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  • Légrády Gábor
    Yes (3) Color: Black
    Good solid phone
    I bought it to be a water resistant world phone with long lasting battery - and it ticks thoose categories.

    Because some specs could be unclear, here are some of the facts:
    It has a notification led. There is an additional USB Type C calbe for the headphone jack. Wifi supports 5G. There is no place to attach lanyard. The screen is bent at the edes - regular hardened glass screen protectors will not follow that. The advertised 'battery save mode' button is actually creating screenshots and I did not find any settings to change that. It has hearth-rate monitor and can be used with the built-in app called 'HealthCare'. The fingerprint sensor is blazingly fast and accurate. There is no dedicated camera button.
    Possibility to re-map the extra button as a camera button or as the advertised battery save mode would be great - and this could be done with a software update.

    Jul 25,2018

    Yes (0) Color: Red
    telefono perfetto
    acquistato dopo un attenta analisi dei prodotti in commercio. volevo il massimo per la cifra contenuta spesa e cosi è stato. stesse caratteristiche tecniche di un telefono di marche più blasonate che verrebbe almeno il doppio. 6 giga di ram non si vedono spendendo meno di 500€ normalmente. arriva con installato solo il play store senza inutili app in maniera da poterlo personalizzare al massimo. estetica da urlo con sensazione di compattezza paurosa. indistruttibile in apparenza. batteria incredibile : con utilizzo pieno dura 4 giorni. per le sue dimensioni e peso può essere usato anche come mezzo di difesa personale. gps provato a 2.000 metri di quota in bosco fitto non perde un colpo. altro che mela da fighetti

    Sep 04,2018

  • Ricardo
    Yes (4) Color: Red
    A very good telephone is a high technology a fair price
    1.- Slim 1.21 cm metal frame.
    2.- Double camera front 13.3mp and back 21 mp
    3.- A very speed and keep speed after I install the antivirus
    4.- A lot of Memory
    5.- A lot of RAM
    6.- Real IP68 and shockproof.
    7.- Lot of sensors.
    Etcétera Is deserve a International award is a very good cellular, made it, with thinking in the root of the cellulars TO WORK! And of course why not fashionable!!! Durable and a Phablet with very good characteristics. Recommend it.
    Some heavy. But normal for a rugged phone.

    Jul 25,2018

  • balduro
    Yes (0) Color: Red
    ne prenderei un'altro...
    ho scelto questo prodotto attirato da vari aspetti, batteria, grado ip, protezione, prestazioni, possibilità di utilizzo in piscina e al mare, dimenticarsi dell'acqua e della sabbia come problema...
    il prodotto è fantastico a mio giudizio. prestazioni buone, dopo due mesi di uso intenso mai una inchiodata. fotocamera forse un po'scarsa specie in condizioni di luce bassa presenta alto rumore. un compromesso accettabile, non ho preso questo telefono per il suo comparto fotografico. batteria infinita, buona ottimizzazione. da migliorare il sw Per il settaggio del pulsante di screenshot fisico, la sua posizione non risulta comoda, anzi da un po'fastidio.

    consiglio il telefono, benché sia pesantuccio ci si abitua facilmente.

    Oct 04,2018

  • FreddyHawk
    Yes (2) Color: Red
    A good buy
    With the 6200mah battery it is usable through 3 business days with phone calls, some games and facebook usage together. I have tested the NFC function it is working perfectly! The 64 GB memory is truly amazing. Applications and games are running smoothly the screen seems to be a bit dark, maybe because of the thick gorilla glass, but you can set it to be a bit more brighter if you want.
    I got used to the weight easy it's not a problem for me.
    And yes, i dropped it twice already... first from 1,5 meters and not directly down, but away from me, and once in the bathtub. No problems :D
    I fear that the small plastic panel covering the usb c charging connector will be lost in a couple of months and this will affect water resistancy.
    Other problem is, that I can't find anywhere how to configure the "Smart Key" on the left side of the phone. Now i'm making hell' of an amount of screenshots, it is defaultly configured to that :D

    Aug 01,2018

  • Cindy
    Yes (0) Color: Red
    Fantastic phone
    What a great phone. I would have given 5 stars but for a couple of things.
    The screen shot is a waste of time and takes shots when it pleases. it would be much better if this were used for a memory card. I have 2 sim cards which i use for both the UK and Spain which means I cannot use the memory card, or have a 3rd slot.
    It would also be nice to have a more detailed instruction booklet or a file to download as some of the things are difficult to figure out unless you are a youngster.
    Otherwise I am absolutely delighted with this phone. I am a 68 year old female and do not find it to heavy, and I love it to bits.

    Nov 16,2018

  • Prodromos
    Yes (1) Color: Black
    It took a little bit time to arrive, but I am very happy because was without any tax added.
    It's a heavy phone but it is a rugged phone so no problem.
    It fits ok in my palm and I can text with no problem.
    Good quality in the excellent price.
    Only negative comment it is that button on the left of the phone, which automatically works when I
    peak up my phone and adds millions of screenshots.
    I have not dropped yet (Thank God) so I don't know what will be the result ...
    But in total, I am completely satisfied.

    Aug 31,2018

  • Mr. Lee
    Yes (1) Color: Black
    Best phone ever - in the medium rugged phone class.
    IP68 certified, along with heavy drop testing, so it is shock proof, water proof and dust proof.
    Yet this phone is very nice looking, if not down right beautiful, with a large, clear and slim screen, it feels good in the hand (not too big), despite delivering such a big screen.
    Good cameras, though they get much better with 3rd party applications I would wager.
    It's faster than expected, with a well clocked octa core processor and it has an incredible 6GB RAM and 64GB ROM.
    When using the camera, the auto focus keeps re-focusing, which when filming video is annoying.

    Jul 18,2018

  • J
    Yes (0) Color: Red
    Pretty durable
    This phone lasted me about 18 month of hard torture. I'd often throw it all over the place & dunk it into water to show people how durable it was.

    Eventually thr screen cracked however it was easy to replace myself, obviously this takes away the waterproof aspect.

    Good Points
    -Low cost (in relation to flagships)
    - Bulky (most people would see this as a negative however i prefer a phone I can feel in my pocked.)

    Bad Points
    - Goes slow and freezes (Very rare but every know and then, usually just required a restart)

    Nov 23,2020

  • sh
    Yes (0) Color: Red
    Доставка пару недель до тульской области почтой Нидерландов, страховку не платил, все отслеживалось до конца.
    Автономность пару суток, можно ещё покопаться, увеличить надеюсь получится.
    Выглядит интересно, экран супер.
    Не тормозит - навигатор, браузер, играми не увлекаюсь
    Минусы: кнопка-скриншот (решаемо), камеры ( не качество напрягает, оно то ожидаемо, большое подозрение, что две их всего, да и основная на 16, не на 21, вранье короче), бесполезный датчик пульса, небольшой люфт ( на моём углы если сдавить).

    Sep 12,2018