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  • Avah
    X3T Touch Control Wireless Bluetooth Headset 2pcs
    Main Features:• Wireless binaural stereo, right and left ear channel separation, the left and right ears can be used separately, can also be used together in pairs• Battery life: continuous listening to a single ear up to 6 - 7 hours, binaural continuous songs up to 4 - 5 hours• 1 drag 2 features, which can connect two mobile phones at the same time• High-sensitivity large-momentum speakers, sound quality and delicate. Effectively protect your ears from noise problems• Mini ultra-small body design, let you forget its existence, the ear for a long time to wear also do not feel the pressure• Easy to use: technology with voice notification of incoming calls and phone numbers, reaching your phone, super quick pairing with a phone• The battery capacity of charging base: 700mAh.

    May 02,2019

  • Himesh Sahu
    X3T wireless!!! awesome..
    This is an amazing gadget to buy under this price point..Pros - 1.Build quality - It's very nice in its build quality according to charges you pay for it. Very premium quality plastic is used for manufacturing.2. Sound quality (bass) - Extremely loud bass with little bit distortion but acceptable.3.Sound quality (vocals) - Better than previous version (x2t) but it could be improved as much as other wireless earbuds.4.Featurs - Spectacular performance in music playback. It has inbuilt mic and led indicators which is like wow in this price.
    Cons -i don't see a lot of cons but anyways.. 1. Can't use both earphones during voice calls.2. Noice cancellation is very poor in traffic conditions.3. Earbuds connection becomes weak in making Little bit distance between them4. Connectivity issues while watching videos

    Aug 22,2018

  • Griffin
    Good quality-price ratio
    Good :Quick pairingSound quality (for price)Good unboxing experienceGood extras in the boxBad :Delay (Very noticible on videos)Aesthetic (They look like earplugs and are a bit bulky)Not very intuitive charging case (Maybe im being too picky on this one)Overall great music earphones and they are not so bad on phonecalls (not too good either). Also, the touch commands are very intuitive and easy and work everytime! In conclusion i recommend them too a person who just wants to listen to some music throughout the day without freaking wires on the way!Good product!

    Nov 02,2018

  • Tayrone
    pretty good
    for the price is pretty decent the sound is great but there is some bad points likesome times the sound fails ( isn't ever, but that come true some times if you move so much) and there is a little deley and you can feel it very well when you are playing or whatching a videoif you will only use for music while you are in stand by i recommend that

    Dec 04,2018

  • André
    X3T Touch
    Cheap; nice magnetic case with a built-in charger; charger is only activated when we want. pleasant sound. Controls (sound, track, pause, calls) in the earbuds. Both work individually; small size (good for transportation)
    - Not too comfortable in the ear;- problems in controlling volume (both up and down) because it requires too many touches. sometimes confuse with other instructions

    Aug 06,2018

  • Ange Ramses
    Reseña de producto
    -Excelente calidad de sonido-Tiene una buena salida de los bajos-Material de calidad-Facil de llevar (no se caen con facilidad)-Buena durabilidad de la bateria (emparejados ambos duran alrededor de 4-5 hr)-Tienen un excelente aislamiento de sonido, aparte de ser comodos
    -Son un poco mas grandes a la version anterior-Es molesto tener que dar 2 toques a la cajita para encender el modo "carga", era mejor que solo tuviera uno que conectarlos y ya-Era mejor los botones de la version X2T, ya que estos como solo se tiene que dejar tocando para poder encenderlos, o dar un toque para pausar la musica, me ha provocado que cuando me quite uno para poder escuchar algo externo, estos se me pause la musica o que se me apaguen (cosa que es frustrante para mi)

    Jul 09,2018

  • X3T
    Audífonos inalambricos que poseen buena calidad sonido (8/10), su batería dura alrededor de 3 o 4 horas, son medianamente cómodos, no son pesados, el case carga 2 o 3 los audífonos, son muy baratos a comparación de otro audífonos Bluetooth, puntuación 9/10
    Algunas veces se puede perder la conexión (1 o 2 veces en el día) pero se arreglan al apagar y encender los audífonos o el bluetooth del celular

    Jul 20,2018

  • Eyüp Onur
    Sol kulaklıkta yarım saniyelik ses kısılması oluyor çok rahatsız olmuyorum ama 2 saat içinde 10 15 kez yapıyor bunu. Şarj süresi 5 6 saat arası gidiyor çabuk şarj oluyor. F/P olarak bakılırsa tavsiye ederim. Mate 10 pro telefonda denedim belki benim telefonda sorun vardır bok atmak istemem ürüne. Ses kalitesi iyi ses yüksekliği baya iyi. Gürültülü ortamda müzikten başka ses duymuyorum. Ama en çok basini beğendim.

    Dec 16,2018

  • Diego Silveira
    Não comprem, péssimo produto
    O produto chegou com defeito. Não dava sinal de carga e consequentemente não ligava. O acabamento é horrível, visto que as letras que indicam onde deve ser dado os dois toques para carregar vieram quase apagadas. Enfim, não indico a compra à ninguém. De agora em diante, prefiro gastar um pouco mais em um produto Xiaomi, por exemplo, do que ter essa frustração.

    May 11,2019


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  • Nasim
    Excellent stuff
    The sound quality is excellent for the price rangeDifferent ear buds sizes helps in correctly fitting the earCharging case helps in case you are travelingCan be used as single earbud or as double
    The charging case is magnetic so it the lid isn't tight when closedrelatively bigger compared to other wireless earbuds

    Jul 24,2018