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  • Sergey Morozov
    3D artist
    Color:Silver Size:8GB + 256GB + GeForce MX150
    Recieved it not too quickly. Ordered it in the end of November, was hoping to get before New Year's Eve, but it shipped out only on 19th of Dec. and came to me in the middle of Jan.
    Package was great, box was intact, shipped via EMS to Moscow, Russia. Notebook didn't powerup until I connected it to power outlet, so it seems the battery was fully out? Strange.
    Next - one of the main questions for everybody, I think - Chinese to English switch:
    First I tried installing Windows 10 Home Single Language and the License Key DIDN'T work. But then I saw some info and tried reinstalling Windows 10 Home (NOT SL) and Digital License worked fine! So you don't need to buy another Windows License as many people think! Also you can get support from Microsoft regarding this and they'll help to solve this problem.
    Overally, very happy with the product after 3-4 days.


    Рус. :
    Здесь вкратце. Слали долго (точнее не высылали почти месяц, видимо, закончились на складе). Слал ЕМСос - принесли в офис, все отлично.
    Основной вопрос - переустановка винды на англ. -
    Просто переключить точно варианта нет. Надо ставить с флешки винду. НЕ СТАВЬТЕ Windows 10 Home SINGLE LANGUAGE (хотя с завода китайская именно SINGLE LANGUAGE стоит) - не подцепится лицензия. А вот на Windows 10 Home обычную подцепилась Digital License сама! Я , правда, на всякий случай и ключик вынул в cmd и залогинился в Microsoft акк. еще на китайском варианте, ну, может, чтобы прописалась лиц. к акку. Я еще и от суппорта Микрософта вытянул другой ключик пока боролся с активацией на Single Language варианте )))) но это отдельная тема.
    Shipping was not fast. Had to wait practically a month for the product to ship out!
    No specific information on switching chinese to english version of windows. Would help with assurance on ordering stage.

    Jan 19,2018

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  • Alberto
    Prodotto fantastico. Windows in cinese.
    Color:Silver Size:8GB + 256GB + GeForce MX150
    - Qualità del prodotto oltre le aspettative
    - Prezzo fantastico
    - Esteticamente gradevole
    - Robusto
    - Ottime prestazioni
    - Silenzioso

    Al primo avvio troverete Windows in lingua cinese; completate la procedura di primo avvio (assicurativi di effettuare l'accesso al vostro account Microsoft) fino ad arrivare al desktop. A questo punto create una chiavetta USB di avvio di Windows 10 in lingua italiana, reinstallate Windows dalla chiavetta appena creata e effettuando nuovamente l'accesso al vostro account Microsoft, troverete Windows già correttamente attivato, non sarà necessario inserire Product Key né fare altre operazioni. (Questa è la procedura nel dettaglio: E questa è la stessa guida in lingua italiana:

    La tastiera ha layout americano. Per poter digitare correttamente e fare le lettere accentate va impostato il layout di tastiera "Inglese (Stati Uniti d'America) - Internazionale".
    Per farlo basta seguire i passaggi illustrati nelle immagini allegate a questa review (osservare la posizione del mouse nelle fotografie per capire cosa cliccare)
    Per digitare "è" vanno premuti in successione il tasto dell'accento (in alto a sinistra, sotto il tasto "esc") e poi il tasto della lettera E. Stesso discorso per le altre vocali accentate. (Vedere video allegato)
    - Procedura lunghetta da seguire per avere Windows in italiano (comunque non complicato, vedi sopra)
    - Layout della tastiera americano (è possibile scrivere lettere accentate ed altri caratteri senza problemi, vedi sopra)
    - La spina del cavo di alimentazione è americana (l'adattatore italiano è incluso nell'ordine)

    Jun 03,2018

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  • Pascal Huppert
    Great Notebook for an awesome price
    Color:Silver Size:8GB + 256GB + GeForce MX150
    The Notebook is high-quality and looks awesome. The display looks great (although it doesn't get very bright), it is quick (especially storage), it boots up very quickly and silently and the fingerprint reader is great.

    Windows was in Chinese and the language could not be changed. However, since Windows 10 licenses are not limited to language, a clean installation of Windows 10 Home in English or any other language will work just fine, doesn't cost anything and will be activated. Just make sure to connect the laptop to the internet before reinstalling windows (not sure if that's necessary) and after installation (mandatory). There are no drivers needed except for the ones windows will install automatically.

    The trackpad is a Windows Precision one and thus works perfectly.
    The keyboard backlight does a good job in the dark.

    Regarding I/O, the laptop is well-equipped with USB-C and 3 standard USB-ports as well as HDMI and an Audio Jack. Basically everything you could need. Do mind that the USB-C port does not support Thunderbolt.

    Battery life is ok at a few hours. Expect having to charge after around 6 hours of use. Charging is very quick with the right charger. It takes only around 20-30 minutes to charge fully.

    The laptop is as light as you could ever want. It is easy to hold it in one hand and use it with the other.

    The hinge is perfectly adjusted. The display doesn't wobble but stays in place even when using the laptop on a bus. Still, it can be opened with just one finger if it's on a table.
    The keyboard is quite a hassle as, compared to the German keyboard layout, the button with the smaller and bigger than symbols is missing, but that was to be expected. The keyboard is fine to type on, although it could be much better.
    The keyboard is the only complaint I have, and it's only a minor one.

    In light environments, the keyboard backlight makes the keys unreadable. It can be deactivated by the press of a button.

    The RAM isn't upgradable.

    Feb 17,2018

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  • Mustafa YURTCAN
    Perfect Laptop
    Color:Silver Size:8GB + 256GB + GeForce MX150
    Manufacturer is TiMi and Model is TM1604

    Windows 10 Home License integrated to BIOS so can install any language you want with a USB (Windows Media Creation Tool).
    You can make a backup of your c:/swsetup folder if you like to save original settings. (Not Needed)

    I only needed
    wallpapers c:\\SWSETUP\Install\OEMSetting
    Dolby Application c:\\SWSETUP\Install\Audio_v6.0.1.8199_B60005020\DAX2
    And Mi Logo for OEMConfigurator c:\\Swsetup\OEM_System.bmp
    if you will install Dolby application, there will be a dolby logo at taskbar notification, so you can change presets.

    Windows 10 recognized all hardware so no need to install drivers
    Official Drivers:

    SSD is Samsung NvMe about 3350-3400 MB read, 1250-1400 MB write (Faster than Pro Version)
    Fingerprint Sensor is instantaneous.
    Very Light Weight and powerful
    Has a 2GB dedicated GPU (nVİdia Mx150)
    Sound is very good
    Has a full size HDMI port (With USB Type-C monitor support)
    Fan not kicked in usually when it is on not loud in normal use.
    TrackPad is very big and sensitive.
    Screen is very good (Glossy)
    Free SATA M.2 Port for further storage requirements.
    Priority line shipping came a month later.
    EU power plug adapter for charger is very bad. Can not hold the charger still. Must be changed.
    Charger cable is fixed to the charger, if you have a problem with the cable you have to change charger.
    Charger cable is short about 1.5 m long.
    Power Button place is very bad but it is stiffer than other buttons.
    Battery time is not that long if you are not in airplane mode. (That is understandable)
    F7 / Snipping Tool button not working after new windows install (probably Microsoft to blame.)

    Oct 30,2017

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  • Avacari
    Very good price for perfect equipment.
    Color:Silver Size:8GB + 256GB + GeForce MX150
    I paid $ 762.36 including shipping. Very good price for perfect equipment.
    Exactly like the announcement, no disappointments.
    Small, beautiful, lightweight, excellent material quality and optimum performance.
    No defect.
    The OS is Windows 10 Home in Chinese, as announced. I put a PRO-EN-US version.
    It took 4 months to arrive, but I did not pay customs fees in Brazil, possibly due to the accumulation of orders due to the customs agents' strike.
    Eu paguei US$ 762.36 incluindo frete. Preço muito bom para um equipamento perfeito.
    Exatamente como o anúncio, sem decepções.
    Pequeno, bonito, leve, excelente qualidade de materiais e ótimo desempenho.
    Nenhum defeito.
    O SO é Windows 10 Home em Chinês, conforme anunciado. Eu coloquei uma versão PRO EN-US.
    Demorou 4 meses para chegar, mas não paguei taxas alfandegária no Brasil, possivelmente pelo acúmulo de encomendas devido à greve dos agentes da alfândega.
    Nothing important.
    The charger outlet is not retractable as I thought and the cord is not pluggable or detachable. This makes transport a little more difficult.
    Nada importante.
    A tomada do carregador não é retrátil como eu pensei e o cabo não é plugável ou destacável. Isso dificulta um pouco o transporte.

    Feb 26,2018

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  • Alex
    Отличный компактныц но мощныц ноутбук
    Color:Silver Size:8GB + 256GB + GeForce MX150
    При своих скормных габаритах ноутбук имеет весьма производительное железо. Качество изготовления на высоте - если не заниматься перфекционизмом, то ни чем не хуже ноутбуков яблока. С учетом эксплуатации все эти мелочи сравняются через 1-2 месяца. Разрешениe экрана FullHD, что более чем достаточно для комфортной работы. Процессор не самый топовый, но очень шустрый - я бы сказал золотая середина. Памяти в 8 Гиг для большинства приложений хватает с головой. А вот винт думаю скоро нужно будет добавить еще один - 256 это только для работы, медиа контент особо не сохранишь. Очень удобна разблокировка отпечатком пальцем.
    По инструкции с с легкостью руссифицировал Windows - теперь никаких иероглифов. ))
    Планирую еще сделать лазерную гравировку русской клавиатуры, и ноут будет просто мечта. )
    Глянцевый экран выглядит очень красиво, но на ярком свете не шибко практично. Вентилятор под нагрузкой начинает шуметь... хотелось бы что бы был немного потише - в тишине некоторых будет напрягать.

    Nov 22,2017

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  • Gustavo
    Otimo ultrabook - Great Ultrabook
    Color:Silver Size:8GB + 256GB + GeForce MX150
    Extremamente portatil
    Placa grafica muito boa, roda jogos bem pesadinhos
    Bateria dura de 4-6 horas para uso normal, uso pesado dura aprox 2 horas.
    Tem como Colocar o windows em PT-BR com a mesma cdkey do windows chinês que vem com ele, só dar um jeito de logar no windows chines seu e-mail do outlook, e apos a copia limpa do windows, logar com o mesmo e-mail, que puxa a cdkey online da sua conta.

    Extremely portable
    The graphics card is very good, runs heavy games
    Battery life 4-6 hours for normal use, heavy use is around 2 hours of battery
    Has a way to put windows in your language with the same cdkey of the Chinese windows that comes with it, just log into the chinese version with your outlook e-mail and after the clean instal, log the same e-mail in the clean instal and the windows get the cdkey from your outlook account!
    Esquenta muito em jogos ou edição pesada! Esquenta muito mesmo!

    Heats a lot in games or heavy edition! heats a lot!

    Sep 15,2017

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  • Paolo
    Ottimo notebook
    Color:Silver Size:8GB + 256GB + GeForce MX150
    Il miglior notebook qualità/prezzo che sia riuscito ad individuare. Sono decisamente soddisfatto dell'acquisto in quanto ha un display e un audio fantastico, lo sblocco tramite impronte è efficientissimo e molto comodo, il PC è molto leggero ed è velocissimo in tutte le operazioni quotidiane. Inoltre l'ho utilizzato per elaborare qualche foto in formato Raw e si comporta egregiamente. Ho provato qualche sessione con Quake live e anche lì nessun problema. La tastiera retroilluminata è utilissima al buio ed è molto comoda e piacevole nella digitazione. Questo PC, abbinato ad un Mouse bluetooth ed a un Hard Disk esterno, è una soluzione ideale per chi si sposta spesso ed ha necessità di uno strumento efficiente, economico, leggero e potente da portare sempre con sé. Consigliatissimo.
    Bisogna reinstallare windows 10 per averlo in italiano e i driver, per questi ultimi, io ho utilizzato un programma che ha fatto tutto in automatico. L'adattatore dalla presa cinese alla presa italiana è incluso nel pacco, tuttavia la presa cinese non si "incastra" nell'adattatore, ma si infila soltanto; pertanto la presa deve essere appoggiata verticalmente sull'adattatore per evitare che si sfili. La tastiera ha il layout americano: per me non è un grosso problema, ricordando il posizionamento dei tasti a memoria, ma per qualcuno potrebbe essere un'altra seccatura da tenere in conto. Ovviamente la spedizione è lenta per chi è abituato a standard da "prime".

    Oct 14,2017

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  • Andrew
    Possible the best in its class considering the price
    Color:Silver Size:8GB + 256GB + GeForce MX150
    I'm actually typing this review on this incredible laptop. The keyboard and trackpad is a joy to use. Very responsive, comfortable. Build quality is just more than excellent. Even the retail packaging is super. Xiaomi is truly in the same level of quality as Apple. The screen is bright and clear and you can open this laptop with one hand. 13.3 size is the best compromise here because you are having a very powerful machine in super portable size. Battery life is great too. I do manage to get around 7 hours from it with pretty hefty use. The posts are feeling extremely solid and strong. Built-in AKG sound is pretty nice. It even has some base! I was very impressed.
    There are a few cons, however, I want to make clear that they are not very important, to be perfectly honest. First of all, chargers cable is pretty short in my opinion and worst of all - that cable is not attachable, it's fixed, so you can not change it. It would be awesome to get multi-levels of keyboard light, not just on and off. And backlight on some buttons are not perfectly even, you get a bit of light leakage on some buttons looking from the angel. Still, better than nothing. Overall, that's a very solid product.

    Jan 30,2018

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  • Jan
    Top Notebook.
    Color:Silver Size:8GB + 256GB + GeForce MX150
    Wirklich schönes Notebook mit sehr guter Hardware Ausstattung.
    Sehr hochwertig verarbeitet.
    Lüfter drehen bei Office Aufgaben nicht hoch, sind nicht zu hören.
    Habe die Lüfter noch fast nie gehört (nach einer Woche täglichen Betrieb).
    Ist wirklich sehr zu empfehlen, einziger Kritikpunkt meinerseits ist die Akkulaufzeit, scheint so auf 6h rauszulaufen (Ohne Spiele).
    Aber mit Quickcharge wird das Book von 20% auf 90% in ungefähr in einer Stunde aufgeladen.
    Treiberpaket gibts es zum Beispiel auf "Techtablets" (dot com).
    Win 10 muss man natürlich vom Bootstick installieren, der Win 10 Key wird dabei übernommen, man braucht also keine Win 10 Lizenz zusätzlich kaufen.

    Wirklich tolles Book, das alle Notebooks in gleichen Preisbereich, die man bei uns kaufen deutlichst um Längen schlägt.
    Bisher rein gar nichts.

    Apr 16,2018

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