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  • jifutta
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    I have never written a review before but feel compelled to write one for this amazing vacuum, a fluffy cat, our house must have been so dirty before because I definitely don't have time to vacuum daily and there is so much dirt/pet hair in there when I empty it each day, i just run this puppy while getting the kids ready for bed and magically my husband and I come back downstairs to a clean house

    Jul 20,2018

  • bkhage01
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    The idea of a robotic vacuum was pooh-poohed by a person in my home with a keen interest in clean floors that likes to sweep and mop, turned it loose on a one-day-since-washed floor, last night I opened the collection bin and she was amazed me too, i collected a full bin of pet hair, dust and sand -- from a visually clean floor, being able to vacuum my house while driving home two hours is really cool

    Aug 15,2018

  • SyntaxGuy
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    Have had other robot vacuums in the past, i have two very fluffy furry dogs so this keeps me from having to vacuum everyday, one rug is light colored and has no problems, the other rug has dark squares on it and the vacuum gets caught up on those due to its ledge sensor, planning on getting a new rug soon anyways so it won't be a problem very soon

    Sep 18,2018

  • infobug
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    Dog fur and dirt is picked up and when I cleaned the dust compartment it is amazing what comes out so much so two of my friends came to see it and bought one for themselves !! Ty for such an excellent vacuum !! The company was also nice enough to email me to make sure everything was good and reminded me of the one tray warranty

    Sep 07,2018

  • J. Mead
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    This little bot is great, it is amazing how I haven't seen any floating pet hair or cat hair tumbleweeds since day one of using this, overall I highly recommended this little bot for busy households to cut down on vacuum sessions and especially for houses with pets

    Sep 25,2018

  • Amy
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    I can't even begin to explain how much I love this robot, i hate to spend my days coming home and sweeping because I can't stand seeing dog hair piled in corners I have a long hair and a short hair dog and we leave in the desert or feel particles of dirt on my bare feet

    Sep 17,2018

  • George
    Yes (1) Color: White
    this vacuum is amazing.
    this robot vacuum is amazing. Clean every day without noise and very well. My wife love it. Keep my house clean. So recomended to buy...For this price is value for money. i baught 160 euro. Thanks Gearbest

    Jan 15,2019

  • Patrick Buonaugurio
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    I set up my new robot and charged it overnight, i let it loose to clean the house, in rooms with short pile carpets, it does an amazing job with pet hair and is very quiet, it has only been a few days but I am very happy with my purchase

    Aug 25,2018

  • Fabio
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    ottimo prodotto, buon rapporto qualità prezzo
    Il robot è molto solido e ben costruito, la potenza di aspirazione è molto alta, riesce a pulire il 90% dell'area utile. Funziona fino a quando la batteria residua è del 30%, dopo ritorno alla base di ricarica, ci mette circa 2 ore a ricaricarsi completamente. Consiglio a tutti questo robot, a questo prezzo non esiste nulla di meglio.

    Jan 07,2019

  • rocketnova62
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    The cleaning job had degraded too the tangles prematurely damaged the sweeping brushes and roller-brush, last night I set it on auto and watched it charging about crashing hard into everything

    Oct 05,2018