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  • Pravin
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    Best Service from GearBest and REDMI NOTE 3 PRO IS BEST
    I ordered the Redmi Note 3 Pro 16 gb from the Chinese Warehouse to US. At the begining, I was little nervous after placing the order because I saw some bad reviews of Gearbest. And I was also worried because the tracking didnt update for a couple of days.However, to my surprise the item was delivered in a week. I am really happy on how fast Gearbest shipped the phone and also provided a picture proof of the shipment.

    Now , lets get into the phone. The main reason I purchased this phone was because of the battery life. I switched from LG G3 to this phone and I am so glad that I switched. It normally lasts me 3 full days with moderate use. Love the IR blaster and the finger print sensor is also very quick. Overall phone feels fast, no lags at all.

    The phone came with chinese rom but i was able to install google play and change the language to English. Hoping to install the global Rom soon. I am using on cricket network and getting 9 MBPS download and 12 mbps upload speed for data.

    Lastly, I had a very positive experience with the phone and also with GEARBEST. THANK YOU !!
    looks like the Rom was not the official but I was able to update to the official rom without any issue.

    Apr 10,2016

  • lenula1
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    Affordable mobile phone
    This is my first mobile phone from Xiaomi and I must say, the next one is going to be from Xiaomi, too. It has all the functions I need and has nice design.
    Few shortcomings I have noticed: it can have problems playing music from any music apps, it stops and you have to push "Play" again. As I am a pretty patient person, it does not bother me that much even though I listen to lots of music. The pairing with another device via bluetooth can be problematic too, I cannot connect the phone with our Onkyo system at home. Bluetooth speaker from JBL works.
    Next time I would also buy a phone with bigger internal storage space. I use SD card (which is always full with music) and still need bigger storage space.
    Overall I am very satisfied with the product, the price on this site is very reasonable. Have in mind that the shipping process can be lengthy, because the package will probably be stopped at customs in your country and then the duration of delivery depends on their quickness.

    Aug 19,2018

  • Jorge Daniel Aguiar
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    Awesome smartphone
    The phone it is very well built, it feels solid. The size being 5.5 inch screen it is not too big and while it is somewhat difficult to reach the edge of the screen in one hand use, using two hand is very comfortable. Still software makes it possible to enable a "one hand use" that reduces the screen and make is very accesible for one hand. The devices is very powerfull, I am not dissapointed of the cpu/gpu/ram set, it runs everything I have tossed it. The fingerprint scanner is reliable, the screen is bright and displays beautiful colours, with enough sharpness to enjoy videos and movies. The speaker is not very loud nor specially great, but it gets the job done. Earphones sound great. The software is very customizable, you can do a lot and craft a very unique and peculiar aspect, but you have be a bit patient to learn where is everything.
    I love this phone.
    The metal build is quite slippery on the back and attracks some dirt. Not the most pocket friendly.

    Jun 19,2016

  • Dmitryi
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    Отличный телефон за свои деньги
    Телефон пришел в отличной упаковке, прошивка действительно мультиязычная. Русский язык присутствует но не во всех пунктах. Обновление решило это проблему.
    Звук у телефона чистый, громкий, звонок сложно пропустить. Вибрация умеренная, ее так же хорошо слышно.
    Особенно когда включен будильник, просыпаюсь уже от вибрации а не от мелодии.
    Управление отличное, интерфейс не тормозит, лагов/глюков нет.
    Золотой цвет очень приятный и подойдет как женскому полу, так и мужскому.
    Батарейка тоже отличная, теперь просто забываешь что такое ежедневная зарядка телефона.
    в умеренном режиме телефона может хватать на 3-4 дня.
    Если играть в игры, то тут падает до 1-2 дней.
    К сканеру отпечатков пальцев очень привык, уже без него телефон брать не хочется.
    За эту цену отличный вариант.
    Единственный минус, это то что во время морозов, телефон очень скользкий, поэтому обязательно купите к нему чехол.
    Больше у него нет минусов.

    Oct 22,2016

  • Zhargal
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    Xiaomi redmi note 3 pro 16gb
    Хороший аккумулятор держит почти трое суток, если использовать как звонилку, при активном использовании держит почти полтора дня! Достаточно хорошая камера на 16мп, фронталка 5мп... очень радует цена, проц Quallcom snapdragon - вещь позитивная, которая, в свою очередь поддерживает Quick charge, соответственно заряжается быстро, около часа и это при 4000 махов! Аппарат достаточно шустренький, правда во всякие асфальты не играл, но думаю, что и их безусловно потянет с шестью ядрами и 2гб оперативами, (есть версия на три гб оперативы), два ядра корты А72 и четыре энергосберегающих корта А53, присутствует сканер отпечатка пальцев...
    Итог: аппарат хорош для своей цены, долго сравнивал с другими телефонами, понял, что это идеальный вариант цена-качество!
    сканер попался глючный, сохраняет только один отпечаток, хотя заявлено до 5 отпечатков, корявенький перевод на русский, судя по всему корявая версия прошивы, это легко исправить прошивкой от Miui.

    Oct 27,2016

  • VAG
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    The best value for money mobile phone on the market!
    Everything is great, the quality, the MIUI OS, the community that supports it... everything is amazing value for money.
    GearBest support and tracking is great.
    I've asked on checkout page for Greek support and they've installed a Global unofficial ROM, ready to use it.
    In case you need a fully Greek ROM, you have to go here and read:
    The only down side was the shipping duration from GearBest to Greece.
    Took 35 days to arrive.

    Apr 22,2016

  • Travis
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    XIAOMI Redmi Note 3 Pro 16GB 4G
    Excellent value for money smartphone.
    Snapdragon 650 SoC scores around 75000 on AnTuTu benchmarks, which is a very high result for a device of this price point.
    Battery life is amazing, with the large 4050mAh battery capacity. Generally 2-3 days of usage, or more for light users.
    Large 5.5" sunlight readable display, full 1080p.
    Excellent MIUI7.3 software, with an upgrade to MIUI8 coming soon.
    MicroSD card (TF card) officially supports up to 32Gb, but I have successfully used 128Gb card, once formatted as 'fat32' in a computer first.
    Fingerprint reader is very reliable and fast to unlock the phone.
    Works very well with the Mi Band for unlocking your device also.

    Jun 06,2016

  • Customer
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    Once of the best mobile phones in the market
    At first, this phone had a excellent procesor, Qualcomm snapdragon 650. This processor had 74000 point in antutu, compared with Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 whose processor had 44000 point in antutu. Second, this phone had 2GB of RAM, it's enought for play games and browse the web. The battery had 4000 mAh, you can use it all the day. In addition, the screen had a lot of resolution (1080p) and it have 5'5 inches. The camera had 16MP, wiht them you can take picture of yours class notes and you can see all the details. Finally, you can use infrared like a TV remote. I like very much, because had a lot of power and the mobile can be used a lot of years.
    The smartphone hasn't got the band 800MHz of 4G, the most used band in Europe. In addition it has't got NFC and the camera don't have a lot of colors. This phone don't have prejudices, but Xiaomi must solve them.

    Jun 07,2016

  • Lele
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    Xiaomi redmi 3 pro 16 Gb
    The price/quality ratio is the highest I've ever seen in a phone. The screen is sharp, defined and visible even on direct sunlight, at touch is feel premium quality and the metal design is clean and cool. From the software point of view, I've never encountered a problem, the device is very fast, has tons of options and personalisation, and don't require downloading lots of app, because it has almost everything, it comes also with few to none preisatlled useless app. Android is 5 updated every month thanks to xiaomi. It's almost a month and this phone is even better than I've expected
    The only cons that I can think of is the fact that it's has not the LTE 20 band so it doesn't work with my carrier, but my carrier only, but it has h+ that's for me is sufficient. If you don't like big screen, that's an issue.

    Nov 12,2016

  • Alfonso Battipaglia
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    note 3 pro
    redmi note 3 pro versione 2 giga di RAM e 16 di rom
    iniziamo col dire che ha una grandezza di 5,5 pollici un display bello da vedere ,oggi siamo ad altri livelli, è una fotocamera da 16 megapixel
    l'utilizzo è piacevole nonostante sarebbe stato preferibile la versione con 3 giga di RAM
    la fotocamera è buona e il processore è veramente tosto
    ma la cosa migliore di questo telefono è l'autonomia da top top
    l'acquisto nel momento in cui è uscito è stata una manna dal cielo avevo un Cell top ad un prezzo veramente basso

    May 23,2018