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  • kissman
    Yes (0) Color: White Size: 1pc
    Smart Ultraviolet Sterilization
    Very nice design and obviously functionality too. Be sure to glue the holder exactly how you want to on the first try, it's too late to change the decision later as it doesn't hold it glued so well which would be a big problem :) Also i think it matters which vertical side you will place the sterilizer inside the holder. The lightbulb should be pointing downwards when the WC lid is opened. Anyway it works as advertised. Be sure to notice red flashing light when the charging time comes. In my case it didn't yet.

    Sep 12,2020

  • Pam K
    Yes (0) Color: White Size: 1pc
    Nice little gadget
    Just got the device and it seems to function as advertised. I love how it’s designed. Nice and compact. It works!!! Then I charge it using a power bank so I don’t have to keep removing the light from the cover. The automatic turn-off function is very convenient and seems to work 100% of the time. It turns off the UV light when I put my hand in front of it, so that I am not hurt by the UV waves. I can't tell if the bacteria are actually gone/dead, but it's nice to know that I can easily sanitize surfaces at home!

    Jun 24,2020

  • djr
    Yes (0) Color: White Size: 1pc
    This is great. Very easy to use and compact in size. The sensor works. Although it takes a while to charge. So far it’s still working. So I guess it’s charging... I already bought several of this light! Gave it to my friends family. Useful during these pandemic times.

    Jun 29,2020

  • BigJohn54
    Yes (0) Color: White Size: 1pc
    Using in my bathroom
    I decided to buy this and placed it close to my toilet to kill the bathroom odors. It really works. My only problem is to remember to charge it with the included usb charger.

    Jun 21,2020

  • Woody64
    Yes (0) Color: White Size: 1pc
    Bug Free
    Arrived on time excellent quality and very good value, so easy to use I would definitely recommend this to everyone. I will be buying again very soon

    Jul 20,2020

  • Juergen Piszczek
    Yes (0) Color: White Size: 1pc
    Interessantes Gerät
    In der Zeit von Covid-19 ein interessantes Hilfsmittel zur Hygienisierung der Toilette. Funktioniert tadellos, die Wirkung bezüglich der Bakterien / Viren - Vernichtung kann natürlich nicht überprüft werden. Aber der Glaube versetzt ja bekanntlich Berge...

    Jul 25,2020

  • Yann
    Yes (0) Color: White Size: 1pc
    Fonctionne parfaitement
    après 3j d'utilisation cet objet est absolument incroyable. a la base acheté pour le troll, j'en suis très satisfait. l'aspect désinfectant il faudra voir sur le long terme mais désodorisant c'est super efficace ! très écolo qui plus est. ça vaut ses 15 balles

    Sep 01,2020

  • Vito_jr
    Yes (0) Color: White Size: 1pc
    Seems to work well
    Love this mini sterilizer! Its easy to recharge (using the provided USB cable) and works a few times before its time to charge again.

    Jun 29,2020

  • Tone
    Yes (0) Color: White Size: 1pc
    Great and works well
    Shipping was fast and the product was parked really well. Send to keep the odours away quite well. I'd recommend this product!

    Jul 24,2020

  • Martin
    Yes (0) Color: White Size: 1pc
    Xiaoda Smart Ultraviolet UV Lamp
    The device meets all my requirements, looks nice, quality manufacturer!

    Jul 27,2020