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  • Seb
    Yes (1) Color: Golden
    Best phone for me definitely. Love the big screen.
    This phone blew me away. I was so skeptical about buying a Chinese brand phone... From a 3rd party website on top. But I am so happy I did. I have been using my xioami max for a couple months now, it is is everything I could have expected and more. Works perfectly... Seems durable. Love the UI .. very simple and customizable ... I got the cheapest one and it never lags... Screen resolution is great and having this mega screen is so good. Makes typing easier... I have big hands and I am an artist so I have been able to use it as a sketchbook... Photo editing is awesome... And general use is just great! I honestly never thought I would write a review... But yesterday I tried out the new iPhone 7... And thought to myself. . There's got to be a reason why it's 1000 dollars more expensive than my phone. But after testing it. I would stick with my Xiaomi. Surprised myself big time.
    Okay. The camera is not the very very best. But mostly in low light. But I use the camera professionally and I have never really had an issue. And it shoots great 4k video. So.... That makes up for the slightly grainy low light photos.
    The big screen might be too much for some people to use one handed.

    Dec 16,2016

  • Matthias
    Yes (0) Color: Golden
    Xiaomi QUALITÄT! SUPER Performance!
    Wie von Xiaomi gewöhnt top Qualität, super Performance. Nachdem mich Redmi 3 überzeugt hat und es seit 1,5 Jahren einwandfrei läuft auch Freunde, Familie auf Xiaomi gebracht. Es ist wirklich nicht notwendig das doppelte bis dreifache für vergleichbare Handys auszugeben! Xiaomi hat es drauf sehr gute Qualität zu super Preis anzubieten. Wichtig (zumindest gemäß meiner Erfahrung). Kauft normale China Global Version! International Version insbesondere mit China Mobile Branding schlechte Erfahrungen gesammelt. Auch Finger weg von India Version. Also ganz normale China Global Version mit Playstore. Kann man nichts falsch machen. Die verschiedenen Bezeichnungen sind etwas verwirrend. Selbst bei verschiedenen online Shops unterschiedlich.
    Das MAX ist mit stattlicher Größe eher etwas für die Frau (die sets Handtasche trägt) von Welt. Oder für Mann der immer Rucksack, Laptop- oder Handtasche dabei hat. Nicht unbedingt Hosentasche tauglich. ;-)
    Gibt eigentlich keine. Für 155 Euro top Preis- Leistung! Persönlich würde sagen zu groß. Aber Frau die es nutzt ist begeistert...

    Jun 17,2017

  • Алексей
    Yes (0) Color: Golden
    Xiaomi Mi Max
    Фаблет хорош. Сборка отличная, ничего не трясется и не скрипит. Производит впечатление не дешевой вещи. Цвет золотой в жизни выглядит приятней чем на картинке. Экран FHD c хорошей цветопередачей. Серфить по инету само то. Для тех у кого рука не маленькая, самый раз. Книги читать гораздо комфортнее, не говоря уже о фильмах. Можно поиграть в игрушки, процессор Снапдрагон благо позволяет. Вообщем если знаешь конкретно как ты будешь его использовать это лучший выбор по такой цене от известного брэнда.
    Минусы это опять его размер. Использовать его для частых звонков не удобно. В кармане упирается в ногу или можешь сесть на него. Чехол еще больше усугубить проблему. Но это если ты ожидаешь от такого кингсайза мобильности, а в жизни получаешь шесть с лишним дюймов великолепия. Но это уже вина покупателя а не девайса. Оперативы всего два гига, но вроде при работе это никак не сказывается, а вот на цене сказалось бы точно.
    Так что минусов считай и нет, своих денег он точно стоит.

    May 14,2017

  • Flavinho Bueno
    Yes (0) Color: Golden
    Big smartphone!
    Um grande smartphone! Aparelho bem fluido, funciona muito rápido e instável. vale a pena o dinheiro investido.
    Excelente para ver videos e até mesmo mandar mensagens e rede social, dei um de presente para minha mãe que é idosa e ela adorou. Recomendo o aparelho.

    A great smartphone! Very fluid apparatus, works very fast and unstable. It's worth the money invested.
    Great to watch videos and even send messages and social network, I gave a gift to my mother who is old and she loved it. I recommend the device.
    O aparelho é muito grande e pode se dobrar ao usar calça jeans.
    Também recomendo adquirir versões de 64 ou 128 gigas, pois a de 16 gigas é muito pequena a memória

    The device is too large and can fold when wearing jeans.
    I also recommend getting versions of 64 or 128 gigs, because the 16-gigabyte is very small memory

    Jul 31,2017

  • Mahdi
    Yes (0) Color: Golden
    xiaomi mi max
    the phone itself amaze you. great LCD panel. great hardware despite I ordered 2 GB ram but it is really fast specially in gaming. you wont believe SD650 with adreno 510 is really powerful that I even installed 2 GB game in sd card but still it was handling it really well.
    anyway fast charging, middle camera and powerful flash,led notification and wonderful miui rom really is worthy.
    nothing and I think the phone by this price is a gift from the seller.

    Jun 11,2017

  • Adolfo
    Yes (0) Color: Golden
    Bravo, Xiaomi
    Para la mayoría de la gente este teléfono resultaría enorme a priori, pero una vez que lo tienes no quieres nada más pequeño. Bueno, sí, el Xiaomi Mix, que con el mismo tamaño de pantalla es significativamente menor; pero cuesta tres o cuatro veces más. Este Xiaomi Max es excelente en todo, pero especialmente por su batería. La sensación de no depender del cargador, y perder el miedo a quedarse sin carga, vale mucho más que los 160 euros que cuesta el móvil.
    El fork de Android característico de Xiaomi, MIUI, resulta incómodo para quienes preferimos Android puro. En ese sentido, Lineage OS hace que el teléfono parezca otro, y es la guinda perfecta para este móvil.

    Aug 07,2017

  • Eric Diniz
    Yes (1) Color: Golden
    Excellent smartphone, very fast and responsive. The screen has an excellent quality! The camera for photos during the day is ok, the night leaves something to be desired, the rest is well worth it.

    Feb 12,2017

  • Simão Pinto
    Yes (0) Color: Golden
    Item very Good!
    Good quality of construction!
    Xiaomi is the best
    Product of great size, good quality of construction.
    Good material both exterior and interior.
    A xiaomi is to be congratulated.
    I do not have bad points.
    Only 1 that is: Do not have the Instruction Manuals in Portuguese !!

    Dec 28,2016

  • Bilal Ahmed
    Yes (0) Color: Silver
    mi grand
    a very great phone very big screen
    all excellent
    worth buying

    Jan 30,2017

  • Silvia
    Yes (0) Color: Golden
    Xiaomi Mi Max 2/16
    Awesome display
    2GB of RAM enough for everyday use
    Long lasting battery
    Very fast

    Very difficult to handle with just one hand

    Jan 28,2017