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  • Ned I
    Yes (4) Color: White Size: EU Plug
    wanscam IP
    Camera construction is robust. Metal alloy dome.
    To replace SD card you need to do some disassembling which is normal for this type of equipment.

    Wiring to the camera (power/ethernet) is hidden and it is up to you if you want to keep it that way.
    Meaning, some heavy drilling through the wall should be in place for high level of physical security.

    Camera manual was clear to me. As every manual imply certain level of knowledge.

    Whole project setting up your system contain several tasks. Every task could be done several ways.
    My point is... dont get discouraged if some thing is not working immediately. Install all plugins,
    go back to the manual(s) and read again.

    Software for the camera is working properly, mobile app and web client(s).

    Lenses works fine... zooming and auto focusing.

    The Camera picture quality is as described. At this point Im using it indoor pointing out and even in the dark without LEDs my motion detector triggers regularly. The street and neighbors light is on and snow and ice reflection helps too.

    If you are technically inclined this is perfect little project for you. Instead arguing with your partner
    you can do something useful. Good luck!
    I tried LEDs night vision indoor and "night visibility range is up to 80 meters" is a bit overrated...

    Feb 14,2018

  • alex
    Yes (2) Color: White Size: EU Plug
    WANSCAM HW0045 IP Camera
    Professional build quality camera and features.
    5X optical zoom is a must if it is placed on a high place. Then there is digital zoom to view even further. Image quality is the best you can get, just awesome. Night vision is not so great but those power leds can light things that are really far.
    Absolute silent motor while rotating.
    Lots and lots of functions make it not so easy to configure but once you're done rest assure because that eye can take care of everything around it and advise you the moment it detects intrusion on the places you set.
    Android application extremely user-friendly.
    Has built-in 16GB TF Card but replacing it if needed is not the easiest of tasks.
    Takes a long time to configure all parameters the way you want but once you're done worries end. Just remember to backup settings.

    Jun 04,2017

  • Aerthas
    Yes (3) Color: White Size: EU Plug
    belles finitions
    Les finitions sont très propres pour un si petit prix, la caméra s'intègre parfaitement à surveillance station de mon serveur NAS Synology et à jeedom (par le biais de surveillance station).
    Les commandes DMZ fonctionnent à merveilles dans Surveillance station et si dans le menu de la caméra vous configurez bien les preset, vous pouvez créer une "patrouille" (que j’appellerais plus ronde dans mon jargon) toujours avec surveillance station, mais aussi des actions comme: porte qui s'ouvre et la caméra tourne vers la porte dans jeedom, il y a une vingtaines de preset possibles avec une caméra (preset: endroit que vous définissez ex: porte, chemin etc...).
    Si seulement il ne s'agissait que d'internet explorer, je plaint les "noobs", il faut installer l'extension (pas forcément visible dans le navigateur) et en plus de ça le mode compatibilité d'internet explorer pour avoir accès à la totalité des réglages (zone de détection de mouvements, bandeau noir (pas forcément bien fait puisque il suit l'image et non l'objet sur lequel on veux qu'il cache (genre la maison du voisin))...
    SVP GEARBEST laissé le lien, c'est une aide pour les Français:

    Jan 16,2018

  • Brad G
    Yes (0) Color: White Size: US Plug
    WANSCAM IP Camera
    The camera comes well packed and is pretty heavy. The build seems solid and I have not had any issues with it. Other types of cameras I have purchased seemed to lock up and have to be powered of to get them back. I have had no issues with this one. The PTZ works well and the picture is clear and does not have much delay at all.
    The software could use some improvement but using iSpy 64 works well after you get it configured. Nothing else besides that since July.

    Sep 23,2016

  • Vaddix
    Yes (0) Color: White Size: US Plug
    Excellent product especially for the price, the remote works better than ever and does even not need to be pointed directly at the remote reciever, I would install this on an unconcealed box in the future just for the improved remote control reception, come with a decent sticky tape on the back that does its job

    Jun 03,2017

  • Antonio
    Yes (1) Color: White Size: US Plug
    Perfect relation price/quality
    Is a good price relation product specially if you are using blueiris, the camera web interface can be improved but as im using external software doesn't mater for me. This is my 2nd HW0045. Im happy with them.
    Weak wifi but I dont use it anyway. Camera web interface can be better.

    Jan 08,2017

  • Marcin Mrógała
    Yes (0) Color: White Size: EU Plug
    WANSCAM HW0045 WiFi 2MP IP Camera 1080P ONVIF Security Motion Detection - WHITE EU PLUG 172200403
    I am very happy with the camera. Image quality very good. it works very stable, it records three days back. the only problem is the loss of focus settings after switching off or power failure. You have to set the focus manually. Here's the link to the movie

    Nov 03,2018

  • Lurk
    Yes (3) Color: White Size: EU Plug
    WANSCAM HW0045
    Have everything like in a description.
    I'm using it with movement detection:
    Camera snaps 1-3 photos few seconds apart and send to my gmail.
    plus it sends short video to my ftp server.

    All that info is saved to the internal camera sd card too.
    very outdated control menu you have to do some research before you can used it fully. For the lost souls this is what you have to do:
    Use Internet explorer 11,
    download and install flash for it
    when you on your cam page add to tools->compatibility view settings.

    if you wont add it or use any other browser you cant see motion detection section.
    There is some movement settings in the mobile app too.

    Mar 23,2017

  • José Morgado
    Yes (1) Color: White Size: EU Plug
    Boa relação imagem custo
    Uma boa camara para o preço.
    Vamos ver qual a durabilidade da mesma, mas está a funcionar perfeitamente. Uma boa imagem noturna e muito definida e cores contrastantes à luz do dia. Uma boa compra face ao preço que outras marcas oferecem. Para quem quer ter um determinado local vigiado 24horas por dia é uma excelente solução.
    Vamos ver qual a durabilidade da mesma, mas está a funcionar perfeitamente. Uma boa imagem noturna e muito definida e cores contrastantes à luz do dia. Uma boa compra face ao preço que outras marcas oferecem. Para quem quer ter um determinado local vigiado 24horas por dia é uma excelente solução.

    Jan 12,2017

  • skyline
    Yes (0) Color: White Size: EU Plug
    recensione ip cam hw0045
    ottima telecamera.
    possibilità di installare il ddns della noip che e completamente gratis.
    qualità video da paura.
    raggio d'azione veramente elevato.
    rotabile tranquillamente.
    funziona sia con pc che telefono con app anche generica.
    veramente ottima.
    consiglio vivamente se volete un prodotto di qualità.
    forse è meglio il cablaggio ethernet piuttosto che il WiFi.

    Apr 23,2018