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  • PP
    Yes (7) Color: Black Size: 6+128GB
    Xiaomi Mi8 128Gb Black!
    Got the phone trough courier service in about three weeks after initial order, came packaged well, without any damage. Phone is really nice, very bright OLED 6.2 inch screen, glass back (wish i would order version in blue, black looks kinda bland). Photo camera is AMAZING, photos in low light are extremely good, portrait mode with bokeh comparable to DSLR or mirrorless cameras, definitely better than my old Iphone 6S plus, and the storage space of 128Gb will be enough for a lot of pictures and videos. Works with two sim cards, and together with Dual app and alternative workspace functionality, it is very easy to configure phone for personal and work profiles. It is global version, with locked bootloader, working NFC pay (contactless Android Pay), and very simple procedure to update firmware over the air in the future. Initially came with MIUI v. 9, which was updated to MIUI 10 on first boot. MIUI brings additional functionality to compare with MIUI 9, like full screen mode (no softkeys in the bottom) with gesture control. Battery life is very good, thanks to amoled screen. Wifi 5Ghz, double GPS receiver and all the bells and whistles of modern connectivity. It is the real phone upgrade for me, really glad with it. Well done Xiaomi!

    Oct 19,2018

  • Blackijones
    Yes (1) Color: Black Size: 6+128GB
    Sehr gutes Smartphone für wenig Geld
    Ich war seit über 10 Jahren nutzer einer Apple Handys und ich bin froh das ich dieses Model gewählt habe um auf Android zu wechseln.
    Die Marke Xiaomi ist in Deutschland noch nicht so angekommen und wenn gibt es Produkte bei Saturn und co die veraltet sind und überteuert verkauft werden.

    Geliefert wird das Smartphone in schlichter und schönes Verpackung mit Ladegerät, ohne Kopfhörer aber dafür gibt es eine Silikonhülle und eine Displayfolie dazu.

    Die Verarbeitung des Handys ist echt hochwertig.
    Wer hier übrigens einen Klinkenaschluss sucht, sucht vergeblich. Es liegt ein USB-C Adapter mit bei ähnlich wie die Konkurrenz.

    Der Bildschirm wirkt grandios, durch die Helligkeitseinstellungen hat man auch bei starker Sonneneinstrahlung keine Probleme.

    MIUI ist ein stark angepasstes, auf Android basierendes Betriebssystem von der Firma Xiaomi. Das Betriebssystem wird fortlaufend weiterentwickelt. MIUI wird durch unabhängige Entwickler in andere Sprachen übersetzt und entsprechend in inoffizielle Versionen portiert.
    Ich komme wirklich super damit klar und kann nichts daran aussetzten der Google Play Store etc funktioniert im übrigen auch super und tadellos.

    Einmal eingeschalten überzeugt das Gerät bis dato in beinahe allen Punkten. Scrollen, Apps öffnen, fotografieren, entsperren, spielen, schreiben, alles funktioniert unverzögert und tadellos. Auch das Entsperren mit der sogenannten FaceID funktioniert in Deutschland wenn man das Land z.B auf Indien umstellt. Ein Fingerabdruckssensor auf der Rückseite sorgt ebenfalls für eine Erleichterung.

    Der Akku ist mit 3400mAh zwar auf dem Papier im Vergleich kein Spitzenreiter, überzeugt aber beim tatsächlichen Gebrauch. Mit einer Akkuladung, die übrigens in gut 1 1/2 Stunden erledigt ist, komme ich bei Normalgebrauch locker 2 Tage über die Runden. Spiele wie Hearthstone ziehen in etwa 10% / Stunde, PUBG~ 15%/h. Always on Display sowie permanente mobile Daten und WLAN (+ ein bisschen Bluetooth und hier&da mal Facebook) verbrauchen im Zeitraum eines Arbeitstages (+ hin und Rückweg) ca. 15-20% der gesamten Kapazität.

    Nichtmal Spiele wie PUBG auf höchster Grafik bringen das Mi8 ins schwitzen, ganz im Gegenteil ich konnte auch nach einer Stunde zocken keine Hitzeentwicklung wahrnehmen.

    Die Lautsprecher (der Lautsprecher?) ist passabel, Lautstärke gut, Tonqualität ok.

    - Hauseigene Mi Apps ohne root nur zum Teil löschbar. Hierbei handelt es sich allerdings wohlbemerkt um Apps, die lediglich Platz am Bildschirm verbrauchen, sonst aber nicht weiter störend sind.

    Jun 07,2019

  • Mariana
    Yes (2) Color: Black Size: 6+128GB
    Honest Review (after 3 months)
    I bought Xiaomi Mi 8 3 months and I waited to review because I wanted to give you the most honest review.

    About the order:
    After the order was placed, I found it weird to not see any shippyng process, so I contacted Gearbest Support and they helped me.
    The order came in 20 days after it shipped.

    About the package:
    Very well done. The order was wrapped very well, no damaged or anything. Inside the phone package, Xiaomi placed everything really nice. It's a really nice unboxing.

    About the phone:
    The first thing I want to say, that that is the best thing, it's the fact thay Xiaomi is always updating, it's always fixing any bugs and updating the security packages, which is amazing and kinda unique in phones these days.
    The photos are amazing and the quality isn't disapointing. The images are clear and with the most quality that the camera can deliver. It could have more work and updates though, but i'ts already good.
    The battery is awesome. With a 100% charge, it gets awake for 2 days, with me watching movies and videos.
    The display of the phone is very good. I know some people don't like the nodge, but I gotta say it looks beautiful on the phone. And while watching movies or youtube videos, it's not a bother.
    The touch is really good and soft. As the touch id. The touch id is almost instant.
    The software still needs a lot of work, but works perfectly, the updates don't slow the phone, not even a bit. It has a lot of customization options to do.
    The design is absolutly amazing. I believe it is the most beautiful phone I have ever seen.

    The parts that I dislike about the phone. About the notifications. It needs an update to show the notifications icon at the top of the phone. That's the thing that I miss the most. One other thing is the notification light. It's not that shinny and I would like that I could change the color for diferent apps notifications.

    Anyway, I really recomend this phone. I love it.

    I don't thing I have anything else to say. I'm gonna atached to this review some photos I've taken with the phone.

    Feb 03,2019

  • Javier Andrés
    Yes (1) Color: Black Size: 6+128GB
    Excellent product - It's Amazing!!!
    The experience I have had with the Xiaomi Mi 8 has been very good, especially at the screen level, fluidity and performance. A smartphone as versatile as powerful that has not batted before any use, as demanding as it was, and that under a notch that begins to plunge all its carriers in a halo of homogeneity still brings some freshness with gestures that make navigation very comfortable, and that they are missing when they no longer have.

    With a good construction, it is relatively compact despite not being small, and above all it is very comfortable to grip. Something slippery and with a new aesthetic for the rear camera that gives us quite déjà vu, but keeping the touches that the Mi lineage carries in their genes for some generations and with quality materials.

    The improvements fit especially in sound, where they have not managed to stand out at least as far as that external speaker (also missing a stereo sound). What seems to compensate them is the elimination of the 3.5 millimeter jack because they have already maintained it in several terminals, although at least they are willing to deliver an adapter from this connector to USB type C.

    The camera has given us an experience of all kinds of colors, smells and tastes. Good shots day and night, but also others that leave to be desired, yes, with good results in video and a very complete app (although we played it). Maybe we will see improvements with updates, when there is a more stable software.

    In general, what we have to see is also that the experience in terms of performance has no buts, that the layer may like us more or less and that we probably deal with some adjustment or app that we prefer not to have, but the fluidity prevails in the navigation through the software of this terminal

    Dec 16,2018

  • Xiaomi mi 8 // global // 6/128 GB
    Yes (4) Color: Black Size: 6+128GB
    My recommendation for the Xiaomi mi 8. From an Apple iPhone customer in the UK
    When I ordered this phone, I was sceptical at first because I had many questions and worries because I was so used to buying iPhones.
    I wondered if I’ll ever get used to the different layout, whether the phone is reliable or high enough quality considering it’s a fairly new brand with little recognition.
    However, now that I have received it I know that I won’t go back to an iPhone.
    1. It’s faster than most iPhones (including the X)
    2. The layout was very easy to get used to and master (within 2 days). Also, transferring all my data between phones was easy using google drive as very helpfully instructed when setting up the phone- it was effortless!
    3. The company is not greedy like Apple ( xiaomis only have 5% profit mark up, compared to 50% + on iPhones) and is also very fan focused. There is a helpful Xiaomi forum app which is pre installed, where you can recommend improvements and get answers for all your questions about using a Xiaomi.
    4. Their phones are very affordable and just as good (in some ways even better than Samsung’s and iPhones).
    5. I can go into the details of the great camera, display, processing specs and their advantages over Apple iPhones but I’d be here all day. Look for yourself, quality and performance wise I see this phone in particular somewhere between the iPhone 8+ and X.

    This phone is worth it without a doubt, I’m glad the biggest smartphone companies are getting a run for their money. Their brand image as a reason for premium pricing is starting to crack.

    In short, the Xiaomi mi 8 is a high end phone in all respects, with medium range pricing.

    Dec 18,2018

  • Alex
    Yes (4) Color: Black Size: 6+128GB
    Xiaomi Mi 8
    Il cellulare è a dir poco eccezionale, la versione Global 6/128 è arrivata a casa a soli 10 giorni dalla spedizione e sono pienamente soddisfatto.
    Per 400 euro è assolutamente un best buy, l'autonomia è molto soddisfacente, si parla di una giornata piena sotto stress o due giornate con utilizzo social, messaggistica e chiamate, la fotocamera da top di gamma con intelligenza artificiale ed addirittura quela frontale non è niente male, esteticamente da 9, schermo AMOLED perfetto, al pari degli ultimi prodotti della Samsung e prestazioni al top su ogni applicazione.
    La spedizione non aveva il tracking e consiglio l'assicurazione (per pochi euro, una decina), pagate con paypal, ho aperto un ticket per richiedere assistenza su alcuni miei dubbi ed è stato fulmineo, nemmeno 5 minuti per rispondermi, gentilissimi, qualche incomprensione ma tutto sommato ottima assistenza.
    Il pacco è arrivato integro con BRT, NOTATE BENE un fattore importante prima dell'acquisto, verificate che il prodotto sia disponibile, poichè sicuramente è arrivato in 10 giorni di spedizione, ma è anche vero che ho dovuto aspettare 3 settimane prima che il pacco partisse poichè era andato fuori stock, attenzione.
    Nel complesso è stata una buona esperienza, ottima assistenza, spedizione veloce per i tempi di questi siti, prodotto integro ed eccellente a dir poco ed inoltre mi hanno regalato dei bellissimi punti dopo l'acquisto, per oltre 10 euro di sconto per invogliarmi ad acquistare ancora, cosa che probabilmente farò visto l'ottima esperienza, assistenza in caso di guasto ancora da verificare ma incrociamo le dita!

    Sep 20,2018

  • vivicn
    Yes (0) Color: Blue Size: 6+128GB
    2 MI8
    Tarifié 1/3 moins cher que sur les autre site, j'en ai donc commandé 2 en version global.
    1 pour moi et 1 pour ma belle fille qui avait un besoin urgent de remplacement de son smartphone.
    Commandés le 05/12 je les aient reçu le 19/12 alors que la livraison théorique était entre le 21 et le 25/12.
    Sincèrement, je tire mon chapeau à GearBest pour cette livraison jusqu'à Bordeaux en France.
    Je devais partir à Belfort France pour les fêtes de Noël et donc de remettre son téléphone à ma belle-fille.
    Quel doux plaisir qu'ils soient arrivés dans les temps.
    Colissimo de la poste Française avait sur-emballé les précieux au motif "emballage abîmé", bon point pour se service de la poste.
    A leur déballage les boites sont très peux abîmées sur les angles.
    Le déballage des appareils est un grand bonheur.
    Commandés tous les deux en bleu ils ont chaqun le chargeur prise type Française,
    le cable adaptateur USB C vers mini Jack
    et une coque de protection transparente qui permet de conserver l'aspect bleu du téléphone.
    A sa mise en fonctionnement le précieux nous propose la langue d'utilisation Français
    et d'initialiser le compte Google pour tout restaurer. Le play store est bien présent.
    Les mises à jour système se font sans problème via le wifi ou le réseau GSM 4G+.
    Ma belle fille et moi sommes ravis de nos nouvelles acquisitions.
    Français, vous pouvez commander la version global sur GearBest sans aucune crainte.
    Je mets quelques photos pour imager mes propos ;-))

    Jan 03,2019

    Yes (0) Color: Blue Size: 6+128GB
    Я в восторге от него
    Можно много говорить про этот телефон, но чтобы не тянуть кота за хвост я вам скажу сразу: -Сцуко он великолепен. Приобрёл именно в синем цвете так как стандартный чёрный цвет который все берут уже надоел. И я ни сколько не пожалел. Сразу на него взял хорошее стекло от mofi и стёкла защитные на камеру. Пользоваться данным телефоном одно удовольствие. Я не использую разблокировку по лицу, а пользуюсь просто сканером. Хотя пробовал и разблокировку по лицу, но не моё это. Google Pay работает превосходно. Производительности хватает на всё.
    Единственным недостатком могу назвать лишь небольшую ёмкость аккумулятора. Для такого телефона была бы ёмкость аккумулятора в 4000 самый сок. Но и этого хватает на день работы. Хотя я не самый активный пользователь.
    О всех тех недостатках которые пишут многие пользователи не замечал. Наверное проблемы есть у тех, кто их ищет и ковыряется в прошивке.
    Телефон советую к приобретению.

    Был немного разочарован тем, что отправили телефон только через месяц после оплаты. Всё завтраками кормили. Но за это я попросил компенсацию небольшую в 200 поинтов. Да и упаковывать мне кажется стоит получше, надувная упаковка стоит не дорого, а сохранить посылку поможет.

    Dec 24,2018

  • Ido Aflalo
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: 6+128GB
    Flagship Phone with All of my US LTE Bands
    We were so impressed by this phone that we bought two more. Honestly this phone seems like a what you would get if Apple and Samsung had a baby! It not only has outstanding cellular reception, it is beautiful and extremely high quality.

    Setup was so easy, all I had to do was touch my old phone and the new one together and everything automatically transferred to the new phone via NFC. If your old phone doesn't have NFC you can use the Google app called "Files"and it will transfer everything from the old phone to the new one! Such an Easy process!

    After applying the easy update the phone operating system is now at the latest version of Android 9.0. I can not believe how good good the battery life is on this phone. Easily two work days of use on one charge.

    The phone arrived faster than what was promised and its everything I thought it would be. By the way. the camera is extremely fantastic with many many options such as portrait mode, Nighttime setting, Slow Motion video etc.

    If you have ever owned a Samsung phone, the theming options are very similar to what Samsung offers. There are literally a thousand or more options for customizing the phone software aesthetics. ( for free) I predict that Xiaomi will find great success in the US market.

    I love my new phone!

    Apr 19,2019

  • Juan Salvador
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: 6+128GB
    Buen producto
    Muy contento de la compra, móvil muy elegante no pesa demasiado, contiene el idioma español además de otros muchos al ser una versión global, va muy fluido y rápido, bien de sonido y fotos espectaculares. Lo de la huella dactilar es la primera vez que lo uso y me encanta, es una forma rápida de desbloquear el teléfono de forma segura. También le he realizado una prueba con app antutu con el teléfono con batería al 25% más o menos y me entregaba un resultado de 288.000 puntos osea que es un resultado bastante bueno a pesar de que lo hice sin batería al 100%.
    La batería me dura 2 DIAS !!!!!! algo impensable en otros móviles que he tenido, aunque imagino que con el paso del tiempo eso se recortará por el desgaste de la misma.

    Lo que no me gusta, pueden ser los iconos los veo algo sosos y la galería de imágenes yo le daría otra forma de organización.
    También me he fijado que aveces si el teléfono está en reposo he notado que no le entran los WhatsApp pero puede ser cosa de mi red wifi (la de casa).
    Y que el teléfono es completamente compacto es decir, que sí con la batería hubiera algún problema si o si tendría que llevarlo a algún sitio especializado para la sustitución de la misma.

    En resumen, es un gran teléfono y me alegra haberlo comprado en la oferta ya que cuesta mucho más caro. Pienso de momento que he hecho una gran compra.

    Dec 17,2018