensor. It may be my inability to be the first experience with him, but he was on the other side, I thought it was very fine and I'm late to get a position that unlocks him fast (sometimes I try 3 times and I have to unlock by PIN).

    Sep 22,2017

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  • Mp
    Ottimo cellulare, non perfetto, ma per il prezzo e le prestazioni è un vero affare. CONSIGLIATO
    Color:Black Size:6GB RAM 64GB ROM
    Veloce, performante, ottimo display.
    Presenza di doppio slot per due SIM o una SD.
    Piacevole al tatto, comodo da usare, maneggevole, sottile e non troppo pesante.
    S.O. pulito senza massiva presenza di APP customizzate e non removibili.
    Lo uso da un paio di settimane e devo dire che la resa è decisamente buona.
    Nessun problema particolare con la ricezione delle chiamate, nè con la rete dati nè con il WiFi.
    Batteria più che soddisfacente per un uso normale (chiamate, chat, social network, navigazione internet)
    Effettivamente il sensore di impronte non è infallibile, è molto facile che non si riesca a sbloccare il dispositivo e dopo qualche tentativo si blocca ed è necessario usare il metodo di sicurezza alternativo. Non mi è parso però un problema così grave e anzi, quando poi si riesce a capire come toccare nel modo corretto il sensore, lo sblocco è rapido e decisamente utile.

    A differenza di quanto letto in giro, la fotocamera non è affatto male. Quello che proprio non va è la APP di defult per fare foto. Ma ho risolto velocemente il problema installandone una migliore e sono molto soddisfatta delle foto che scatta.
    Certo, con scarsa luminosità il rumore è evidentissimo, ma insomma, non è un reflex...

    Il viva voce e l'audio esterno in generale è decisamente molto scarso. In situazioni di rumore esterno nemmeno troppo forte, è quasi obbligatorio l'uso di cuffie o di amplificatore.
    Anche l'audio della chiamata normale non è molto alto. Peccato, questo è l'unico aspetto hardware del telefono davvero insufficiente.

    Aug 31,2017

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