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  • Mattia S
    Yes (0) Color: 5000MAH BATTERY + 64GB SSD Size: US Plug
    tutto ok
    posso fare questa recensione perchè in passato ho comprato lo stesso minipc. avevo deciso di comprarlo nuovamente ma mi è arrivato guasto e l'ho spedito indietro e ho ottenuto il rimborso. servizio clienti gearbest valido ma ho perso molto tempo.

    per quanto riguarda il minipc posso dire che rispetto agli altri modelli ha un secondo hard disk da ben 64gb e una batteria che nella pratica è come avere un UPS o fuori casa come power bank.

    testato win10 tutto bene anche aggiornamento ad anniversary no problem. secondo hard disk dopo qualche mese non lo vedo più penso sia guasto ma non mi interessa spedire in china per avere il servizio di riparazione gearbest.

    quando avrò tempo proverò a sostituire l'unita ssd interna.

    come prestazioni è nella norma per la prima generazione di processori atom Z3635F ottimo per l'utilizzo di office e web browsing. rispetto ai pc tradizionali c'è una lentezza ma è normale.
    non consiglio di formattare il pc perchè ho letto in rete che si blocca perchè ha una sua versione adhoc di win10 preistallata.

    non consiglio neppure di usare la funzione di reset presente in win10 preistallato.

    supporto clienti inesistente come tutti i produttori chinesi prima di vendere sono sempre presenti dopo ci sono solo forum deserti e non rispondono alle mail

    Feb 19,2017

  • JörgNL
    Yes (0) Color: 5000MAH BATTERY + 64GB SSD Size: EU Plug
    Good product
    Cheap. It does what's it supposed to do. Silent. Low on energy use. Build quality looks good, it's a firm device.

    I bought this little computer to use it as a cheap and silent PC for surfing, e-mail and writing an occasional letter. The machine does what it's supposed to do. Boots fast, is silent, is fast enough, doesn't use a lot of space and it uses little energy. This was a good buy.
    Only one USB slot, so had to buy a little hub.
    No VGA connection, so had to buy a HDMI to VGA cable.
    On a cold boot it froze every time, so i had to reboot every time. Fixed that by turning of the fast boot option in Windows 10.
    Wifi reception is not really good, have to use the ethernet cable.

    Mar 13,2016

  • Frode.A
    Yes (1) Color: 5000MAH BATTERY + 64GB SSD Size: EU Plug
    A smart minpc for Windows users.
    Works fine and do the job.
    Streaming movies pics and other stuff on the tv from the network. VLC player works fine.

    The Voyo V2 works like a cheap laptop..
    Useful machine to bring whit you whit the 64GB ssd disk..
    Easy to install your upp in a minute
    Getting warm
    The WIFI is slow
    Really miss one more USB port.

    Jan 09,2016

  • Ian
    Yes (1) Color: 5000MAH BATTERY + 64GB SSD Size: US Plug
    I am amazed
    I absolutely love this device. It is as small as my wallet, looks beautiful and feels solid. All of the devices that were advertised work great. I even like the operating system: Microsoft has finally done something right again. Every friend I have shown this box to have been similarly impressed. One even went so far as to order his own the next day.
    Nothing bad to say.

    Nov 25,2015

  • Runarsson
    Yes (1) Color: 5000MAH BATTERY + 64GB SSD Size: EU Plug
    A decent small PC - great for TV
    Voyo V2 is impressive considering the price, is a very lightweight computer and actually is a great design. No shame having it in your living room.
    It is not a powerful PC but does the job it is required by me effortlessly.
    Basic use for me is an "add on" for my TV and I've been using it as my Plex server without any special problems
    I have not used the battery, actually "useless" with the current usage but I guess a nice thing to have (not many power outage problems where I live)
    I would have preferred 2 USB ports since I had to add a USB hub and it doesn't look "fancy" so close to my TV.
    When playing games it becomes a bit hot but I generraly have not yet had any issues because of heat.
    The "biggest problem" has been with finding the correct keyboard/mouse combination to use with this PC.

    Oct 10,2016

  • Kay
    Yes (0) Color: 5000MAH BATTERY + 64GB SSD Size: UK Plug
    Brilliant Item Honestly!
    The Built-in Battery idea is amazing becomes a Powerbank one minute & a standalone mini PC the next on the go! Obviously you'd need a screen to view on the go such as a TV but you can use this in a Hotel room with their TVs incase you need access to a quick PC to use with WiFi without having to carry around the laptop!

    Top Product!
    Shame its not a Micro USB for charging as this would have been amazing but everything else is perfect.

    Dec 17,2015

  • Roderick
    Yes (0) Color: 5000MAH BATTERY + 64GB SSD Size: EU Plug
    Super good looking
    Super good looking "pc", good price, batterij (which can be use as powerbank), normal HDMI out, EU plug possible

    The machines works perfect, when I start the machine it booths in a few seconds. YouTube and other video platforms (incl. local platforms) work great. Much better than my "smart TV"!
    had a lot of updates, os was preinstalled with account (local account) but couldn't activate Windows. After a few restarts I could activate Windows. Super slow shipment, I waited over 2 months

    Nov 27,2015

  • Dani
    Yes (0) Color: 5000MAH BATTERY + 64GB SSD Size: EU Plug
    VOYO V2 TV Box with 5000mAh Battery / 64GB SSD
    Excellent equipment, robust, small and light.
    Good hardware and windows pre installed ready to go.
    I also want to thank the support of the customer of the gearbest for having forwarded the charger that came that did not work.
    For the price I bought and the assistance I had I have nothing against

    Jan 17,2017

  • IdahoTech
    Yes (0) Color: 5000MAH BATTERY + 64GB SSD Size: US Plug
    Sr. IT /Network Admin
    Small and Compact
    Internal Battery
    Not bad for Size and Memory
    Windows 10 Pre-Installed and runs to my surprise quite well
    Great for Media PC or Extra PC in Computer room for play or browsing

    Not a bad system at all. I am please with it so far and I am impressed by its speed.
    Does heat up after some time.
    Ordered in October and just got last week 3rd week in December
    One Normal USB port
    Wireless leaves a lot to the imagination. Wired is the way to go on this system. So if you are using it for your TV then wired is a must.

    I have had the system only for a week but so far I am impressed with what I have seen. The one USB port is a disappointment, however knew that going into it.

    Also having problem installing some of the software from the Microsoft store to the Secondary Drive on the system. Hopefully can figure this out so I do not use up the main storage with software from Microsoft.

    Nov 25,2015

  • Laxman Nale
    Yes (0) Color: 5000MAH BATTERY + 64GB SSD Size: EU Plug
    Good Product - Win10 activated
    Very useful Product.
    Genuine and activated Windows 10.
    Small size.
    Smooth operation, runs without problems.
    Good for office/web use.

    The Built-in Battery idea is amazing becomes a Powerbank one minute & a standalone mini PC the next on the go!
    Single Full USB port + only 2 GB Ram.

    Jan 05,2016