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  • Simona
    The perfect phone
    I have been using Xiaomi Mi 9 SE for 7 days and I'm really happy I chose this phone. I have been using iPhones for the past 3 years and I decided I wanted to try an android. Best choice ever! The screen is big and bright, the camera quality is incredible, the design is beautiful, the phone is fast and powerful, it charges in an hour and lasts for 10 hours of usage. The case included in the box is thin and comfortable but it is a fingerprint magnet and the camera extrudes a little so I advise you to buy another case. It was really easy to get used to. I was worried about camera quality and Android OS but I was pleasantly surprised - all camera modes shoot high quality pictures, I can't get over how good they look, it is like they have been taken with a professional camera; the os is pleasant to the eye and really customizable. If you like taking timelapses, it might not be perfect for you because it doesn't have them in camera app and the apps in the play store are not the best. Regarding fingerprint scanner and face unlock, they are fast and reliable, face unlock works even from the side and fingerprint scanner works through screen protector but you will have to add the fingerprints again. On the side note, be careful with the shipping. I chose Registered Netherlands Post and I thought I wouldn't have to pay any taxes since it is shipped from the Netherlands. My mistake, the seller didn't pay any fees so I had to pay additional 60 euros. However, I wrote gearbest support and they were able to refund me half of the price (I got 30 euros after 7 days). If you are in Europe, choose priority line, I read that if you choose this method, you won't have to pay any taxes. In conclusion, I can't believe I got such an amazing phone for a price that low. I am never going back to Apple.

    Jul 08,2019

  • Zauzolkov Igor
    Лучший по соотношению цена/качество.
    1) Единственный компактный (по современным меркам) телефон среди новинок за последние месяцы.
    2) NFC
    3) Процессор и память
    4) Нормальный экран и без чёлки (но с каплей)
    5) Современные примочки: сканер отпечатка в экране + разблокировка по лицу + always on display (отображение информации на выключенном дисплее).
    К слову, разблокировка по пальцу работает нормально. Почти без ошибок и быстро (1 секунда). Но палец не успеваю прикладывать, т.к. ещё раньше срабатывает разблокировка по лицу. Очень удобно. Гораздо лучше, чем всякие пароли и графические ключи.
    6) Хоть и не большой, но НОРМАЛЬНЫЙ аккумулятор. Все почему-то говорят, что маленький (3070 мА⋅ч), но amoled экран, небольшая диагональ и новый процессор делают своё дело. У меня получается так: с 6 утра до 21 вечера без подзарядок, экран включён 2-3 часа (интернет + звонки), 6 часов музыки через наушники по wi-fi (в уши вставляю эпизодически, но музыка играет постоянно) и к концу дня остаётся более 60%. Но это без игр и видео.
    7)Интересно выглядит
    1) зажали сканер уведомлений (в старшей модели есть)
    2) GPS навигация могла бы быть и получше. В простых условиях всё ок, но на сложных развязках, круговых перекрёстках и т.д. указатель иногда "тупит" или "срывается". Чем это лучше, чем на бюджетных телефонах трёхлетней давности? Может поправят в следующем обновлении?
    3) Стекло пачкается. Даже, если у вас чистые и сухие руки, задняя стенка через некоторое время непрерывного пользования будет покрываться разводами. И это прям сильно заметно.
    Честно говоря, относить это к недостаткам бессмысленно по той причине, что так ведёт себя любое стекло и керамика, а у пластика другой недостаток - он

    Aug 20,2019

  • Evgeniy
    Smartphone fire
    Fast shipping, reliable packaging! On the phone: the body is monolithic, does not creak anything. Made of quality materials + glass, very cool in the hand. An excellent 5.97 "AMOLED display with a density of 432 ppi, pixels are not visible. The colors on the screen are vibrant and natural, the viewing angles are maximum! Ironically, the Snapdragon 712 processor is very smart! Together with 6GB of RAM, there are no brakes at all, all games fly! In the AnTuTu test, I counted 208522 parrots, the performance is enough for a long time! The camera is cool, the pictures are very good, especially if you install GCAM, the stock is still a little raw and worse in quality. 2SIM Nano format! By autonomy, 3070 mAh battery is easily enough for a day active work, LTE all day + calls. The new fast charge is lightning fast! NFC is there and it works fine. The phone is global version. After connecting to Wi-Fi it was updated to the latest MIUI. I was satisfied with the purchase. I definitely recommend the seller and the goods!

    Aug 27,2019

  • fra_m
    Ottimo medio di gamma
    Il telefono è costruito davvero bene e si usa discretamente bene con una mano (provengo da un HTC M9, quindi un 16:9).
    Il software è molto reattivo e facile da utilizzare con un sacco di opzioni per personalizzarlo. Abbastanza veloce anche il lettore d'impronte sotto al display anche se ci sono telefoni che fanno di meglio. Il display è fantastico e in più supporta l'HDR, la luminosità adattiva lavora bene. Lo speaker nonostante sia mono ha un buon volume, peccato invece per il jack (c'è comunque l'adattatore). Lato ricezione per adesso non dà alcun problema, quasi sempre in 4G+, l'unica cosa che non convince è l'eccessivo battery drain in standby, che comunque dovrà essere sistemato con un aggiornamento (o in alternativa flashare la miui italiana). La qualità delle fotocamere è eccezionale per la fascia di prezzo, non ci sono molti medi di gamma con tripla fotocamera. La 48mpx è la stessa del Mi9 mentre le altre due sono leggermente diverse ma entrambe comunque molto buone, lato software a volte sovraespone il colore principale (es. nelle macro) ma con la gcam migliora parecchio.

    Jul 04,2019

  • Reviewer
    Best Phone Under 300€
    If you're in a hurry to read this review, let me tell you that this smartphone is a steal for the price it's being sold...

    I came from a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X, and I can say I made a nice upgrade in everything, especially screen (which with perfect blacks brings perfect colors), build quality (which is simply amazing for the price), and cameras, that besides versateis take incredible photos).

    There is nothing in this price range that competes with this Mi 9 SE, the most similar cell phone is the Samsung Galaxy S10e (due to its size) and although excellent in all respects, it is not in the same price range as Mi 9 SE.

    In conclusion, I did not feel that I lost much by choosing Mi 9 SE rather than Mi 9, especially since I'm not a gamer, and all other aspects are quite similar, just missing the autonomy of my old Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X, and due to this I give this device ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Jul 15,2019

  • Israel Martínez
    Xiaomi Mi 9 SE, Gama media premium
    Después de 7 días de uso puedo decir que estoy muy satisfecho con mi compra.
    Es un celular muy fluido, con buena relación Calidad/Precio. Los materiales de construcción dan la sensación de tener un celular de gama alta.
    La cámara es muy buena incluso en las fotos nocturnas.
    La velocidad de carga es de 1 hora aproximadamente.
    La funda que incluye tiene una buena sensación en la mano.
    El celular es pequeño, cabe perfectamente en la mano y es muy cómodo.
    Lo pedí en color azul y visualmente se ve hermoso.
    Una desventaja que he encontrado es la batería, hay ocasiones en las que he tenido que cargar mi celular porque no me duró la carga para todo el día.
    Fuera de ese punto, es muy buen dispositivo, altamente recomendable.

    Jul 07,2019

  • karl
    Mi 9 SE best-looking phone this year
    I decided to upgrade my old Redmi 3 to Mi 9 SE i now I think this is one of my best decisions i have ever made. It's really awesome device considering its price point and specifications.. The size is perfect. The camera's are great, the optical zoom is a nice feature, use it all the time. The battery life is decent despite the size of the battery. Finger print reader and face recog is quick enough.Thanks to NFC I can pay via my phone - great feature. Brightest and speaker volume are both decent, screen is lovely.

    Aug 02,2019

  • Jean
    Excelente smartphone, ademas de bello.
    No pensé que este smartphone era tan bonito. Estéticamente, nada que decir, por delante y por detras. En cuanto a hardware, tampoco se queda atras, siendo de una gama media, yo creo que apunta mas a estar casi entre los de gama alta, digo por sus prestaciones. En lo que respecta a software, bastante agil, programas de sistema no redundantes, lo justo y necesario. E instalando diferentes aplicaciones, se comporta a las mil maravillas. Respecto a la camara fotografica, toma buenas fotos brillantes y nitidas, con luz y de dia. De noche, le cuesta un poco. Bueno, creo que es normal en los smartphones en general.
    Puntaje 7,5/10

    Jul 30,2019

  • DVD47
    Très bel appareil
    Je suis Xiaomi pour mes smartphones et ceux de qqques amis depuis plus de 5 ans (Redmi2Pro/3Pro, 3S/A1/A2)
    Je remplace mon Redmi3 Pro par cet appareil dernier cri pour sa puissance, son design, sa capacité NFC, sa capacité mémoire, un bel appareil au plan technologique

    - bonne prise en main. Une taille d'écran HQ qui me convient parfaitement , une bonne luminosité
    - un smartphone (version globale) très simple à paramétrer, très réactif, couvrant ttes les bdes 4G en France
    - une fonctionnalité GPS au top avec notamment la capacité de capter ts les GNSS (y compris Galileo) un eqt au top
    - et ttes les applis de base tournant sur Android 9.x sont pré-installées

    Pas d'avis pour l'instant sur la partie photo, mais l'appareil est très prometteur

    Aug 06,2019

  • Ben
    Great Service
    awesome service, only took 3 days to get from Hongkong. Really fast! Love this Mi 9 SE Global Version cellphone~!Love this Mi 9 SE Global Version cellphone~!Love this Mi 9 SE Global Version cellphone~!Love this Mi 9 SE Global Version cellphone~!Love this Mi 9 SE Global Version cellphone~!Love this Mi 9 SE Global Version cellphone~!Love this Mi 9 SE Global Version cellphone~!Love this Mi 9 SE Global Version cellphone~!Love this Mi 9 SE Global Version cellphone~!Love this Mi 9 SE Global Version cellphone~!Love this Mi 9 SE Global Version cellphone~!

    Sep 11,2019