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  • manni
    Yes (1) Color: Black + Silver
    little projector
    Great device. Was delivered faster than expected. Amazing little projector, with top picture and sound. In connection with Apple TV, there are slight quirks. You can not press the back button on the Apple TV, because the projector on the Android OS jumps back ...would be nice if the cooperation would be improved by a firmware update. The projector works flawlessly with the Fire Stick. All in all a good device .

    Mar 11,2018

  • Rodrigo Pavini
    Yes (2) Color: Black + Silver
    Incredible Projector
    Xgimi Prjector is awesome!
    The speaker is good
    The brightness in the day is also good.
    The hand gesture control is an excellent feature, easily to change the songs and videos.
    The picture quality and good everything as described.
    It came very well packaged, box and advisors everything ok perfect.

    Arrived in 15 days very fast I am satisfied.
    Could have come with 3D glasses

    Sep 28,2017

  • Esmeralda
    Yes (0) Color: Black + Silver
    Operation of the projector worked very well for the talk I gave in a largish hall with significant ambient light, getting the projector running out of the box was reasonably straight forward but the instruction booklet is opaque, it took three calls to the very responsive customer service number to get the remote to advance Powerpoint pages, the good news is that there was a remote in the box, was not clear to me from what I read before making the purchase

    Oct 11,2018

  • Robine
    Yes (3) Color: Black + Silver
    A Nice and Good-looking Projector
    Xgimi Prjector is amazing!
    The speaker is better than my tv set.
    The brightness in day is good too.
    The hand gesture control is one great feature, easily to change the songs and videos.
    The picture quality is actually better than the picture I took.
    none.I just love it.

    Aug 05,2017

  • Shuman Taroo
    Yes (3) Color: Black + Silver
    The brightness of this projector was really great and worked even in a bright room, the resolution is not high enough to show small words clearly, this would be fine for movies or big powerpoint presentations, i didn't know what resolution would be necessary for that type of thing, this is definitely not high quality enough for small text

    Oct 13,2018

  • Ann Semon
    Yes (6) Color: Black + Silver
    This is my second projector as I gave the first one as a gift to my Brother in law, the price point and the brightness is the best feature, this is the value series model and does a very good when I use it primarily for watching movies, i just use my wall as a the screen and the brightness is good even with one of the kitchen bulb turned on

    Sep 28,2018

  • Eduard Prokopchuk
    Yes (1) Color: Black + Silver
    XGIMI Z4 1080P DLP Projector HD 4K Aurora Home Theater
    My mom and I needed his pprojector to show cartoons to children from undrpriviledged families in a village in Eastern Ukraine and we are so happy we chose it!
    The picture is great and the colors are awesome!

    We also love how portable it is!
    It supports $k but doesn't output 4k (but that's in the description)

    Feb 24,2018

  • .
    Yes (0) Color: Black + Silver
    Delivery by courier. Shipping time less than a month.
    Great product! Everything is perfect. I am very satisfied. I recommend the projector.
    Have not

    Dec 16,2017

  • Randy E Ray
    Yes (0) Color: Black + Silver
    Speaker it has sounds tinny and weak for such a good quality picture, i am missing something you can not plug-in external audio, major flaw in an otherwise good product

    Oct 01,2018

  • meteor04
    Yes (0) Color: Black + Silver
    Great projector for a great price, can not comment on TV projection other than You Tube videos showed up just fine, this projector is bright

    Oct 04,2018