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  • Dani
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    Great product, great video stabilization and versatility
    I give 4 stars to this product because, despite of being one of the cheapest 3 axes smartphone gimbal in the market, the stabilization is great, which is the main feature why I bought it.
    Although it's not perfect, overall, I'm very satisfied.

    I liked that it works great with Andriod devices, it offers great stabilization, and the app has some nice features (like object tracking and time lapse) that enable you to shoot some nice creative footage. The quality of the materials seems ok.
    What impressed me the most is it's outstanding battery life.

    I don't like that some features (like slow motion and dolly effect) aren't availbable for Android yet (I think these are only available for iOS at the moment). I read somewhere that Xiaomi (Mijia) is working on it and it should be available for Android in a near future.
    I also didn't like that the app doesn't offer for Android the option to lock exposure, which can ruin some of your footage.

    Compared to similar gimbals in the market, this one is a bit cheaper, simpler to use than other ones, and includes most of the functionality. Nevertheless, this gimbal is for a general recreational use. If you look for a more proffesional product, there are better options.
    I chose this one over other similar gimbals because I had the certainty that the app was compatilbe with Android devices. If you use iOS devices, other gimbals might be a better option.

    Overall, I recommend it.

    Aug 20,2018

  • Cheah
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    Smooth with Mi Gimbal
    Purchasing the Mijia Gimbal for my phone is definitely a great choice.
    The gimbal has a very minimal design where it comes with white give it a very premium feel where some parts are built in metal.
    The build quality is great, it is made by metal compared to others that uses only plastic.
    Surprisingly it holds heavier phones that other gimbals in the price range doesn't.

    It holds my Mi Max phone and works totally fine with it. The Mi Max is consider largest body phone in the markets where most of the gimbals are unable to hold, but it did and take smooth footage.

    The 5000mAh battery really is a good feature where it enables me to shoot long video without turning off my gimbal to rest. Even I have use for almost 4 hours in an event, the battery indicator doesn't dim a slot meaning the battery are still available.

    Holding the gimbal is not very heavy and does have a good grip to it. It is not very ergonomic with finger lines and crease to fit on fingers but it works just fine.

    Sep 23,2018

  • Mario Baquero
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    gimbal mijia
    Sin duda alguna estoy sorprendido con este producto, es genial, es lo mejor que encontrarás en el mercado, la calidad es excelente, su autonomía de cálidas, sun funcionamiento es preciso, su aplicación amigable, todo es muy bueno como todos los productos de esta marca, tus videos tendrán una calidad de cine y serán la envidia de muchos, demoró solo 20 días en llegar a casa, y el mejor precio del mercado por algo de gran calidad. Lo recomiendo 100%

    Dec 20,2018

  • Max
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    One of the best quality/price ratio!
    This product seems strong and is very easy to use.
    Thanks to the english iOS app called FIMI ( ), you can benefit of all its features and parameters.
    Clearly a really good investment.
    Don’t forget to calibrate the device with your phone in it before use.
    Easily done thanks to the 2 knobs!

    Dec 09,2018

  • Ryan
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    Great Gimbal, lots of features
    This is a great gimbal, which produces great results. check out YouTube for samples. lots of features and half the price of competition. Well worth it.

    Only thing to note is that the Chinese app has a few more effects than the English one but hopefully they update it so they are on par.

    Dec 06,2018

  • Rui Carvalho
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    Xiaomi Gimbal
    Gimbal with excellent build quality!
    Good battery life and ability to charge your smartphone.
    It contains at the bottom of it a threaded hole where it is possible to use with a tri-foot. Well-designed application with easy access to everything you need to use for quality footage

    Nov 23,2018

    Yes (0) Color: White
    Gostei muito mesmos
    Pesse no produto que gostei muito mesmos, agora meus vídeos vão fica muito excelente.
    Foi o que estava faltando para mim , tem boa construção de material , e muito fácil de mexer, agora sé ele não foce muito redondo na parte de baixo onde fica a pegada da mão, seria muito melhor na pegada.
    Fora isso e excelente para usar .

    Dec 15,2018

  • Pravin Navle
    Yes (0) Color: White
    Another great product from Xiaomi.
    It's buttery smooth when it comes to balancing your phone. Very easy to set up. The app is in Chinese but you won't face any problem in using it because of the icons that are there in the app. The packaging was too good. I would suggest Xiaomi to give a carry case along with Gimbal

    Aug 21,2018

  • terradness1
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    ottimo prodotto per fare video stabilizzati. molto facile da usare ,batteria molto duratura, un buon prodotto al giusto prezzo per divertirsi a girare video che non abbiano l'effetto "vomito". l'ho provato con tre telefoni e solo con uno ha avuto problemi di registrazione video. Si può usare anche con action camera formato goPro, sia con supporto che senza. Xiaomi promossa ancora una volta

    Jan 09,2019

  • Kames
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    Muy bonito, y barato
    El producto en su presentación inicial es muy bonito, su estética es muy cuidada al igual que su empaque, recuerda mucho a los productos de Apple, el estabilizador cumple su función como estabilizador de teléfonos, adicionalmente puedes poner una Gopro sin necesidad de aditamentos. Se puede usar de forma vertical y sus botones son muy fáciles de manipular, con una sola mano.
    Lo que si no me ha gustado es que todo, absolutamente todo viene en chino!, si desde el manual, hasta la app, todo está en chino y ni una palabrita en inglés o español, asi que para poder descubrir como funciona es mucho de ensayo y error, la app no se encuentra disponible en la appstore si no que se descarga directamente en la web.

    Aug 03,2018