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  • Kuwait buyer
    Yes (0) Color: Cadetblue
    Value for money
    1. 3d support
    2. Support on xda forum gets rid of Chinese UI and. bloatware apps, see the photo #2 with AndroidTV UI.
    3. Great picture quality. Get 12 feet image from 12.5 feet.

    1. Could not get ARC to work.
    2. Spdif port broken, can't see any red light to connect via optical as well as no sound out from spdif port
    3. Cannot control with my Yamaha AVR remote using CEC, although it has CEC in settings
    4. No support for Google assistant or alexa commands to turn off and on using smart home apps

    May 25,2020

  • Kathryn Arvanitis
    Yes (0) Color: Cadetblue
    I havent watched a movie yet and I'll update with more but I did test it out and compare it to my old projector from the discovery store, the tripod is nice for free and sturdy enough if you aren't wobbling the table it's on, update : I finally got it outside memorial day weekend and it works great I got a pvc screen with a black back and took pictures from almost dark to full dark it was a full moon too, the fourth one is just to show how good it looked at dark with even a dimly lit movie

    Aug 18,2018

  • Sir_Bacon
    Yes (0) Color: Cadetblue
    The Projector is very nice and compact and well packed, i like the fact that company gives the carry bag free with the projector which is very awesome, the another good thing about this projector is that most of the cable that is needed to connect the projector are also included in the package, still I would say its nice projector specially for the price

    Aug 05,2018

  • Keith Telesford
    Yes (3) Color: Cadetblue
    Nice projector, decent brightness and video quality, the video quality is actually pretty good, its perfect to watch movies and sports, the picture is actually pertty clear, i recommend playing with the settings to get an ideal picture, don't expect a super super bright projector though, for the price this is defintely a good projector

    Jul 11,2018

  • Mike Mooney
    Yes (0) Color: Cadetblue
    Being that this projector is very small and compact I was amazed at it's build quality as well as sound and picture quality, i use a sound bar for my audio but by adjusting the settings to your liking you can get some quality sound from such a small projector

    Jun 11,2018

  • Lorena
    Yes (0) Color: Cadetblue
    It's compact and has great picture, overall it's a great projector, the setup was clear and easy to follow and it works better than we had hoped for, sound quality is good on its own and picture quality is great very pleased with this purchase

    Jun 26,2018

  • sarah c
    Yes (0) Color: Cadetblue
    I did have to get a dark curtain to block my window from any sunlight to watch during day but overall brightness and picture quality is quite good for the money I paid, customer service was nice and got back to me within a business day

    Aug 02,2018

  • Yuval Carmel
    Yes (5) Color: Cadetblue
    This is a nice projector, it took some time adjusting the picture settings to get an adequate picture quality-so take the time to do that and you will enjoy it, prior to figuring out decent color settings I was about to return it

    Sep 01,2018

  • collegekidsurviving
    Yes (0) Color: Cadetblue
    This is a great projector for indoor and outdoor use, the picture looks clear and highly visible, i have seen the picture quality in a expensive projector and they look similar to this one

    Aug 23,2018

    Yes (0) Color: Cadetblue
    Did our first outdoor movie night with the kids and their friends, it was so much fun and the picture quality was way better then I expected, can't wait for our next movie night

    Jun 08,2018