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  • Razin80
    Rewelacyjny produkt
    Lampa jest niesamowita. Takiego produktu normalnie w sklepie nie kupisz, zaskakuje jakością wykonaniem i możliwościami. W ogóle nie ma porównania do tego co jest dostępne w marketach. Zamawiałem z magazynu GW5. Do paczki dołączona była przejściówka na nasz standard wtyczek sieciowych. Sama lampa w ładnym i solidnym pudełku ze zdjęciem lampy na przedniej ścianie pudełka. Zawartość to lampa, przewód z zasilaczem i instrukcja. Lampa wykonana bardzo dobrze i precyzyjnie, jest ciężka i większa niż wydaje się na zdjęciach. Podstawa to aluminium, która płynnie komponuje się z białym kloszem. Klosz sprawia wrażenie wykonanego ze szkła, ale do końca nie jestem pewien. Na górnej powierzchni są umieszczone dwa przyciski: główny włącznik i przycisk zmiany trybu pracy. Za jego pomocą można zmieniać rodzaj światła. Przesuwając palcem po górnej krawędzi zmieniamy natężenie światła lub kolor w zależności w jakim trybie pracuje lampa. Sterowanie z aplikacji działa świetnie. U mnie podpięta jest do iPnone'a i Huawei i wszystko działa bezproblemowo. Ogólnie podsumowując, wykonanie na najwyższym poziomie, unikalny i przyciągający wzrok wygląd i ogromna ilość możliwości. Sprawia naprawdę frajdę.
    Absolutnie brak

    Apr 21,2018

  • hanizzo
    New Version also a gateway for bluetooth devices
    Recently I purchased the new Bedside Lamp by Yeelight (Company that produce for Xiaomi). It's the upgraded version of the first release. The main change made in this model concerns the connectivity. Instead of only supporting WiFi this version has the ability to connect with Bluetooth. I can hear you thinking: Why adding Bluetooth if you got WiFi allready? Xiaomi will produce new sensors (like temperature sensors) that only contains a Bluetooth module. Products that have both WiFi and Bluetooth build in will operate as a gateway to those with just Bluetooth in it. Besides the connection the color of the bottom is changed from grey to bronze. I really love this lamp. It's Easy to use on both Yeelight and Mi home app. Controlling the brightness on the lamp itself is also fun to do.It looks great in my living room or in a bedroom.

    Dec 10,2017

  • caitlin
    You have any hesitation buying such an expensive light bulb, but this bulb is really a fantastic deal all around, it's shockingly easy to use ; just screw it in and connect your phone to it's WiFi and it sets itself up, it was easy to connect the light and now Siri will turn it off and on and change the color on voice command, i've only had this light for a couple of days but I'm already sold and plan to buy more for the other lights in the house I have it in the bedroom now, the only downside is the look ; I have it in an open fixture that's made of copper wire and it doesn't have that old fashioned look of incandescent bulbs, but when the light is on you don't really notice anyway and I think it's a small price to pay for this cool of a bulb, unlike some other smart bulbs, you can still use the light switch, I thought that wasn't important but recently went to my brother-in-law's house and he has the Phillips ones so you can't use any of the light switches, sometimes you just need it to work like a regular light

    Aug 18,2018

    The Xiaomi Yeelight bedside lamp is one of the popular products of Xiaomi Smarthome system. It uses high CRI osram LED, offering 16 million RGBW lights for your year-round choice. With simply touch and slide, you can adjust brightness and colors as you desired. Also, special lights design provides you different scenarios. Moreover, you can control the Yeelight lamp for more fun using the dedicated App. With the Xiaomi Yeelight bedside lamp, you can enjoy a colorful life by your heart. In conclusion, the Mijia Bedside Lamp offers a similar design the same stellar performance as Yeelight Lamp but is improved by adding WiFi function. As a newly-coming member in the Mi Home ecosystem, the Xiaomi Mijia Bedside Lamp is worth buying to built a better smart home.

    Feb 01,2018

  • Staceface
    I would like to clarify one config issue that was not clear to me from the product description and LIFX website, you do not have to operate the bulb in the same network as your smart phone or tablet, I have an Internet of things IoT wifi that is separate from my normal WiFi, then you can switch back your phone to your normal network and still control the bulb from your phone, technically it means you control the bulb remotely all the time instead of via the local WiFi, the setup was quick and painless, this bulb also proofs to me that smart lights should not have to rely on a hub,'s decision to use the cloud as hub seems right to me, one word of caution : I look at smart bulbs as a complement to non smart light solutions, I would not rely on all lights in my place being smart to avoid sitting in the dark should the smart bulbs ever get compromised, overall still a great product

    Jun 24,2018

  • juan
    Muy hermosa lampara, un excelente adorno para tu dormitorio. Calidad impecable como siempre.
    La lampara es excelente, sin encenderla luce muy bien, bastante minimalista, un concepto que me agrada mucho.La configuracion sencilla, recomiendo si no tienen dispositivos para casas inteligentes de xiaomi, no instalar la app que viene en el codigo QR (la cual es la app mi home) y descargar la app yeelight, es mucho mas sencilla que la que te indican por defecto.Los colores, uff, puedes cambiar el que quieras, es como tener una lampara de lava moderna se podria decir.Si eres de norteamerica escojer el plug chino ya que es igual al que se usa de esta lado (dos pines).Excente en todo, hasta en el empaque, muy bonito todo y tiene bastantes configuraciones en la app que deberias probar y mejor omito porque si son una buena cantidad.
    Obviamente los instructivos vienen en chino, pero practicamente no importa ya que la app viene en el idioma español y el dispositvo es bastante intuitivo con su dos botoneras y el panel tactil.Aunque en el modo brilante da una buena cantidad de luz, me lo imaginaba un poquitin mas brillante, nada de preocupar teniendo en cuenta que es una lampara para repisa a un lado de la cama en la cual necesitas iluminacion pero tenue aunque en mi opinion igual un poquito mas de lumenes no hubieran venido mal.

    Jul 13,2018

  • Robert Macrowan
    Had to have them
    I have two of the originals which I was using as lounge lights. They are great but I am using Google Home and getting as much of my house smart as possible. Yeelights work brilliantly with Google Home so these have replaced the ones in the lounge and the originals sit either side of my bed where they continue to work well. These two lights connected up fast and without problem (far easier than the various smart sockets I have bought). The pre set scenes seem a little colder than on the originals so a little tweaking on the color scale was necessary. I thought I was not going to like the bronze bases but its a very subtle colour and looks better in the lounge than the originals did. If you are into smart things these are a must buy.
    No, they are perfect but unusually GB forgot to include UK adaptors but fortunately I had a couple of spares

    Dec 29,2017

  • Игорь
    Светодиодная прикроватная лампа Xiaomi Mijia
    так сравнивать с прошлой версией не могу т.к. ее у меня не было ну коротко об этой лампе функций много можно выбирать яркость и цвет вручную через приложение ми хом можно поставить что бы цвета сами плавно менялись соответственно можно кучу сценариев поставить но датчики мои в пути пока нет возможности это сделать есть крутая фишка в управлении лампой через ми хом есть функция например хочешь определенный цвет наводишь телефон на любой предмет например жёлтый стакан фоткаешь его и сразу лампа загорается цветом какой этот стакан т.е. желтым ну и ручное управление цветами непосредственно касаясь самой лампы
    недостатков нет

    Jan 30,2018

  • Alex P.
    Умная лампа Xiaomi Yeelight
    Замечательная умная лампа Xiaomi Yeelight с возможностью управления по Bluetooth и Wi-Fi, а также с помощью сенсора наверху лампы. Цвета очень насыщенные и сочные. Как и во всех лампах Yeelight есть предустановленные режимы, например, "Восход", "Закат", "Просмотр ТВ" и другие. Покупал только потому, что удалось урвать по хорошей цене, особо в такой лампе не нуждался, но попользовавшись понял, что покупка полезная. Сейчас, когда световой день очень короткий, очень приятно просыпаться под режим "рассвет") Доставка в СПб - месяц курьерской службой IML, курьер принес прямо домой. Если отзыв или фото/видео оказались полезными - ставь лайк)
    При покупке выбрал вариант доставки без трека, после оплаты увидел, что доставка IML дешевле, написал в суппорт, чтобы изменили способ доставки и вернули разницу - способ доставки изменили, но разницу так и не вернули.

    Dec 09,2017

  • Ivan
    Great light
    Great little light! I wanted some mood light for the living room, to create a nice atmosphere. I first considered getting the smart bulb and some lampshade, but decided to go for this as the price is about the same and the ease of changing the color by touch is a nice plus.Overall, the build quality is really good, the light is actually a bit larger than I expected. The touch operation works really well, it also nicely integrates with Yeelight app, Mi Home app and also Google Home. No need for any gateways, just add the device in google home (set up device, "works with google", find Yeelight, log in) and you can control it with your google assistant, google home mini or whatever :)I am buying more as bedside lamps in the future.

    Nov 18,2018