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  • DavidAdrianMR
    Yes (1) Color: Black Size: Domestic Edition
    La camara 360 PERFECTA!!
    Excelente Camara. Facil de Usar. Se configura de forma sencilla con el celular. De preferencia usarla con la MicroSD de alta tranferencia (Las que especifica la aplicacion) para una mejor respuesta y evitar calentamiento. El tiempo de duracion de la Batería es arriba del promedio. Depende de su uso obviamente. Si se está constantemente conectada al celular y grabando dura hasta 2 horas, las cuales son mas de lo requerido al realizar tomas 360. Si se usa en modo Timer es excelente. Uno puede ir caminando y programar que cada 2,5,10,30 segs tome una foto. Excelente para realizar un recorrido, no perder ningun detalle y ahorrar batería.
    En fin, es una camara sencilla, hay que cuidarla de la humedad y cambios bruscos de temperatura porque puede experimentar condensacion (Como cualquier camara). La bolsa que viene con la camara es excelente! De preferencia, siempre tener una microfibra supersuave y muy limpia, ya que el cristal es delicado en cuanto a la grasa que pueda contener una microfibra, de preferencia destinar una exclusivamente para la camara. El tripie que viene con la Camara es de muy buena manufactura, resistente y practico. Al mismo tripie puedes agregarle un Palo de Selfie y funciona excelente, pero eso si, debes de tener cuidado en lugares donde hace aire, ya que puede voltearse y hacer que la camara se golpee si se llega a caer. En general, estoy sumamente contento con mi compra

    Oct 12,2018

  • Chris
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: International Edition
    Very happy with the results
    I'm very happy with this purchase. The physical camera is really solid, the resulting 360° photos are crisp and the videos are very smooth. This is my first 360 camera so I can't say how it compares to others but I found it to be very high quality.

    The reason I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is because the Mi Sphere software was a bit tricky to find and install... Though this may just be the Australian Google Play store. There's the "Mi Sphere" software which the Play Store wouldn't let me download because it said my tablet was incompatible, even though my tablet is a Xiaomi Mi Pad 4! There's also the MadV software which is for what appears to be a differently branded version of the same camera which was glitchy... FINALLY I got it working by downloading the official "Mi Sphere" APK from outside the PlayStore. (Just be sure to get it from a reputable source)

    Once it was set up it was just brilliant. One interesting and unavoidable thing I noticed is that if you have a lot more light going into one lense that the other then you get a weird halo effect... Otherwise it's perfect.

    I've linked to a video I took with the Mi Sphere attached to a selfie stick as I walk through Santiago de Compostella.

    Mar 25,2019

  • Joe
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: International Edition
    Must have stuff
    I bought this product 1 month ago. It works properly how I expected from Xiaomi.
    Very good and sharp pictures. The video is also good.It does 4k videos however in Samsung Gear VR it is blurred and pixelized.
    The mobile app is very good, but the desktop app did not work to me. I recorded many videos and it took a while to download and convert them with my phone. Here I have to mention that the camera heats after 20-30 minutes. The metal frame bacames so hot you even cannot hold it in your hands. I don't think it's good to the battery.
    In overall Im satisfied with this product. I would be much more happier if the desktop app would work and the remote controllel would not be so expensive (available only on Amazon) as conecting with your phone all the time and using it just to remotly handle your shots is a bit bothering to me.
    One more comment: why the front lens is on that side where the led indicators are? Because of this (i didn't know that before) all my videos has been recorded in a wrong direction, therfore in VR glasses i have to turn 180 degrees every time.

    Dec 12,2018

  • PerspectiveZ
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: International Edition
    Wonderful add to your visual needs
    What a great tool to capture an immersive experiential image! No longer are you hindered by trying to frame your subjects as now there IS no frame - your world and surroundings is your frame! I am still playing with it but it sure is a new way to capture a moment in time.

    The image quality is great - even in low light. It's ultra compact - travels with me everywhere (little tripod attached). Very good with image stabilization. Love how you don't need your phone to make it work as you're on the go (just to set up the initial recording type / length / etc.) You can review it all later. You'll be shocked at how well it seams together the edges.

    It runs a little warm and does drain battery after continuous use (a few hours worth) but you can charge it while you use it (your cord may be in the picture) with an external 3rd party battery-pack.

    Keep in mind that in order to view the photos, you need to be wary of how you usually view it. Google, social media, etc. Do research on how you'll experience / share them afterwards as many sites don't cater to 360 content.

    Mar 09,2019

  • SkyAlex
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: International Edition
    Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere 360 3.5K
    Camera davvero ben concepita, di facile utilizzo e molto robusta, dal rapporto qualità/prezzo eccellente, come ormai Xiaomi ci ha abituato con i suoi prodotti!
    Controllabile in tutte le sue funzioni dall'app (per Android e iOS) scaricabile gratuitamente dai rispettivi store.
    L'app consente anche un leggero post editing, convertendo direttamente dallo smartphone, le immagini e video in formato corretto per la visione a 360°sui social network e permettendone la pubblicazione diretta!
    La qualità dei video è abbstanza buona e quella delle foto ancora meglio! Il software compone le immagini in modo quasi perfetto, rendendo invisibile, o quasi, la cucitura tra le riprese dei due obiettivi della cam! Davevro ottima!!
    A corredo della Cam trovate un piccolo e pratico treppiede ed una comoda custodia.
    Unico neo, la batteria non è rimovibile ma la cam funziona anche mentre è in carica, quindi potete usare una piccola power bank, magari attaccata al treppiede, per le lunghe riprese (oltre i 70 minuti).
    La batteria non è rimovibile

    Dec 10,2017

  • Brendan
    Yes (6) Color: Black Size: Domestic Edition
    Excellent Hardware, App has room for improvement
    -The camera is quite compact and has excellent build quality, the perimeter is black aluminium which dissipates heat quite well and allows video recording of 1hr 45mins.
    -Comes with a neat tripod which doubles as a handle
    -Photos are great quality and resolution (there is some purple fringing around bright light however)
    -The video quality is 3.5K and very good compared to competitors 4K, especially in low light
    -There are many manual controls EV, ISO, Shutter Speed (shutter speed 1-8 sec on iOS, 1-32 secs on Android)
    -Comes with a neat carry bag that is felt lined on inside and waterproof rubber on the outside
    -Its waterproof, rated IP 67
    -When paired with a selfie stick can be used in standalone tripod mode (see attached photo)
    -As an english speaker be aware that the manual is only written in Chinese and the iOS app is about 75% english (I used Google Translate App on iPhone to translate).
    -The iOS app needs to be improved as there is reduced video output resolution vs Android, and output of stabilised video is only possible through the current version of the iOS app
    -There is currently no video editor for the iOS app, however once video is saved to Camera Roll you can edit (trim) it there.
    -Needs a timer for photos in standalone mode as fingers get in the way when pressing buttons
    -Transfer speed of photos/videos from camera to phone could be improved
    -Doesn't have livestreaming functionality

    May 25,2017

  • Ataru M.
    Yes (1) Color: Black Size: International Edition
    Great camera, fast shipping
    This isn't my first 360 camera. I also own the "old" Ricoh Theta M15. I liked it (and it still works great) but video quality was poor. For 360° video you really need 4k -or more. I saw a lot of review and the Xiaomi Mi Sphere Camera seemed the best choice for me, so I bought it during a flash sale (I payed it about €193). The camera works great: before I left for my holiday I did a simple indoor test and I liked the result (see YouTube link). I watched the video in Virtual Reality, too, and it was quite enjoyable and "immersive". I made more photo and video tests during my holidays, but I still have to watch them (I hope to publish some of the new video soon). The only problem I noticed is that the camera gets really hot, especially when you turn the wi-fi connection on. It doesn't seem to affect the performance. I think it's really good camera for the price.

    Aug 29,2018

  • pjano
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: International Edition
    Cheap for 360 4K Videos
    My expectations were really high for this camera, since I have been using 4K GoPro Hero5 as my helmet-cam. The 360 is really cool but definitely not as crisp as a GoPro, which is better designed for helmet use (but not 360). There are no extra attachments that come with the camera, only a tripod, which I have taped to the top of my helmet, but I will have to use my own screws/bolts to probably attach it to my bike for a better angle. The charger is a standard cable which is really good compared to GoPro which has it's own cable. The files are also not as big as I expected, and I use 120 Gb SD which lasts ages. Overall I recommend this camera if you are interested in trying out 360 videos, but it you want something extremely high quality, spend more money to get one of the top-of-the-range 360 cameras.

    Nov 06,2018

  • ein User
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: International Edition
    Mal was für Leute, die kein Englisch können:
    Die Kamera in der Int. Edition kommt in einer kleinen Pappschachtel mit Kamera, Ministativ, Tasche und Bedienungsanleitung in Englisch. Die App zum Einstellen von Kameraparametern lädt man sich nach Scannen des QR-Codes im Bedienungsheftle herunter. Alternativ kann man im Playstore nach "Mi Sphere Camera" von MADV Technology suchen (für Android-Geräte).
    Beachtet unbedingt das Menü "Einstellungen" in der App (das Rädchen oben rechts in der Ecke). Geht alles in Ruhe durch. Das erspart euch Frust. Um zwischen einzelnen Panorama-Arten umzuschalten, beachtet bitte den Menüpunkt "Preview mode".
    Meine Kamera funktioniert tadellos (habe bei anderen Versandplattformen schon frustrierte Nutzer erlebt). Die Drei-Knopf-Bedienung an der Kamera ist einfach und selbsterklärend. Werde die Kamera jetzt ausgiebig testen...

    Nov 01,2018

  • Ferraldo
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: International Edition
    Semplice da usare, ottimi risultati
    Si tratta della mia prima fotocamera a 360°, l'ho scelta dopo aver constatato che internet è pieno di recensioni positive di questo prodotto. Ottima ralizzazione, ottimi materiali, e questo vale sia per la fotocamera che per gli accessori a corredo: perfino il mini cavalletto da tavolo da una sensazone di accuratezza costruttiva e di solidità. Semplice nell'uso, anche se alcune informazioni non sono fornite nel manuale. Ho avuto problemi, all'inizio, nel trasferimento dei files allo smartphone, ma tutto ha cominciato a funzionare a dovere dopo l'aggiornamento del firmware della fotocamera. L'app Android è ben fatta e semplice da usare, mentre il software per Windows è meno intuitivo e meno pratico. In conclusione un ottimo acquisto, che sto già segnalando agli amici interessati alla fotografia a 360°.

    Nov 23,2018