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  • Caterina S.
    Yes (6) Color: White Size: 1pc
    I LIKE !
    Excellent lamp remotely controllable (also when you're out of home)

    You can choice cold or warm light, increase or decrease intensity, etc. Work Perfect !

    INSTALLATION (Europe):

    1) Turn "on" both WiFi & Bluetooth on your smartphone
    2) Your router need to have WiFi password protected
    3) Connect smartphone to router (WiFi)
    4) Download & install App "Mi Home" NOT from Google Play Store but directly from xiaomi site (
    5) Run app and when asked select as sever "Mainland China" #very important#
    6) Turn on lamp.. after some seconds the app will automatically find it, just click over & follow instructions.

    Remember that the app can be set in English language.

    When you do all operations previously indicated is good idea that smartphone/lamp/router are in the same room.
    Instructions in box are not so clear.. at first moment I find difficult put lamp at work correctly.

    Jul 27,2017

  • Maksym
    Yes (1) Color: White Size: 1pc
    Отличные лампы, хорошее качество, и не дорого!
    Покупал по скидке из телеграмм канала @ChinaGoodBuy, обошлись по семь баксов с копейками.
    Сами лампы отличного качества, каждая в упаковке. Немного больше чем мои старые Masux. Когда я купил первые LED лампы, я выбрал холодный цвет, через время начали уставать глаза и резать, так же старые лампы постоянно перегорали и надо было ходить менять их. В итоге решил купить такие лампы, чтобы можно было настраивать яркость свечения, и режим холодного или теплого цвета. Просто супер! Теперь постоянно настроил на теплый цвет, и вдруг понадобиться могу настроить на холодный. Но вряд ли понадобится так как они ярко светят и так.
    Видео -

    Apr 24,2018

  • Dmitriy
    Yes (3) Color: White Size: 1pc
    Xiaomi Philips Smart LED Ball Lamp
    Упаковка целая и не вскрытая. Дата производства - июнь 2017. Брал за 578 рублей. Доставка была СДЭК. С момента оплаты до получения 16 дней (г. Киров).
    Подключается через wi-fi. Управляется через приложение Mihome. Есть регулировка яркости и цветовой температуры. Не яркая, подойдет для торшеров и настольных ламп.
    При первом включении создает точку доступа philips-light-bulb_miap0534 без пароля и раздет по DHCP IP из сети
    После сопряжения попросила обновить прошивку. В Михом работает отлично.
    Внутри, похоже, стоит esp8266,т.к. при первом подключении (до обновления прошивки) виделась на роутере как ESP_9B0534.
    Чтобы сбросить лампу к заводским настройкам нужно 5 раз включить и выключить ее с промежутками в 2 секунды.
    На данный момент нет режима разработчика, поэтому нельзя управлять лампой из других систем (MajorDoMo, ioBroker, Domotics и т.п.)

    Jun 30,2017

  • Beagle
    Yes (0) Color: White Size: 1pc
    Good purchase
    Using it in France, through Mi Home App on my Smartphone.
    Was unable to connect using the European or Other server proposed in the App : it seems to work only when connecting to the China Mainland server. This should be clearly written in product description.
    Except this server connection issue, light bulb is working well, is easy to configure. Cold light is really bright, Warm light is less bright but creates nice atmosphere.
    4 scenes are proposed in the App (bright, warm, TV, Midnight) and you can edit and save the scenes you create yourself.
    Through Mi Home App, ability to create scenarios to automatically light or shut off, change scene... Scenarios can depends on others Xiaomi sensors to initiate scenarios.
    Good product.

    Feb 26,2019

  • Tomas
    Yes (0) Color: White Size: 1pc
    Perfect product
    I was looking for a simple WiFi operated bulb for the cellar where we often forget to switch the light off. Philips Zhirui met all my criteria and allows me to check on distant whether the light is on and if so to switch it off through Mi Home app. The pairing with Mi Home was without problem. Worth to mention I am using Mi Home app for several other Xiaomi devices as well (region app setting: Mainland China!!! - important). When I switched the bulb on and launched MiHome the app immediately recognised it and paired. Through the app you cen set up a scene, dimm the bulb, set the light temperature and of course simply switch ON/OFF. Deliver was fast - 10 days to the Czech Republic.I am very satisfied with the product and Gearbest service.

    May 02,2019

  • Rares
    Yes (0) Color: White Size: 1pc
    Working product.
    It's a lighbulb it lights up and does its job. It did not arrive defective. The light is pleasant and not too dim. Shipping was ok, in that it did arrive. Tracking sites provided a means to tack it and see where it is even though it was through unregistered post.
    Now comes the BAD part. The companion application is really BAD. The latest version from the appstore won't work so I had to take a version from november 2017 by searching the internet. The application has lots of crashes but I was able to obtain a code that allowed me to use it with my assistant. That is the important part. Works with voice assistant.

    Nov 09,2018

  • Vadim
    Yes (0) Color: White Size: 1pc
    Xiaomi Philips Smart LED Ball Lamp
    An excellent light bulb is one of the components of a smart home xiaomi! Holding the feel of the quality of the product and the production of the famous Philips brand light bulb is heavy compared to other analogs! The heat of the tap is as ceramic and not plastic as in cheap led bulbs! Connecting to the program and home network wi fi as simple as possible takes 1 minute! The light bulb itself is very bright and exactly corresponds to its declared power! I like very much that you can choose the light temperature from a cold white to a warm 5000 Kelvin! It is also very convenient to adjust the brightness does not always need the full power of the light bulb and it's very convenient to watch TV in the evening! I recommend the goods!

    Sep 08,2018

  • Bernard SALIOU
    Yes (0) Color: White Size: 1pc
    Great Smart LED lamp
    1 I choose this rating because the item was delivered in perfect condition and it works correctly.
    Like always with GearBest !!!
    2. I like it because the design is modern and in fact because it's smart connected.
    The price is correct too.
    3. The advantage of this product is that we can schedule a simulation of presence in the house even if i'm not there.
    And I can switch on the lamp has distance via my smartphone.
    There is 4 different intensity light.
    4. I recommend this item to my friends.
    The lamp need to be physically switched ON before using it.
    It's not a real problem but we don't forget to do it before leaving the house.

    Aug 07,2018

  • jaime Moreno
    Yes (2) Color: White Size: 1pc
    Vale o dinheiro ,mas precisa melhorar...
    Comecemos pelo melhor, não é cara e funciona normalmente.Não tem muita potência ,mas muda de cor quente para cor fria e tem ligação wifi através da app da Xiaomi.Acende e apaga através da APP e reduz a luminosidade também.
    O pior: Não é fácil de configurar e perde a ligação wifi com muita facilidade.Tem pouca luminosidade ,eu diria que dá cerca de 60 a 80 watts de uma luz normal.

    Dicas:Tem de ser configurada através do servidor chinês ,só assim aparece na app para ser adicionada.O app chama-se Mi Home e serve para várias coisas.Carregam na cruz de adicionar e vão a My Devices e procuram a lâmpada.Depois é emparelhar através do wifi.Não desistam á primeira.
    Boa sorte.

    Nov 05,2018

  • Kousa
    Yes (0) Color: White Size: 1pc
    Smart and usable
    First of all, I am sorry I bought only one of these light bulbs.

    Although I am not an expert, the item makes a very decent impression. I did not break it to see what is inside, but I am pretty sure the build quality must be excellent, hence the name Phillips and Xiaomi.

    As others have mentioned before, installation is straightforward; download and install the Mi Home app, choose the China mainland server, and you are done.

    The device is dimmable, and there's even the option to select the color temperature. But the main advantage is automation which can be used to secure your home.

    Oct 23,2018