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  • Victor Ramirez
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    Hermoso Equipo
    El diseño me parece excelente, tiene unos acabados muy precisos y se siente muy bien en las manos, la funda que trae con la caja es muy buena también.
    Al ser un terminal de 6Gb de RAM no tiene problema alguno en mover aplicaciones y juegos y la memoria de 256Gb es impresionante, siento que jamas se va a acabar de llenar.
    La batería también me parece muy buena, dura más de un día y para ser un móvil con una pantalla tan grande está súper bien aprovechada.
    Para ver películas o vídeos es impresionante, tiene una calidad y una definición muy buenas pero el problema es que no aprovecha al 100% la pantalla, se corta un poco tanto por la parte de arriba como por la de abajo, eso ha sido un fallo por parte de Xiaomi que no ha sido capaz de arreglar eso.
    Excelente equipo. Recomendado.

    Nov 03,2017

  • John
    Yes (3) Color: Black
    The original Bezel-less phone.
    A great phone with a beautiful design which gives the device an original look. The 821SD chip with 6GB of ram makes the phone fly in day to day use. So don't worry about it not being the latest and greatest SOC, most people won't even notice. The piezoelectric ceramics cantilever vibrating ear piece speaker works much better than I expected, as does the Sonic proximity sensor. The screen is bright and clear and I've never had a problem seeing the screen in direct sunlight. The edge to edge display is so emersive and 1080p is clear enough for most people The loud speaker is loud enough for normal use. One of the most underrated pros is the 3.5mm headphone jack. The 24bit DAC delivers outstanding sound quality
    The ceramic build makes the phone look great but unfortunately makes the phone slippery as a fish, especially if your hands are cold. So unfortunately your beautiful phone will never be out of the leather case that it comes with, but at least the case looks good. The camera is the most unimpressive part of the phone. In good light you can get some nice photos if you have a steady hand. The trick is to use the view finder as a shutter button and not the actual shutter button as that makes your hand shake and makes the pictures blurry, because there's no image stabilization.

    Mar 28,2018

  • Filip Frąckiewicz
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    This phone is beautiful that I can't stop using it.
    So in one of the discussion questions for this phone there is a question asking if the official leather case comes with the phone. Someone answered that it doesn't come with the official case. Well, in my case, the phone came with everything: the case, all of the cables, and the store threw in an EU adapter for the plug since the phone only comes with a plug for US plugs.

    Also, the phone I received did NOT have a shady reseller ROM installed or anything of the sort because as soon as I got it, I got an OTA update to the latest Global Stable version of MIUI.

    Lastly, the call quality is great even with the piezoelectric earpiece instead of a regular speaker.

    Shipping within the EU was very quick and hassle-free.
    The only cons I can think of is that the phone doesn't come with an EU plug and I have to use the American one with an adapter.

    Obviously, the original Mi Mix doesn't have the best camera but I don't take pictures so I don't care.

    May 12,2018

  • mannvomlande
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    Apr 28,2019

  • Miguel Oseguera
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    Personal review (usefull for Mexico and Latin America)
    • Very good characteristics for an great price.
    • In my country (Mexico), I realized that I can sell it for a much bigger price that the one I paid.
    • Amazing design, so elegant.
    • Screen space optimization.
    • Nice sound and graphics.
    • The phone works fine with the local net and 4G (Mexico/Telcel). You don't need to configure anything.
    • The MIUI 9 actuallization is available!
    • It comes with a case.

    Feel free to contact me if you need more information.
    • Very fragile and slippery! It slipped out of my pocket at a height of 40 centimeters and the screen broke, it still works, but you must ve very very carefull.
    • It's true that the phone comes with a case, but if you get that, it increases the size of the phone, and hide the grand design it has.
    • The spare parts (in my example, the screen) are difficult to find in most of the countries.

    Dec 06,2017

  • Gianni
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    Product very good
    I have bought this product for 400USD and I came from iPhone. I don't turn back because this Xiaomi mi Mix is a great phone, with a great camera and fantastic battery. Moreover there is a 256gb of internal storage in standar UFS, very fast. What else..nothing, it is a perfect phone!

    Nov 03,2017

  • Alessandro
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    Ottimo rapporto qualità prezzo
    Il prodotto è stato consegnato in un elegante pacchetto che conteneva gli accessori specificati all'acquisto.
    Il telefono ha ottime capacità di memoria sia interna che di RAM. Nonostante abbia un display molto grande è di facile trasporto, non ho mai avuto problemi a portarlo nelle tasche dei pantaloni.
    La fotocamera è ottima oltre per le foto anche per i video in HD, inoltre anche la ricezione delle telefonate che il servizio internet è stato sempre eccellente.
    Il prodotto è stato acquistato da un anno ancora non ho riscontrato degli svantaggi.

    Dec 19,2019

  • BAMaggoBa
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    Super Smartphone

    Also die Lieferung hat super funktioniert keine Probleme, Habe eine Sendungnummer bekommen und hatte jetzt bei mir aus Spanien 1 Woche gedauert bis es bei mir war. Das Smartphone finde ich für mich einfach richtig Gut. Schönes großes Display, also ich will das Teil nicht mehr hergeben es ist wirklich ein Super Gerät.
    Top Verkäufer kann ich nur sagen.
    Bin Zufrieden mit dem Kauf

    Vielen DanK
    Hab ich bis jetzt noch keine Gefunden.

    May 04,2018

  • Marec
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    Xiaomi Mi Mix 6/256GB niesamowity kombajn multimedialny
    Phone or TV? Here is the question :-) The phone is just amazing. Huge performance. Excellent quality of the equipment. Timeless parameters. Beautiful display. You have to see it live to fall in love. I RECOMMEND !!!
    As you know, the phone is very big. You have to get used to the size of phablet. More flaws I did not notice :-)

    Oct 15,2017

  • Sunil rana
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    Great experience of buying from gearbest
    Beautiful device..recieved in perfect condition.Its a marvel of technology and I feel proud to be owner of one..Beautiful design and fast with great battery life and camera is also good but not best.Thanks gearbest.

    Jan 05,2018