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  • Bongocopter
    Yes (4) Color: Colormix Size: without Receiver
    WOW - W - O - W - WOW
    The X215 has blown me away. It flies so smoothly and has such great responsiveness and punch. So nice to fly even on stock pids. F4 FC, Dshot 600, SBus receiver and dynamic filtering combine to create a superb flying experience. Motors cool with all static notch filters off, PT1 enabled and D filter off (frequency set to 0 in Betaflight filters tab). Mine has a Holybro Kakute F4 FC but I think the later ones have an Omnibus F4 FC. Came with BF 3.2 installed so I have flashed it to 3.2.1. I've just maidened this excellent machine in 45mph gusting wind and it coped fine !! It does do 80+mph after all. 4S 1300mAh 65C batteries working perfectly. Furibee have cornered the market with their new releases. I have a Q95 and Darkmax on order and I am seriously considering a 220GT as the design, components and general flying experience are all top notch. Viva Furibee !!
    Had to solder Walkera SBus receiver to Flight Controller but not too fiddly. Props are pink!

    Oct 17,2017

  • Nopix
    Yes (1) Color: Colormix Size: with FrSky Receiver
    Improvement in the quality
    Got mine a month ago and they really improve the quality since all the review pointing out the major defaults on it.

    So, Big upgrade :
    -As you can see on the picture they added a shield under the vtx to prevent the lines on the FPV screen/goggle.
    -Everything was correct in Betaflight

    Minor upgrade :
    -They zip tie the antenna through the little hole (seen on picture) letting the space to mount correctly your camera without struggling with the antennas in the way
    -In the box, the props and the pagoda antenna was not mount on the quad wich is great and prevent damaged parts during the transport (3 sets of props was in individual bags instead of just dropped in the box)
    -The velcro strap's too short for handling correctly a 3s battery (can barely wrap a 4s) and no anti-slip on it
    -Would be great to have a pad fixed (or shipped with) under the quad to fix your battery. With the screws you can't put correctly a battery on it without risking of damaged this one.

    Mar 04,2018

  • Marco
    Yes (0) Color: Colormix Size: with FrSky Receiver
    After 6 months => very satisfied
    After six months of flying, I can say that the Furibee X215 Pro is a really good racing quad, maybe a little heavy due to aluminium cage, but really sturdy on crashes. With 4S LiPos the motors have a lot of power. The propellers are strong enough and you'll get a total of three sets included in the bundle. The included FrSky XM+ is a good receiver, it lacks telemetry but you can easily flash it with firmware that allows you to send RSSI value to an AUX channel of your FC so that it can display it on OSD.
    No complains about the VTX too, except that it lacks of Tramps or SmartAudio and so you can't control it by your RC.
    Very satisfied!

    Jul 13,2018

  • Lee
    Yes (0) Color: Colormix Size: with FrSky Receiver
    oh man not again...
    Price. I was expecting a Kakute F4 flight controller to be installed as advertised. Since I wanted the FC I figured I'd get this BNF so I can get some motors and a AIO ESC. To my surprise I discovered that they decided to change to a different FC in the middle of the production run without changing their marketing materials. I feel duped. Not my first rodeo though! I will research more next time and I stopped listening to the "reviewers" because they are all about as helpful as a coin toss when it comes to arming the consumer with the info they need to make an informed decision. I guess this is my pro/con section.
    It came with a motor that makes a loud rattling noise when spun. I hope it works at all... Good luck potential buyers. The misleading marketing that lead me to falsely believe that this quad came with a Kakute F4 is another reason to consider this purchase carefully before clicking buy! At this time, I cannot recommend that anyone buy this quadcopter for any reason unless you like buying spare parts grab bag style.

    Jun 07,2018

  • Sam
    Yes (0) Color: Colormix Size: with FrSky Receiver
    FuriBee X 215 Pro
    The FuriBee X215 Pro is very robust and the electronics are very well protected by the aluminum egg. The race drone is a real powerhouse - I'm really excited.
    The FuriBee X215 Pro responds very well to the controls. So accurate that I fly him in a very small space in the apartment.
    However, then pay attention to the carpets. They also start to fly. :D
    At the moment I am flying with a 11.1 V 40C 1500 mAh. With a flight time of 7 minutes. But it certainly depends on the style of flight.
    I'm sorry. I could not find any negative.
    Can not say a bad thing about the FuriBee X215 Pro.

    May 02,2018

  • Dwight
    Yes (1) Color: Colormix Size: with FrSky Receiver
    This is my third brushless quadcopter. I was looking at Gear-best's website ad, and saw this Furibee X215 for less than I could build it for. It was already set up with a receiver that matched my Taranis Rock Monster and I could not resist the value for such a nice racer that is fast, with OSD, and it uses 3S-6S Li-Po batteries to make it fly. It has great performing motors and the Flight Control board is an F4. I used Beta flight to assign switches and setup OSD. Now I have another nice racer to fly that was very easy to set up. I have to give this quadcopter and Gear-best a very high rating.
    I have not found any.

    Dec 27,2017

    Yes (0) Color: Colormix Size: with FrSky Receiver
    A great product
    All perfect. I have not been able to prove it because I do not have batteries (they have to reach me). It arrived in perfect condition. At first glance everything is perfect. Very satisfied. The drone matches what the seller indicates. By its components it is seen that it is of great quality. I thought about building my drone by pieces, but seeing this offer and its quality of components, I did not think twice and I bought it. Great service and good seller.
    I think without having tried it yet (I do not have batteries), but I can not give you any negative rating. The only thing I can say is that I found it heavier than I expected.

    Apr 03,2018

  • smart BNF racing drone
    Yes (0) Color: Colormix Size: with FrSky Receiver
    easy to bind racing drone
    The X215 PRO is an easy to bind FPV racing drone. I am using the FrySky Taranis. The setup was really easy; the presets were good. I have to flash the receiver first, because we are using a different code in europe, but it was not very difficult soldering out and in after flashing. the built-in parts are good, midrange product, especially the flight controller combo and the 4in1 esc.
    The receiver antennas are a little bit to close to the video antenna, so there a some interferences. I have to replace the antennas during next maintainance.

    Jul 04,2018

  • yo8aiv
    Yes (0) Color: Colormix Size: with FrSky Receiver
    good starter quad
    weight is flight efficient - 300 - 360g depending what you add.
    i get arround 8 to 12min flight time with 1500gnbn lipo's (average quality btw)
    camera is good - osd menu button is very annoying but we can manage
    prop's delivered with are very good - flying them since i got it no issues,
    vtx isn't best but will do the job.

    overall good performance.

    Aug 25,2018

  • Michael
    Yes (2) Color: Colormix Size: with FrSky Receiver
    Waited for over 2 months
    Strong frame, nice looking design.
    Included 2 spare sets of props (3 sets total).
    Flies nice. I am an inexperienced quad pilot, but so far it feels precise and responsive.
    Is actually Ready To Fly. With the exception of binding the radio this quad has not needed any additional set-up to fly right out of the box.
    Stripped thread in one of the motors, so only attached with three screws.
    Receiver is not attached well, so there is a little concern it could be damaged.
    Video transmitter (vtx) gets very hot and image is transmitted in black and white. Once the vtx cools down the picture returns to colour.
    GearBest took over 2 months to dispatch the quad that had an indicated shipping date of about 2 weeks. This has really soured the whole experience.

    Dec 20,2017