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  • Kot
    WPL B - 1
    Это первый мой автомобиль такого класса , по этому особо сравнивать не с чем , хотя свои пять копеек вставлю :))) . Соотношение цена / качество супер ( брал по акции ) . Управление вперёд/назад нормальное , вправо / влево - шумное , ну да ладно , это ж грузовик ))) . Есть рычаг отцентровки передних колёс . Сборка , детализация нормальные . Грузить песок , камушки - не советую . С запчастями у этой модели проблем кажись нету . А вот звено карданного вала придется подклеить ( смотрите мой видос ) . Подклеить надо и перед и зад . Я в парке 3 раза терял в листве - думал не найду . В общем игрушкой доволен , а по акции - вообще супер .

    This is my first car of this class, so there is nothing to compare it with, although I will insert my own five kopecks :))). The price / quality ratio is super (took on the shares). Control forward / back normal, right / left - noisy, but oh well, it's a truck))). There is a lever for centering the front wheels. Assembly, detailing is normal. To load sand, pebbles - I do not advise. With spare parts for this model of problems it seems no. But the link of the cardan shaft will have to be glued (see my vidos). You need to glue both front and back. I lost 3 times in the foliage in the park - I did not think I would find it. In general, the toy is satisfied, but for the action - generally super.

    Aug 19,2018

  • TomAce
    WPL B-1 Military truck review
    This military truck from WW2 is very well detailed, from the extra headlights and the side mirrors to the winch and it even has the same scaled suspension they used back then. It´s good to drive and the battery lasts for a long time. Seems to manage driving over small obstacles like pebbles and small rocks quite well, it´s a good trail truck and does some rock crawling although it would need a bigger motor and upgraded axles and driveshafts. Drive slow, drive safe and it will last. Doesn´t hurt to have a few spare parts ready for when it does break. Good acceleration and proportional throttle.
    Great truck for the price, really fun to drive.
    Bad steering servo, makes a lot of noise. driveshafts are too fragile. Needs bigger motor.

    Jul 15,2018

  • Sam
    Nice RC truck, good value for the price
    - great value for the price
    - proportional throttle
    - good size (1:16)
    - 4 wheel drive
    - available in two colors
    - extra suspension springs (2 piece)
    - working headlights

    The truck is a little faster than I expected to use it indoors in a small room, but this issue can be handled because of the proportional throttle.
    I really like the quality chassis and the nice design (looks good) as well. My kid also likes this RC Truck and enjoys playing with it.
    Crawling capability is also good, the rubber tires can handle many obstacles.
    It is definitely recommended.
    - steering not proportional
    - no taillights
    - NiCd battery instead of LiPo

    However these drawbacks can be handled without much effort.

    Jul 23,2018

  • Ricardo_Alves
    Este caminhão militar da WW2 é muito bem detalhado, desde os faróis extras e os espelhos laterais até o guincho e até tem a mesma suspensão escalonada que eles usaram naquela época. É bom dirigir e a bateria dura muito tempo. Parece administrar muito bem a condução sobre obstáculos pequenos como seixos e pedras pequenas, é um caminhão de rastro bom e alguma pedra que rasteja embora precisaria de um motor maior e eixos atualizados e eixos de transmissão. Dirija devagar, dirija com segurança e durará. Não faz mal ter algumas peças de reposição prontas para quando quebrar. Boa aceleração e aceleração proporcional.
    Ótimo caminhão para o preço, muito divertido de dirigir.
    Barras de direção muito frágil.

    Aug 09,2018

  • Hugues
    Rather good for the price.
    I received these last days two six wheels drive trucks. They have stictly the same motor, frame, servo and springs as this WPL B 4 wd, as for the batteries (NI Cad which are of an"Old Age"). They are quite heavier than the 4wd. I tried both with the new and fully charged batteries ; they go really painly and slowly in grass even very shortly cut and can even stop on a very slight slope on this grass. They run rather slowly up an even light slope on a road. According to these limits, I didn't much try holes or rocks. So my advise is to buy the cheepest truck (they are all the same), in 4wd (they are lighter and faster). The 4wd are more clever in holes and rocks. The 6wd are too heavy with a too weak motor, if you buy one, choose the cheepest and the lightest. For the price, this WPL 4wd is a good buy. Have nice times with it.

    Nov 19,2018

  • Andrii
    неплохой грузовичек - игрушка
    Отличная игрушка для ребенка, который увлекается техникой. Рекомендую однозначно для знакомства с моделизмом и миром ру игрушек посерьезнее.
    модель маштаба 1:16 за 20$. полноприводная. Плюс.
    быстрая доставка. Плюс.
    защита paypal. плюс.

    Доставка в срок. игрушка пришла целой. все работает. незначительные царапины на корпусе. батарея тут 6вольт из 4 ni-cd аккумуляторов АА , соединённых последовательно. ЛУчше ставить литий.
    Пластиковые карданы и вся подвеска с механикой, пока гонял по квартире - передний кардан стал отваливаться (и это первые 10 минут знакомства с игрушкой! (((

    Aug 09,2018

  • AL
    WPL B1 - nice truck!
    - great realistic design! looking great! specially for such price
    - 4WD, however drive shafts should be build with better quality materials (!)
    - RTR but also ready to be upgraded, ready to become hobby grade item
    - driving it gives you real fun
    - cons is steering servo which should be modified by producer even in such cheep toy grade model
    - DUCK FRIENDLY!!! ;-)

    Aug 17,2018

  • Aleksey
    игрушечный грузовик
    Покупал со скидкой за 1600 руб с копейками. Идея хорошая, пластик нормальный, но качество сборки оставляет желать лучшего. Несколько болтиков пришлось докручивать. Колеса поворачивается на лево, но в право практически не крутятся. Машина очень шумная, после использования пахнет паленым. Если сравнивать с Traxxas - то день и ночь конечно. Особенно умиляют рессорные пружины и своеобразный коленвал. Но с другой стороны - машина едет, не застревает, думаю можно использовать даже на природе.
    За эти деньги компромиссный вариант. Наверное лучше доплатить и купить "брендовую" игрушку. Хотя если купить со скидкой - сойдёт)

    Nov 22,2017

  • ffejrxx
    WPL 1:16 Mini RC Military Truck
    Almost Digital Proportional,
    throttle is digital Proportional, steering is not,
    motor/spring/clutch style steering mechanism,
    steering trim on bottom of car,
    easy to bind by turn on car and controller,
    6v (5s nicad) 700mah battery pack,
    usb charger, looks to cut off too early for nimh cells,
    soft rubber tires,

    hard body, very nice as a shelf display unit,
    painted bumpers, shackles, wench ect..

    looks to be easy to convert to hobby grade micro servo/esc/controller kit
    toy grade rc car

    Aug 14,2018

  • Roy666
    Coche funcional
    todo llego muy rapido gracias REDPACK, sigan así muchachos. todo muy bien , no me quejo . todo llego muy bien, estuvo muy rapido el envio, me gusto cuando llego todo estuvo muy bien, me gustan que ya vengan armados.Me parecio una experiencia de compra muy buena por que aparte de los buenos productos que manejo tambien tiene unas entregas de lo mas rapida, el servicio al cliente soporte muy atento y te resuelven muy rapido
    flex, torque.

    Jul 13,2018