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  • marantz
    Yes (1) Color: Blue Size: 6+128GB
    A true beast
    This mobile phone proves to be one of the best on the midrange category of the Xiaomi brand. Has all the perks that someone would need. Build quality feels so prestige and classy. Plenty of screen real estate, with great colours and crisp quality, smooth and fast response on everything. One of the impressive parts is the awesome battery and charging times; even if someone is in rush, they can charge it from ~20% to 100% in about 30minutes. Beast performance too. Google Play Services also installed!

    Jan 05,2021

  • Maurizio
    Yes (0) Color: Gray Size: 6+128GB
    Ottimo smartphone
    Ottimo smartphone, schermo grande luminoso, buona la qualità delle immagini, discreto l'audio. Molto veloce nel aprire e consultare le app. Ho provato alcuni giochi e risultano molto fluidi, il processore risulta molto performante.
    Buona l'estetica, telaio in metallo un pò pesante ma da l'idea di ottima qualità e robustezza. Buone le foto ed i filmati. E' il caso di dire che c' è qualita ed un buon prezzo. La batteria dura parecchio(due giorni).Rapida la ricarica. Lo sto utilizzando da quattro mesi e mi trovo bene e sono soddisfatto. .Sicuramente lo consiglierei

    Mar 27,2021

  • Andrew
    Yes (1) Color: Blue Size: 6+64GB
    give it 5 stars
    My phone is broken, so I hope to get a good replacement. I only need a smart phone to complete daily tasks. This phone performs very well. After using it for a few days, I was pleasantly surprised by its performance in the game, very smooth, because its screen refresh rate is 120Hz. The 6.67-inch size is a bit big for me, but watching the video will be a lot more interesting.
    I am also very satisfied with its battery. I can use half of the battery after one day. This is very good because sometimes you can't always find the charger.
    I will give it 5 stars! !

    Sep 16,2020

  • G. Hillton
    Yes (0) Color: Gray Size: 6+128GB
    works well for me
    Xiaomi POCO X3 is a great mid-range cheap phone. Using Snapdragon 732G processor, this is a very capable cpu, I did not notice any slowdown, it can handle everything I threw to it. Xiaomi POCO X3 is outstanding in all aspects. The camera is an AI four-axis camera. I have been testing the functions of this camera (macro, wide-angle, Selfie) and I am very impressed with it. It has a 5160mAh high-capacity battery, which is very suitable for high-power users. I like to watch a lot of high-definition videos on youtube, it works well for me.

    Sep 16,2020

  • pablo0066
    Yes (1) Color: Gray Size: 6+128GB
    Ottimo, veramente ottimo, lo sto usando da 10 giorni e l'ho caricato solo due volte, ok non ci gioco ma neanche il redmi note 4 si avvicinava a questo per l'autonomia, sempre fluido, mai un impuntamento, lettore di impronte perfetto, foto che per la classe in cui ci troviamo sono ottime, vengo da Mi A2 che pure faceva ottime foto ma qui siamo a un livello nettamente superiore, esteticamente niente da dire, è bello ma alla fine specie se si utilizza la cover di protezione sembrano tutti uguali, unica nota stonata il tempo di ricarica l'ho trovato molto più lungo rispetto a quanto si legge nelle varie recensioni, dal 20 al 100% 3h,30, non poco

    Feb 07,2021

  • Cruis02
    Yes (2) Color: Blue Size: 6+128GB
    My son broke his iPhone and I want to buy this for him. Because he mainly uses it to watch YouTube or play games. This phone has 6gb of RAM, which is enough to play normal games, and there is no problem when I test it. It has 128gb of storage space, my son can use it to store games, pictures and videos. The camera of this phone is very clear because it is equipped with four cameras. My son is very satisfied with this phone, and so am I, since it costs a fraction of the price of the Apple phone. Hope this comment will be helpful

    Sep 12,2020

  • Pedro Melo
    Yes (0) Color: Gray Size: 6+128GB
    This is a good deal
    The Poco performance and battery durantion are great.
    These two feature combined make PoCo a good aquisition specially if you want to play a lot.
    The Android based system brings an APP to optimise tour phone performance during game play, so you can get the most of it.
    Finger print reader is placed at the lock/unlock botton which makes it more reliable and easier to use than a on screen one.
    Camera is good allowing to capture great pictures, good quality and resulotion.
    I am satisfied with the purchase.

    Jan 10,2021

  • Yumi G.
    Yes (0) Color: Gray Size: 6+128GB
    Great backup phone
    Purchase as a backup phone
    It's really easy to use! 128G of storage space is enough for me to listen to my videos and Spotify music at any time, which is a great feature. And the quad camera, it has all the cameras I need, even better than the main phone I'm using. thank you very much!
    The phone has 6G of memory. This is enough, great!!!!!!
    Overall, this is a good choice. I believe there is a great team behind this.

    Sep 08,2020

  • Faith C.
    Yes (0) Color: Gray Size: 6+128GB
    screen is very smooth
    I bought this phone for my brother. He has been using xiaomi for more than three years. He wants to buy a cheap but reliable device. This phone achieves this goal, and its CPU settings surprised us. As it describes, the screen is very smooth, I tried to use it to play games and watch movies, so far there is no lag or delay at all, I am very thankful that I made this purchase decision

    Sep 14,2020

  • Dimitris
    Yes (0) Color: Gray Size: 6+128GB
    Product is good,service not so.
    Ordered it in September , received it in February. Meanwhile we had Brexit since 1st of January .My order came through UK to Greece. That means i had to pay half the price of phone in custom taxes. 130 euros extra. Money i wouldn't have paid if my order was reasonably late or gearbest had the common sense not to send it through UK.
    Anyway phone is as i expected.A solid Xiaomi ,quality phone with a very good camera,battery and sound. Best budget phone you van get with these money.

    Mar 01,2021