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  • Lee
    Yes (1) Color: Colormix Size: BNF with Frsky Receiver
    My favorite 3"
    I have bought 4 so far! This is simply the most durable, easy to get and keep in the air 3" I have come across. I also have a Babyhawk R3 for instance which is faster, but it snaps arms regularly in a crash, while the VX140 does not snap arms in a crash. In fast, I have never been able to damage one in a crash at all (one did get run over by an SUV and it did snap an arm). It can reach speeds north of 60mph! It is very agile, but most importantly it can handle a crash. I fly over concrete in parking lots and most of my crashes happen there. If you want to do hours and hours of practice to get better at acro, this is a great choice for freestyle pilots.
    Pay attention to the antenna on your XM receiver. If it becomes frayed you need to replace it immediately! Make sure it is not near the carbon. I put my antenna inside of heatshrink to protect and stiffen it. This method has worked well for me.

    Jun 23,2018

  • Lee
    Yes (1) Color: Colormix Size: PNP
    Its my GoTo 3"
    As long as it's not raining I feel comfortable flying this any time anywhere. It's quite stable and predictable in the air. I fly day and night over grass and concrete. I have crashed so hard I thought the world might end and like a cockroach this MF keeps getting up. Only getting run over by an SUV killed my first one. Now I'm on my second one and have already ordered a third one. This is my daily driver. I have faster, lighter kwads, but none so Stout as this one and (unlike my Babyhawk R3) it doesn't resemble an insect like so many other 3" kwads do!
    The receiver is not the best, it is adequate. I lost my original VX140 due to a failsafe near a road that ultimately lead to it being crushed by an SUV. The VTX antenna is soldered to the board. I'd rather see a robust connector so we could replace it easier.

    Jun 07,2018

  • David
    Yes (6) Color: Colormix Size: PNP
    just for fun
    - Weight without Receiver 125gr.
    - Frame looks strong
    - Camera and vtx are working well. Same image as my Micro Swift, maybe it is a oem one.
    - Software ist BF 3.1.7 and dshot is set. Youst set up transmitter and calibrate gyro.
    - OSD
    - Buzzer

    neutral: The motors, not so much power but they run good.

    I think this is the best bnf racer with a total weight of 240gr with 4S 650 lipo.
    - It has an Amass XT60 i suggest to change it.
    - VTX is powered from the flight controller. So if you plugged in usb you power it on - factory setting is 150mw - be careful i guess it has no protection build in.

    Nov 01,2017

  • Denis
    Yes (0) Color: Colormix Size: BNF with FLYSKY Receiver
    Отличный квадрик!
    + Очень приятная цена (всего 7к!)
    + Аккуратная, грамотная сборка и настройка
    + Отличная камера с нормальным wdr
    + Моторы хоть и старые и дешёвые, современное железо и настройка даёт этим моторам новую жизнь!
    + Нереальная стабильность полёта!
    + Каким образом они умудрились уместиться в 7000р?! :D
    Минусов нет, едиственное, мне пришёл непрошитый, пустой контроллер, компьютер в упор его не видил, пришлось всё же разобрать, чтобы замкнуть провода boot, и прошить. Но, надеюсь проблема единичная и повезло так только мне)

    Apr 15,2018

  • Zoller
    Yes (0) Color: Colormix Size: PNP
    It flyes fast, and also very punchy.
    By the way its my first racing drone, but i am in love with it. Nice build quality, and also have chance to upgrade some parts of it if i grow over this quad.
    I have already lost 2 screws of the top plate, but nothing bigger problem yet.
    Maybe it could be a bit cheaper, but its also a good price for a beginner racer quad.

    Jun 17,2018

  • Rob UK
    Yes (0) Color: Colormix Size: BNF with Frsky Receiver
    Awesome drone
    Excellent drone, get one you won’t be disappointed!! I will get another when back in stock. Can take up to 1550 3s for 10min flight with better props. Small 4s for a great racer!
    Get gemfan 3052 props for better performance.
    Great quad though!!

    Aug 08,2018

  • Franz
    Yes (0) Color: Colormix Size: BNF with Frsky Receiver
    Mein Lieblings Copter!!!!
    Flugzeit mit 650er akku ca. 3,5 Minuten.
    mit 850er 4,5-5 Minuten.
    richtig eingestellt fliegt er super und hat mit den richtigen Propellern genug Schub!

    etwas langsamer als der DT140 aber fliegt viel besser und Akku sparender
    camera ist nicht so gut.
    original propeller sind Mist.
    vtx lässt sich bei meinem Modell nicht umstellen.
    F4 Flugkontroller wäre besser!

    Jun 08,2018

  • Gregor
    Yes (0) Color: Colormix Size: PNP
    X140 best for Runcam Split
    Good frame
    Motors with low KV but good for 3-4S Lipo
    camera is ok
    You can replace the camera with Runcam Split mini
    adjustment the VTX only over a button, not BF OSD
    only F3 flight controller

    May 25,2018

  • Specko
    Yes (0) Color: Colormix Size: PNP
    Great quad, lots of room to work.
    Top product, good build, good parts flies well, the supplied props are rubbish but you can live with that, with some gemfan flash props this thing is great. Make sure you use a 850mah 4s and you will be very happy.

    Aug 24,2018

  • Michael
    Yes (0) Color: Colormix Size: BNF with Frsky Receiver
    Fantastic 3" Drone
    - flys great
    - no tuning required
    - less than 250 grams
    - can hold a small HD camera on top
    - 2 sets of props
    - CCD Camera
    - Wish there was a better battery strap included, but i have lots of extras
    - Would be better if vtx antenna wasn't soldered on, then we could replace it easier with a different antenna or replace it if it is damaged

    Dec 29,2017