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  • Alex
    Yes (1) Color: Negro
    For games on Android suitable, but I liked the remote control of the camera.
    Box - beautiful quality. Gamepad is powered by AAA batteries. I will say about the quality of plastic. The quality is acceptable, there are no better gaps and no bad smells. Buttons look cheap and flimsy. Touching the buttons and the joystick is not very pleasant. There is one drawback in the assembly. The panel that covers the batteries can fall out.
    Camera. This is up to what you need to use this gamepad. But this is my personal opinion and observation. Of course you can switch and choose different modes, but in fact this button is the most useful. This button takes a photo, starts and sets the video recording. This is remote control of the camera, which is very convenient in the distance.
    Now the game features. First, run the game BiA3. Now about the important.
    You see that the game saw that we have a gamepad. Gamepad works only in those games in which this is provided by the developers.
    But if the developer has not registered the use of the gamepad, then it will not work.
    Conclusion. My personal experience of using showed that I did not need a gamepad for the game. But I really liked the remote control of the camera phone. It's very cool. You can put the phone at almost any distance and shoot video or photo at a distance.
    On the PC there is one problem. Of course the gamepad connects to Windows 10. But Windows 10 recognizes the gamepad as a regular keyboard. And it all works just like a mouse. If you run the game, then you can not play the gamepad. I ran Asphalt 8. This game is made under the gamepad on android, but on Windows this function is missing.
    This is a good gamepad for playing on android for adequate money. If you need it for games on android, then boldly take it. But in general I did not like the experience of using this gamepad on the android and on the PC.
    This is a good gamepad for playing on android for adequate money. If you need it for games on android, then boldly take it. But in general I did not like the experience of using this gamepad on the android and on the PC.

    Apr 25,2018

  • reda fahim
    Yes (0) Color: Negro
    very good gamepad remote
    Gamepad remote this is very cool and very good can be used in playing games like gta sandreas and also you can use in playing a group of others games can also be linked by Bluetooth with your phone to can enjoy yourself in palying games,You can also use it with virtual reality glasses from the same company Shinecon with games 3D games player or photos with the compatible applications...Frankly recommend it to anyone who likes to play 3D games or any game you want,wonderfull with good price...Cons: not comes with batteries ok ...

    Sep 05,2018

    Yes (0) Color: Negro
    Olá a todos o VR SHINECON Bluetooth sem fio Game pad Controle Remoto–Black, torna tudo mais fácil na hora de controlar os seus jogos no celular e com o seu óculo de realidade virtual pós o produto é tem boa conectividade com o dispositivo, leve durável, suporta duas bateria, AAA, de fácil instalação.

    Hello to all VR Shinecon Bluetooth wireless Game Pad Remote-Black Control, makes everything easier at time to control your games on the cell phone and with your virtual reality rule POOD product is has good connectivity with the device, lightweight, supports two battery, AAA, easy installation.

    Oct 03,2018

  • Khalil Belayachi
    Yes (0) Color: Negro
    VR SHINECON Bluetooth Wireless Gamepad Remote Controller
    To be honest it's not a great gamepad but its work very well i only use it with my android tv Box to play games like Game Boy Advance and NES and SNES and some android game and can use it like a mouse to surfing in internet
    Pros :
    Good quality
    Low price
    Light weight
    Easy to use
    Small size - can carry it in pocket
    2*AAA batteries
    It makes my penis grow larger
    Cons :
    no battery included

    Jun 29,2018

  • DS
    Yes (0) Color: Negro
    Great controller for VR, Smartphones, TV and PC
    It's a great product!
    It's a good size for your hand!
    It's lightweight!
    Works great for VR games (it's not so easy to find a driver that works correctly with VR games and at that price!
    The price is very good!
    Shipping was very fast!
    Works with AAA batteries.
    The material feels a little fragile but is worth the price!

    Feb 10,2018

  • Mykhaylo
    Yes (0) Color: Negro
    VR SHINECON Bluetooth Wireless Gamepad Remote Controlle
    VR SHINECON Беспроводная связь Bluetooth Game Pad Пульт дистанционного управления
    прибыл из Китая в Германию за две недели это нормально.
    Пульт удобен в управлении очень легкий .
    Две батарейки обеспечивают долгую работу пульта .
    Пультом можно пользоваться как джойстиком и также как мышкой от компьютера очень полезная функция. Благодарность продавцу за проделанную работу

    Dec 26,2016

  • Niko
    Yes (0) Color: Negro
    not a bad contoller for that price
    used it for few days, and what can i works... not with every game, not all the buttons, sometimes you can only walk / turn to the left with controller, but i'm not sure if thats a controller fault ,and i hope i'm just not lucky enough yet . Overall experience is good. Thank you.

    Dec 20,2016

  • Sand
    Yes (0) Color: Negro
    does the job
    Actually this pad is better for gaming, rather than VR experience.
    Want to know a funny thing? Here in my country, retailers sell this same pad (but with different name) at over 30 euros!
    I've paid just 5. If we can wait 20 days, go totally for this!
    I don't like the navigation pad that much, but maybe is because I'm used to classic controllers.
    Overal, works nice.

    Feb 11,2019

  • Control Game VR
    Yes (0) Color: Negro
    Control para Gafas de Realidad Virtual
    El control para las gafas de realidad virtual o game pad sirve también para jugar con cualquier dispositivo que se conecte por Bluethoot. Es pequeño así que cuidado con los de manos grandes, es ligero y tiene los botones básicos. Para jugar hay mejores opciones pero para gafas de Realidad Virtual es más que suficiente.
    El botón grande del pulgar se siente un poco inestable.

    Nov 24,2017

  • dadă
    Yes (0) Color: Negro
    vr shinecon controller
    the controller works very well, connects very quickly to the phone bluetooth, responds quickly to commands, requires only two AAA type batteries,fast shipping,thanks gearbest

    Oct 25,2017