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  • Ricky
    Yes (0) Color: Deep Gray
    One of the best replacement phones.
    I purchased this phone as a replacement of a Moto X Play which has broke. I can definitely say that this is one of the most luxurious/premium looking budget phones you can get out there. I live in Canada so I did purchase this internationally. Bought it when it was on sale for $164.99USD. Including all my accessories total came up to around $171USD which is approx. $220CAD. So, would I purchase a phone like this for $220 UNLOCKED & Brand New in comparison to an iPhone? Simple answer, HELL YES. This phone is beyond optimal and smooth in terms of performance and with its added 4100mAh battery you will never find a phone on the market that is $220CAD and has a battery like this. I can confirm based on my usage that I can get a good 1 day 5hrs out of this battery before it hits 5% remaining considering I use this device for a majority of the things I'd do on the computer. Usages include Messaging, WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Kodi streaming, listening to Music, playing music via bluetooth in car with screen lock disabled, RealVNC, making phone calls, etc. With regards to the internal storage, you do get around 27GB internal storage and on top of that I had a Nano SIM so with the use of a SIM adapter I converted my Nano SIM into a micro sim. This allowed me to add my 128GB SDXC Card. However, the device only recognizes a FAT32 file system so I had to format my 128GB SDXC into a 128GB FAT32 file system. That means, no files larger than 4GB :( Hopefully XiaoMi fixes this in the upcoming updates/patches. I did state that I live in Canada and I can confirm that this phone works with the Rogers Network. I can definitely say that call reception is superior and data connection works as it should. What I love about this device the most is its look. The finish on the back of the device looks really premium and appealing – and I personally like the Dark Grey edition. I find that it is much nicer to watch movies or look at a screen that has a black edge compared to a gold or white. These other colors can get distracting. The navigational buttons on the bottom of the device are not illuminated however this is great because you don’t have to get that annoying bright light when you’re using your device in the dark. The camera is really fast. The quality is reasonable for me. Video recording is good too and really fast at processing videos after finished recording. I wouldn’t say it’s the best camera but then again it’s a PHONE not a professional DSLR camera so get yourself a real camera if you’re really fussy about camera quality being premium. If I haven’t covered everything, I tried my best to cover as much as I could. I hope you found this somewhat useful and DO NOT hesitate to purchase from GearBest. Their customer support is awesome, they are assuring, and they stick to their word. I know at first I was skeptical about buying from here but NOPE not anymore! I will definitely be purchasing more products from here!
    There really isn’t any cons about this device. It fits all of my needs and it is more than welcoming every time I see it. It’s just there and it makes me want to keep on using it more and more.. Although there may be some small things that could be fixed as I stated above (in the pros), those would basically highlight what I think are downsides of this device.

    Jul 01,2016

  • Angel
    Yes (0) Color: Silver
    Si hay algo que me llama la atención del mundo Android es la facilidad que tenemos para comprarnos un teléfono de una gama más que aceptable por un buen precio. Últimamente, los teléfonos chinos están teniendo un boom increíble, y no es para menos.

    Hace poco, decidí adquirir el Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro, del que hablamos en Andro4all. Se trata de un dispositivo de gama media a precio de gama de entrada, ridículamente barato para lo que ofrece. Voy a contarte mi experiencia con él, y cuando te diga lo que me ha costado vas a querer comprarte un par de ellos.
    Si hay algo que me llama la atención del mundo Android es la facilidad que tenemos para comprarnos un teléfono de una gama más que aceptable por un buen precio. Últimamente, los teléfonos chinos están teniendo un boom increíble, y no es para menos.

    Hace poco, decidí adquirir el Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro, del que hablamos en Andro4all. Se trata de un dispositivo de gama media a precio de gama de entrada, ridículamente barato para lo que ofrece. Voy a contarte mi experiencia con él, y cuando te diga lo que me ha costado vas a querer comprarte un par de ellos.
    es muy buen telefono no tengo un mal comentario solo la bateria se puede inflar y dejar de funcionar del todo bien

    Aug 04,2017

  • Ihor
    Yes (0) Color: Deep Gray
    Класний дизайн. Зручний у використанні.
    Приїхав ще один цікавий телефон від Xiaomi. Це вдосконалена версія популярної бюджетної моделі redmi 3 з індексом pro.
    І так, що ж таке pro і чим відрізняється від базової моделі?
    По перше: з візуальної точки, зник малюнок на задній металевій частині і добавився сканер відбитків пальців. Як на мене, дуже хороший плюс, так як зараз це дуже популярна штука і скажу по собі, зручна у використанні.
    По друге: трохи "прокачали" пам'ять, добавивши як оперативної так і внутрішньої. В результаті маємо 3Gb RAM i 32 ROM проти 2Gb i 16Gb в попередній версії redmi 3. На мою думку, найбільш актуальним є збільшення внутрішньої пам'яті до 32Gb. Особливо для меломанів та любителів фотографій.
    Ось і всі зміни. Вдосконалення вийшло непогане і цілком відповідає сучасним критеріям.
    Redmi 3 pro і дальше залишається найкращим вибором в цьому ціновому сегменті.
    Слідкуйте за спільнотою. Ще буде багато цікавого.

    Jul 27,2016

  • John Bagshaw
    Yes (1) Color: Golden
    The phone arrived very quickly with the DHLservice. I had done some research about the phone and the reviews I had read were very complimentary. The phone was well packaged with a USB cable, charger and OZ adaptor included. Only some limited documents in Chinese but setup was very straightforward, just like any Android v5 phone. The phone is quick, has a nice smooth screen which can be made very bright. The colour is gold which is not a colour I would have chosen initially but it looks very smart, every bit as good as my daughters iPhone 7 which she has just got. The lower screen resolution than say an S4 is not obvious to me and I am very pleased with the appearance. The camera has taken some good shots and videos, and setting up Microsoft exchange, onedrive etc was a doddle. I am looking forward to seeing what it can do over the next few days, in particular the expected long battery life.
    So far none

    Jan 09,2017

  • Manolis L
    Yes (1) Color: Silver
    Most Value for Money purchase
    The phone is absolutely the best choice and brings the best performance that's beyond its money value. I'm very thorough when im about to buy something that i will use daily for a long time (till now i had a Galaxy S3) and believe me its one of the most solid purchases. Build quality is very good, performance is above extraordinary for this price range, the software from Xiaomi (MIUI) is very good that i havent had ANY issue from the time i bought it, nor any issue with usability of their software (i have to admit i wasn't expecting it to be so good). Not even a single compatibility issue with Google Market apps and the battery holds the phone for days. This is a phone of 350 eur+ price range that the time i bought it it was 137 eur, so i think its the best value for money purchase on the mobile sector.
    Haven't have any con till now, everything works very good.

    Sep 23,2016

  • Pedro
    Yes (0) Color: Golden
    The perfect phone
    The phone is just perfect - not too big neither too small ;
    5' is the perfect size to be in your pocket and hold well in your hands.
    It looks prime and is extremely well made
    The fingerprint is awesome and accurate
    The charging is very fast, the battery last for days
    3GB of RAM is plenty for every activity - you can play, multitask and work well
    The MIUI is just fantastic, the ecosystem is extremely fluid and intuitive - I gave it to my grandma and she was able to phone my dad - notice that she does not carry a phone normally!
    Overall - maybe the best product for the best price
    Maybe to slippery (its the cost of having aluminium, I would not change it!)

    Nov 21,2016

  • Mikhail G.
    Yes (1) Color: Deep Gray
    Цена/качество/функционал - на высоте!
    В данной ценовой категории - одно из лучших решений. Батарея держит отлично, размер аппарата идеальный (не большой и не маленький). Отличный экран. Аппарат пришел сразу с Play Маркетом, русский язык установил при первом включении.
    По работе магазина - заказал 25 июня, домой курьер принёс посылку 9 июля (Санкт-Петербург, это другой конец континента). Это, по-моему, супербыстро. Упаковано все было нормально, ничего не повреждено, не замято, не испачкано. Всё запечатано оригинальными плёнками.
    Аппарат пришёл свежий - выпуск май 2016 (видно на коробке внизу справа).

    Jul 10,2016

  • Andrey
    Yes (0) Color: Golden
    Очень неплохой девайс, все отлично работает, иногда может зависнуть так конкретно, но это бывает редко. Добрый китаец положил переходник на евро вилку, хоть и в стандартной комплектации его не было. Все сети работают корректно(использую Yota, тестил еще билайн/Tele2) Железо мощное хватает на все, Харстоун работает прекрасно. Батарея держит сутки точно при постоянном использовании. Думал, что камера будет не очень, т.к она выглядит как-то не очень внушительно 2 точки в вверхнем углу, но камера просто космос и вспышка, хоть и одинарная но горит аки квазар
    Прилетел за 27 дней в Барнаул(Это еще при условии, что я заплатил за ускоренную доставку)

    Sep 25,2016

  • David
    Yes (0) Color: Silver
    Excellent phone for the price
    MIUI: you can control almost everything in your phone. Superb control of data usage (SIM or WiFi).
    4G works fine in Spain.
    Fast and powerful CPU and RAM.
    External MicroSD card to expand your memory.
    Fingerprint sensor works very fast: you can unlock the phone all of a sudden.
    Both cameras work fine.
    Endless (almost) battery. Lasts for days (according to my use).
    GPS satellite searching is extremely fast! No need to wait for GPS signal when switching it on.
    Super-fast-shipment...took 12 days to arrive!!
    Back cover gets quite hot while charging and executing high-demanding apps like powerful games or GPS-navigation.
    Spanish language setting has many english words and some chinese submenus (no way to know what it says).
    Back camera too close to upper-left corner so it's easy to place your finger in front of it while holding it for taking pictures.

    Aug 24,2016

  • system
    Yes (0) Color: Silver

    The smartphone is very good, fast, awesome battery life, good camera and very fast fingerprint. For this price is absolutely a best buy!

    I have chosen DHL shipping method paying 30$ thinkig I was payng Italian Custom Dutyes but when the courier gave me my parcel he said I have to pay another 50$ for the custom duties!

    Gearbest sent me the adapter for the european plug charger (in the photo)
    no cons

    Sep 05,2016