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  • Carlos Carvalho
    Yes (2) Color: Blue
    Ventoinha da Xiaomi pequena , mas muito poderosa
    Its a litlle fan very powerfully , perfect to put on your work desk if the air condicioner is not suficient , they are 3 speeds , they have a battery , on battery they can work on first speed aroud 2 hours, for charge you need a USB / Micro usb the cable is included .Greatings from PortugalVentoinha da Xiaomi , pequena mas muito poderosa , tem 3 velocidades de funcionamento , mas a primeira velocidade já é suficiente para nos refrescar , nesta velocidade esta ventoinha portátil é bem silenciosa , vem com uma base e também tem uma bateria que se estiver toda carregada na primeira velocidade consegue fazer trabalhar a ventoinha por cerca de 2 horas, a embalagem contem uma base da mesma cor da ventoinha e um cabo Usb/ micro usb o carregador não está incluído, mas podemos carregar com o nosso carregador de telemóvel, para carregar a bateria totalmente é necessário cerca de 1 hora.Para ter ao lado do nosso monitor de trabalho ou em casa é um dispositivo ideal , surpreende pela quantidade de ar que consegue gerar .
    Till this moment none at all, nenhum até ao momento

    Jun 24,2018

  • DaveWilson
    Yes (1) Color: Orange
    Yet another Xiaomi product aimed at simplifying life and in this case to make it more ... fresh.The product is very simple: a convenient 3-speed portable fan and rechargeable via USB. It comes with a convenient vertical stand and a charging cable.The strengths are 3:- Portability: it is very small and light and can be taken anywhere without space.- Power: very small, but how much power! There are 3 different selectable speeds but even the lowest speed is able to return a very pleasant ventilation. Moreover, it remains quite silent at any speed.- The price: less than 10 $.The battery life is acceptable, about two hours overall with minimum speed set.In short, it is a very useful object, especially on the hottest days. You can use it at home or in the office but also around, maybe on holiday, visiting a city, on public transportation that is crowded and on which the air is missing .. in short, it is really versatile.Purchase highly advised to all!

    Aug 19,2018

  • DaveWilson
    Yes (0) Color: Blue
    Too cool!
    Yet another Xiaomi product aimed at simplifying life and in this case to make it ... fresher!The product is very simple, a portable fan, with 3 adjustable speeds, a vertical support and a charging cable.The strengths are 3:- portability: it is very small and can be carried around a little everywhere. It weighs virtually nothing.- the power: it's small yes, but how much air it produces !! You can select 3 different speeds but also the less powerful returns a pleasant amount of air that will refresh you.- The price: less than 10 $.The battery life is quite satisfactory, covering more or less a couple of hours of overall use at the minimum speed.In short, there is little else to say except that it is a very very useful object for both home, office and outdoors.Highly recommended.

    Aug 19,2018

  • Maxxa
    Yes (1) Color: Orange
    Вентилятор очень приятно выглядит, особенно в оранжевом цвете. Качество изготовления на высоте, материалы приятные на ощупь. Емеется три скорости режимов, индикатор в виде светодиода информирует о работе вентилятора и о его режимах зарядки, когда полностью зарядился то загорается зеленым цветом. Доставка в 76 регион около трех недель почтой нидерландов. В комплекте также идет удобная подставка и кабель для зарядки плоский.
    На третей скорости шумит уже прилично и в тихом месте не комфортно.

    Aug 14,2018

  • Наталья
    Yes (1) Color: Gray
    Полезный гаджет.
    Вентилятор очень компактный. Прочный, некрашенный, не будет обдираться, ABS пластик. Имеет три режима мощности, разъем микро USB и светодиодик на задней стороне ручки. В комплекте кабель для зарядки, подставка с резиновым основанием и резиновый прочный шнурок, чтобы продеть в ручку, там есть отверстие для него, завязать и повесить при необходимости. А теперь о самом главном - вентилятор выдает очень мощный, сфокусированный пучок воздуха. В отличие от других вентиляторов его поток воздуха сконцентрирован в одно место, даже на самом маленьком режиме хорошо обдувает, правда, немного шумит на самом мощном режиме.

    Jul 29,2018

  • Gergo
    Yes (1) Color: Green
    Good product, excellent for the summer and looks cool!
    I really like it. I was sure that this is a great product as the Xiaomi brand is always great. The quality is excellent, the design supper cool and modern, the colors are beautiful (I bought 3 different colors), 3 different airflow strengt what you can choose. You can charge via usb. It is good for your desk, for your working table, it is fit to your bag, and super helpful in every situation. There is almost 0 noise, and honestly I can not find better deal. Strongly sugegsted to buy.
    There is no cons yet. I like it, strongly suggested!

    Jul 09,2018

  • Malindi
    Yes (0) Color: Blue
    Youpin VH
    Everything as described:• The 7-blade design makes the wind softer• Adjustable 3 modes wind • Strong brushless motor with 30dB super mute design, servicing you for 2000h• 2000mAh built-in Li-ion battery, long service time • The 48cm cable and USB port make it rechargeable at any time• Ergonomically designed handle, comfortable to hold• U-shape detachable base, stable to be a desktop fan • Environment-friendly PC + ABS material

    Jun 21,2018

  • Vadim
    Yes (0) Color: Gray
    Driven by a powerful brushless motor, VH portable handhold fan with a detachable base is capable of offering you with great comfort in summer with low noise and 3 adjustable modes. Compact size, lightweight and the USB port compatible with a variety of electronic devices allow you to take it anywhere you go. The adorable appearance and great touch-feeling make it an excellent gift for your children, friends, family, etc.

    Oct 30,2018

  • портативний дуйчик
    Yes (0) Color: Green
    xiaomi youpin
    Движимый мощным бесщеточным двигателем, переносной вентилятор VH со съемной базой может предложить вам большой комфорт летом с низким уровнем шума и тремя регулируемыми режимами. Компактный размер, малый вес и USB-порт, совместимый с различными электронными устройствами, позволяют вам брать его куда угодно. Восхитительный внешний вид и отличное прикосновение делают его отличным подарком для ваших детей, друзей, семьи и т. д.

    Jun 29,2018

  • GhostZM
    Yes (0) Color: Gray
    Definitely a FAN of Xiaomi products!
    Package was nicely packed. Received it about 11 days after order was placed. Fan is powerful, even at the 1st speed (there are 3 speed for this little fan). Other than the fan, the package also includes a fan stand and MicroUSB charging cable. Yes, there is some noise when operating but nothing that will bother me. It lasts about 2 hours on batteries and I would suggest to bring a power bank if you are going outdoors for quite some time. Overall, will definitely order again for family and friends if promotion returns.

    Oct 14,2018