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  • Damien Brachet
    Review for hard floors
    I am not getting paid for a review, I am just a random person trying to help others in their consideration of this product.First off, I primarily have hard floors, and that is what my Roborock S5 stays on 99% of the time. One thing to understand, these little vacuums are for maintaining floors, and are not made to handle heavy duty build up, sticky spills from juice or pop, or large chunks of food. They are meant to be used after a floor is generally clean. I have 3 dogs in my house, as well as kids from age 2 and up. I always have a large amount of dog hair in my home and it's just impossible to keep up with. So I'm listing a few catagories on this review on what I've seen so far in the past few days I've had this. This is my own opinion and may not be the same as others' views.I received my Roborock S5 in quick order once purchased, in sparkling brand new order with not a thing wrong. It was a thing of beauty to look at. It was almost completely assembled once I pulled it out of the box, excluding the base needing to be set up and plugged in.With dogs, I worry that one of them may get at the vacuum, so I pulled out a drawer in the hallway and retrofit the floor with a ramp so it can be tucked into the wall with some protection. I did not give the vacuum the recommended 3 feet on either side, and even with a 1.5 inch ramp, it still manages to get in and out of the space just fine.Navigation: The Roborock S5 is a newer "smart navigation" vacuum that uses zig-zag patterns instead of the random navigation used in older or cheaper models. I have noticed that my S5 will split up each room in my house into sections that it will tackle in its own order, not necessarily what we think may be the best order. Example: The S5 will split my kitchen into 4 sections of cleaning, my living room into 3 sections, dining room into 3 sections, and hallway into 2 sections. Usually it cleans one hallway section first, then the kitchen in 3 sections, heads to the dining room to clean 2 sections, back to kitchen, finishes dining room, second hallway section, then living room. Seems odd, right? But I assure you, it cleans almost EVERYTHING. It picks up 95% of what is on the floors.It will start by going around the outside perimiter of a section first, then zig-zagging around the inside until that entire section is complete. It covers all of the floors and leaves nothing behind. I have noticed that the side brush spins at a faster rate on edges to help bring anything in the edges out, but slows down when not near an edge as to not fling debris everywhere. I love this type of navigation, where other vacuums have taken nearly 85 minutes to clean my house and not even gotten everything, the Roborock S5 does it in 40 minutes and gets it all, including edges and most corners.The battery is amazing. I love this product.

    Nov 24,2019

  • Luca Fermi
    Brilliant, awesome, robotic, vacuum......
    Having dabbled in robotic vacuum cleaners quite a few years ago, I came round to looking again. If you read the reviews (mid-2018), you will quickly find that if you're prepared to venture outside of the bigger names (iRobot, Neato, Samsung), that this little robot is great bang for buck.The best thing about this unit is the mapping. Once the clean is in progress (or the robot is driven around using the phone remote app) the unit starts to map the room and builds the picture of the environment. Once the walls are mapped, the unit will drive the outer edge of the area which refines the overall map of the room. After knowing the exterior has been cleaned, it will criss-cross the room to clean the whole area and leave no section that hasn't had a pass. The mapping can be used with "zone cleanup" which allows you to define areas on the map to be cleaned and the robot won't leave that defined zone. You can also define multiple passes in a zone for additional cleaning. Cleaning different floors requires the unit to learn a new map every time and it's a minor annoyance that it can't save maps.Cleaning: I don't really have a direct comparison with another robot but it passes the visual test. The obvious limitation on a circular vacuum is corners - some manual cleanup may be required here. It uses a "balanced" power mode for the cleaning and can auto-switch to high power vacuum for carpets. Overall, I'm very satisfied with the cleaning.Battery: Probably one of the biggest differences between the robots of yesteryear. This robot will go for about 2.5h before needing a recharge. That's been enough for me to work multiple levels and mutliple passes. The robot will automatically drive back and charge when it needs to or at the end of a clean.Overall: It's great. Super impressed and a real time saver.

    Nov 22,2019

  • Christophe Fica
    This is really the best vacuum on the market!
    I've had this vacuum now for three months now and every day that I run it I'm still impressed with this very advanced piece of technology. It looks and feels heavy duty compared to other robot vacs I've tried and it maps the entire house as it vacuums so it doesn't miss a single spot. The battery lasts a really long time and only uses about 12-15% to clean my entire house that it says is a cleaning area of 46 m² running for 43 minutes. The suction power is strong and it picks up everything from cereal, dog food, pennies, cat litter, fur, and every other nasty thing on the floor. I have four dogs and four cats indoors so you can imagine the nightmare the fur was on the floor and AC unit and now there are no fur clumps under the bed or around the house that I'd continually have to sweep up. I run it at least twice a day and my floors have been extremely clean and I can also tell a huge difference in my house AC air filters when I change them. The vacuum also maps where the dock is so it goes straight back to it when it finishes vacuuming to charge and you can set it to run on schedule or send it to clean a certain spot in the house as well. I like that the filters are washable and easy to clean although I did buy a few more to change them daily because I have so many animals and fur in the house. The app is pretty good where you can control all the settings and use as a remote or to send it somewhere in or watch it go over every spot in the map. You can't go wrong with this vacuum and it will legit change your life like it did mine as I find it as essential now as my washer/dryer.

    Nov 27,2019

  • James Wilson
    I'm loving the Xiaomi S50
    I'm loving this thing. I have previously owned a Neato Botvac D85 which did a similar job cleaning but got stuck more often, couldn't go as many places, worse battery life and ultimately stopped working after less than a year of use.The app is fantastic. I love being at work and getting notified when it starts vacuuming and if it gets stuck I know exactly where. It's nice to know before I get home that the vacuum finished the job successfully. Plus with the app I can see if it misses a room or part of the floor and try and figure out why.A huge unexpected benefit is that the Xiaomi Mi has a lower profile than my Botvac. So it will go underneath my bed every time it cleans which in the past has been a place where large amounts of dust bunnies collect.The setup was a little confusing but wasn't too bad. Better than expected. So far so good. Now I just hope this thing lasts for more than a year or two.

    Nov 15,2019

  • Angelo Traas
    The Roborock keeps getting better! The lastest firmware update added no-go zones and virtual barrier tape. We couldn't wait to try out to new features. They work excellent!I have not had any issues with this one. Whatever bedeviled the first one has not occurred with this one. We run it through the whole house every other day during the week and she nevers get hung up on anything. Compared to the Neato we first had, we can rely on the Roborock to start and complete her cleaning chore. While it does not clean quite as well as a regular vacuum, it keeps the cat fur down to a negligable level and picks up all the food that he leaves on the floor. We only vacuum manually just before we have company.I can't say how highly I rate this product. If I could give it 10 starts I would!!!

    Nov 25,2019

  • Max Ballentine
    I bought this for my wife a year ago and it is still running great. It moves around the house and creates it's patterns which I see on the APP. I appreciate the engineering that went into this product as I'm also an engineer. We call ours Edna. She's become a part of the family. We speak, "Edna start the cleanup" when we want her to run. Our kids say, "excuse me Edna" when they walk by her or over her. It's really amusing. Our pets, a cat and dog stay away from Edna when she's cleaning. Our floors are 90% wood, so very easy to clean. Edna easily navigates around obstacles. The algo on this device is amazing. We are so happy with our Edna. Possibly a sibling in the future?

    Nov 20,2019

  • muy bien
    Excelente producto muy recomendable funciona perfectamente. very nice product. This is a very good vacuum! Suction power is excellent, only outshine by it's ability to map and navigate the house!

    Nov 22,2019

  • Very good navigation
    very good navigation and cleaning abilities!
    this is a very good vacuum! Suction power is excellent, only outshine by it's ability to map and navigate the house!

    Nov 22,2019

  • Olivier
    je viens de recevoir l'aspirateur la commande est arrivée assez rapidement j'ai hâte de l'essayer bon achat qualité-prix

    Dec 13,2019