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  • Alexei
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    Happy customer
    Эти ребята спасли мй новый год!
    Заказывал на другом сайте изначально но там промурыжыли 3 недели и сказали что нет больше товара не хочу ли другой. В конечном итоге пришел в этот магазин и заказал из HK склада тк доставка DHL всего 16$. Рассказал в суппорте что подарок на НГ и ситуация ужасная, меня бесплатно поставили на приоритетную доставку и уже через 6 дней телефон был у меня! В итоге подарок на НГ дошел даже с запасом.

    Сам телефон отличный, особенно если у вас крупные руки! Чатится можно 1 рукой без проблем, дотянутся большим пальцем до строки адреса уже тяжело НО:
    Научился держать телефон так чтоб он словно лежал на 3-4 пальцах, тогда большой палец достает везде!. Чтоб удобнее было на кнопки навигации тыкать активируем функцию Quick Ball. В ней есть шорткаты на кнопки навигации и тогда вообще супер.
    Экран отличный, все супер, батарея вчера пока натсраивал телефон, апдейтил приложения и делал бэкапы выдала при такой нагрузке 6 часов работы экрана.

    First of all let me thank the GearBest team for the service, they saved my Christmas and New Year!
    This was a gift for Christmas and I had a really bad situation: at first I ordered with another store GeekBuying but after 3 weeks they told me they won't ship.

    I came to GearBest and the friendly assitant told me over the chat that if I choose a HK store the DHL delivery is only 16$ so I did that.
    Even better i told they support my situation and they put me on priority dispatch free of charge!
    In the end I got my order in 6 days: I ordered on the on the 21th of December and received it on the 27th. New Year saved!

    The phone is great! Big display but you can chat with 1 hand if you have big hands. You can place it on 4 fingers and operate with the thumb this way you can reach anywhere. Quick Ball setting helps a lot as you can add navigation virtual buttons.
    Battery is great, got the phone and started setting it up, backing up data, downloading photos and so on, intensive stuff. By the end of the day I got around 6 hours Screen on time and that's with everything in the background and 4g LTE.
    Из заднего кармана торчит все же

    Dec 29,2016

  • Primus
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    Excellent Phone
    I purchased this Products via gearbest online store and the product was a awesome product ever seen, i will recommend this product to any one who wants to bye portable phone, the camera was good, the battery was great one indeed, and the device arrived on time it did not delay, the only problem is only contacting the courier directly when the parcel is on the way. I am too happy getting a such quality phone at that good price, you cannot get such price any place.Gearbest online stores are the best so far, i highly rate them high and would recommend them, i would want any one to use the mobile App, it is more faster and and is very easy to use.Thank you Gearbest Team.

    Dec 16,2018


    We sincerely appreciate your feedback.
    We are happy to hear that you enjoy shopping with us at

    Thank you for your support.
    Many thanks!

    Best regards,

    Apr 29,2019

  • Slane
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    Great Phone
    I ordered this phone after reading about the Xiaomi brand. I wanted a large screen phone. I am so glad I did. This is one of the best phones I have ordered. The build quality is sturdy and I have no issues with it. The screen is bright and videos look amazing on it. I also use a OnePlus 3 which is one of the fastest phones I have used. But the Xiaomi is no slouch when it comes to speed. For everyday use it is fine. I have a 256mb memory card installed and it works great. I have tons of music and podcasts downloaded to the memory card. I use it daily with Android Auto and it works fine. I highly suggest this phone to anyone who is looking for a large screen phone.
    The screen is a little hard to see outside during the day. No other cons.

    Nov 18,2016

  • Paulino
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    Gran teléfono
    gran teléfono, gran pantalla, gran autonomía, gran marca. Un teléfono muy bien hecho, a pesar de sus impresionantes 6,4" no es para nada grande, de hecho tengo un libro electrónico de 6" que es bastante más grande que este teléfono. Es un poco mayor que un teléfono de 5,5", pero nada que asuste. La autonomía es otro punto a su favor muy bueno, horas y horas de pantalla. La cámara a pesar de no ser una réflex cumple sobradamente. Miui muy bien,como siempre, incluso puedes encenderlo con 2 toques en la pantalla. En resumen, si buscas un gran teléfono y no te importa el tamaño éste es el tuyo. Totalmente en castellano y actualizable vía OTA.
    pues poco que decir, lo único que tarda un poco en cargar, pero claro mas de 4000ma hay que llenarlos.

    Feb 12,2017

  • LondonGoddess
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    -The phone is bigger than your average phone, For a tall person like me 5'11, I wanted it to be bigger.
    -Im very impressed by it so far.
    The protective case in the brown packaging was bought separately.

    Thank you very much. Not too big, absolutely perfect. It was delivered very fast within 3 days despite the Chinese New Year holiday. From Hong Kong to London, uk. I'll be coming back to buy from you again. Regards. xxxx
    None, well I wish it was bigger, just being pernickety.

    Jan 28,2017

  • Fabrice Bernard
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    Screen size
    Battery life
    128gb rom
    4gb ram
    Processor speed
    weight is uniform and light
    QC 3.0 compatible
    MIUI 8.1 with french
    AC wifi
    Double tap to wake up option
    fingerprint sensor speed is so fast and convenient
    build quality is top
    sound speaker is loud and clear
    soon android 7 Nougat
    photo could be better
    NFC missing
    Qi wireless charging is missing

    Jan 21,2017

  • Roberto
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    Best buy
    Sono veramente soddisfatto di questo acquisto. Mi è arrivato in tempi rapidi con ITALY EXPRESS. La qualità del prodotto XIAOMI è riconosciuta, a cui va abbinata la professionalità e disponibilità di GEARBEST.0

    I'm really happy with this purchase. It came quickly with ITALY EXPRESS. The quality of XIAOMI product is recognized, to which must be combined professionalism and availability of GEARBEST.

    No one

    Dec 26,2016

  • Frisaq
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    very good smartphone for phablette lovers
    the mi max is a very solid phone, with very good battery life for social network lovers , big phones lovers, good camera in good light , but avrage in low light condition expected with any mid range device, overall performance very good
    the only cons is the size but it is the selling point of this phone, you can get the same experience in 5.5 screen with redmi note 3 pro (same every thing) so the size is not negative point and it s manageable ( very good for women) because it is not really pocket friendlly

    Jan 10,2017

  • Peter
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    Nice big phone
    I bought this phone 21.10.2016 and I have it in Slovakia 11.11.2016. This machine have nice bright display with best resolution .) Hexacore Snapdragon procesor is very accurate. You will never have the feeling that it lacks power.
    - best buy big phone

    Nov 11,2016

  • G.
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    Xiaomi Mi Max
    Dimensioni display
    Lettore impronte
    Double tap to wake
    Qualità costruttiva
    Leggerezza nonostante le dimensioni

    Ottimo device, spedizione veloce. La scatola ha una pellicola che sembra sigillata in fabbrica, quindi prodotto mai aperto come dichiarato. Rom Global originale, non farlocca, no bloataware ne pubblicità indesiderate.

    Feb 04,2017