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    Yes (0) Color: Gray
    It's very nice little tool. I had my eye on one for a while, and when I was it was just ~$39 for the screwdriver, 3 sets of bits, the magnetic apd, the stand and the rest, I just had to have it.It works very well so far, I opened a few laptops with it, very easily. The magnetic pad it's also very nice. You can look at it like it's the back of the laptop and put the screws in position so you'll not forget where to put them back.The carrying case is good for when you have to go solve a quick job and need only the screwdriver a a set of bits.The magnetiser is also handy, and the small jar for screws too. Occasionally you'll find the too tightened screw and the motor won't be able to twist it, but you can also use it manually. The battery will last for a lot more than a thought. After the initial charge, I opened and closed about 3 laptops, and then I tried to discharge it by spinning it, but after a few hours it was still able to work like when fresh charged.It took 17 days to get to me since ordered, which I find quite fast, comparing with other orders.

    Jan 26,2019

  • Lubos
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    I bought the set as a gift.The packaging is really perfect, each part has its own packaging inside the main case.It pleasantly surprised me and it was really a nice gift.The quality of the product is great and I am very satisfied with the product.The materials and the actual design are of good quality and at an affordable price everything is redesigned into detail.The packaging contains a large number of accessories.The screwdriver has a large torque even though it is so small.It is suitable for all types of devices (smartphones, electronics etc.).LED lighting could be more intense and should be switched off.I can only recommend the product and the seller.Thumb up!

    Sep 30,2018

  • AleX
    Yes (2) Color: Gray
    Отличный универсальный набор аккумуляторной отвертки с набором бит
    Хорошая цена. Отправка товара в день заказа, отслеживание по всему пути, быстрая доставка.Один из самых полных комплектов wowstick. Есть практически любые насадки для ремонта мелкой техники. Даже винтики в отдельной баночке. К качеству изготовления никаких претензий. Все аккуратно, выглядит и ощущается в руках как солидный качественный инструмент. Красиво и со вкусом упаковано. Хорошо выглядит для солидного подарка человеку с техническими наклонностями.В целом отвертка Wowstick 1F+ 69в1 хороший товар. Друзьям рекомендую. Тем более что они увидев отвертку сами такую захотели.
    Что не нравится – невысокая мощность. Отвертка для помощи в откручивании-закручивании. Срывать или дотягивать винтики и шурупчики надо рукой. Хотя это возможно и плюс, так как на мелких деталях легко сорвать резьбу и точнее человеческой руки ничего нет.

    Jul 23,2018

  • Wowstick
    Yes (1) Color: Gray
    Wowstick 1F + Electric Screwdriver Bits Toolkit
    отличный набор для ковыряния к телефонах/смартах/планшетах/ноутах. Позволяет крутить рукой, что бы затянуть или сорвать болт. круговые светодиоды подсветки. отличные набор бит всех наименований. удобная магнитная подставка органайзер для снятого крепежа. чехол для переноски и кучка мелких штучек для удобства работы.из минусов - белый цвет чехла, думаю слишком маркий. потом у самой отвертки есть нюанс. на шуруповертах я привык, что кнопка действия имеет начальное положение, когда включается подствека, а шпиндель еще молчит, что позволяет прицелиться и приложиться, тут же светодиоды включаются вместе со шпинделем. Бывает не удобно.

    Aug 19,2018

  • holdon
    Yes (0) Color: Gray
    excellent product
    i had the original Wowstick and it had its drawbacks like using regular AAA batteries and not having enough torque to open/close most screws i've worked with.but this new version?its everything i ever needed in the original wowstick and more!you get so many different bits sets, and extra accessories, and the magnetic pad.this Wowstick has maybe double the torque of the original one and it has an internal battery inside that charges thro micro-usb.its definitely worth the price if you are planning on using it for laptop/computer/phone or any electronics repair/service.

    Dec 14,2018

  • Stanislav Valentinovich
    Yes (0) Color: Gray
    Набор инструментов Wowstick 1F + Electric Screwdriver Bits Toolkit - GRAY 2
    Great set. Arrived for 12 days, was delivered by courier to the apartment. In the set of everything needed for survival in technopolises. Magnetization / demagnetization really works, checked on the screws from the kit . The power of the screwdriver exactly how much you need, tightens well and does not pull, but there is a large inertia, which sometimes very much hinders. On the backlight, to be honest, do not even pay attention, usually the desktop is well lit.Everything is done beautifully and efficiently.Very happy with purchase.Product definitely recommend!

    Oct 01,2018

  • Clayton
    Yes (0) Color: Gray
    Product with good quality.
    The storage box came a little scratched.The suction cup holder was rusted.The load connector of the tool dropped on the first load almost damaged the tool but I put it back without problems.The tool has a very good quality out of the problems I had.Awesome design. Quantity keys excellent.Produto com boa qualidade.A caixa de armazenamento veio um poco arranhada.O suporte da ventosa estava enferrujada.O conector de carga da ferramenta soltou na primeira carga quase estraguei a ferramenta mas coloquei novamente sem problemas.A ferramenta tem uma qualidade muito boa fora os problemas que tive. Design impressionante . Quantidade chaves excelente.

    Oct 01,2018

  • Lorenzo
    Yes (0) Color: Gray
    Per i piccoli lavori, perfetto!
    Stavo aspettando tantissimo questo prodotto in sconto. Una volta arrivato non me lo sono fatto fuggire. Si tratta di un avvitatore con oltre 65 punte per essere usato in situazioni di piccoli elettrodomestici. Infatti non aspettativi di svitare grandi viti. Bellissimi i led che si attivano quando si comincia a svitare. Si può ovviamente sia svitare che avvitare. Il tappettino in dotazione può essere molto utile per non perdere le viti dato che magnetico.BELLISSIMO!

    Oct 14,2018

  • Leonardo
    Yes (0) Color: Gray
    Ottimo cacciavite di precisione
    Veramente un ottimo prodotto, arriva in una confezione molto curata con i suoi accessori. Il funzionamento è molto semplice, e la potenza nonostante non sia regolabile sembra essere impostata automaticamente, non è mai infatti capitato che girasse a vuoto sparando le viti o una volta uscite le facesse saltare via. È anche molto stabile, non dando alcun tipo di vibrazione (cosa importantissima) a differenza di quasi tutti gli svitatori elettrici.Le punte nonostante vari utilizzi sembrano non avere minimamente segni di usura, dimostrandosi di buona qualità.

    Sep 04,2018

  • Enrico
    Yes (0) Color: Gray
    Wowstick 1F Plus
    Pro : più comodo, dimensioni ridotte confronto al modello precedente, ricarica tramite usb molto comodo, aumento di coppia dei giri del motore effettivamente visibile dal video pubblicato, inoltre super accessoriata con tutto il necessario dal tappetino calamitato per le viti anti perdita alla base porta cacciavite sia. Da scrivania che da trasporto , 3 set punte per cacciavite, qualità prezzo n.1
    Pro : più comodo, dimensioni ridotte confronto al modello precedente, ricarica tramite usb molto comodo, aumento di coppia dei giri del motore effettivamente visibile dal video pubblicato, inoltre super accessoriata con tutto il necessario dal tappetino calamitato per le viti anti perdita alla base porta cacciavite sia. Da scrivania che da trasporto , 3 set punte per cacciavite

    Aug 19,2018